Friday, May 16, 2008


It looks like ther are a couple of options for riding shaping up for Sunday:

1) Trans-Canada Trail south of Tinker.

Jonnys G & S, Brad, and myself are in so far. We're meeting at 1:30 pm at the little parking spot by the trailhead for the Trans Canada Trail section south of Tinker Creek. It's kind of hard to describe if you don't already know, but let me be foolish and give it a try. Take the road south from Morden past Tinker Creek. It becomes the 201 at some point. About 2 miles south of Tinker it heads up a hill and turns right. At the first mile road after that, there's a small and entirely nondescript gravel parking spot just south of the intersection. Make sense? Be there.

2) Ride to BHP

Ian and Donna are planning an easy (~20km/h) ride out to BHP on the North East Pioneers Rails-to-Trails route and other gravel roads. Probably leaving from the legislature at about 10 a.m.

Join up for either one if you're able.

There may also be a ride on Saturday at the Morden lake trail. But I'm not entirely sure. Be in touch with Alberto on that one.

Don't expect timely Giro updates this weekend. Limited internet connection.


halloewen said...

sorry - should have posted this earlier but i have been too busy with house renovations to even think straight.

there is a preview of the morden race course happening this afternoon. we will be on the trails sometime around 2:00 if you are interested meet at colert beach in morden around 2:00.

mhandsco said...

Gianni - These "rail trails" on which you plan to ride - MTB?

Gianni said...

Most (from Nairn almost to the Perimeter) of the rails-to-trail is paved, but the last couple km is rough gravel. I rode it last week with cross tires and it was fine. MTB would be fine too.

Donna and I are going to ride our touring bikes. And I think we're going to pack a lunch.