Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stage 1 TTT: CVV Looks Pretty in Pink

Slipstream came here to win the TTT and they did. By 6 seconds over CSC. Mission accomplished. Let's celebrate with burritos and Negra Modelo, shall we? Vandevelde ends up in the maglia rosa. Let's see how long he can hold onto it. If DZ can stick around until the next ITT, he has a good chance to put it on next. That 'stache would make the pink jersey look prettier than ever. Full results, report, and photos at CN, VN, and Pez.

Now on to what really matters. Appropriately, Remaining Men Together wins the TTT. On the strength of CVV and a team stacked with Slippies and Astanas, El Presidente is not off to his usual slow start. Don't look now, but King Andy is currently sitting in 20th place. What's going on? It's still pretty tight though. And thins will change in a big way soon. Starting tomorrow, probably. In any case, here are the results for the first stage which, today at least, are also the current overall standings:

Remaining Men Together (David S) - 222
First You Have to Give Up (Craig) - 215
I'll Take the Parasites (Chris) - 214
Skinny Guys Fight 'Til They're Burger (Jonny B) - 190
I am Jack's Smirking Revenge (Brad) - 188
Ikea Nesting Instinct (Tomek) - 188
I'd Fight Gandhi (Matt) - 183
Chemical Burn (Cam) - 178
You Are Not a Beautiful or Unique Snowflake (Dallas) - 172
Chloe's Libido (Johnny M) - 170
Tonight We Make Soap (Rachel) - 159
Controlled Destruction (Ian) - 155
Grade School Girlfriend (Adam) - 154
Project Mayhem (Donna) - 144
Listen Up Maggots (Arlene) - 139
A House Full of Condiments and No Food … How Embarrasing (Darryl) - 137
Near Life Experience (LeAnn) - 135
The Most Beautiful Day of Raymond K. Hessel's Life (Charlene) - 134
A Predator Posing as a House Pet (Andy) - 127
His Name Was Robert Paulson (Bill) - 126
B Times C Equals X (Hal) - 121
Gasoline and Frozen Orange Juice (Paddy) - 111
Grande Latte Enema (James) - 106
You Met Me at a Very Strange Time in My Life (Jonny G) - 86
Stomach Full of Xanax (Laura) - 74

OTT: The Replacements, Unsatisfied

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