Monday, May 19, 2008

morden race preview

it really is too bad that the spring ride and the back 40 mountain bike race are on the same weekend. sounds like the event will be the same type of party, good time event as southern cross was last year in altona. free camping, free passes to the back forty music festival for racers, post race pizza from warky's, rocky mountain demo days, and kilometers of roller coaster single track. for those who have not ridden these trails, you will be impressed. the only really flat parts of the route are the 6.5 kms of road (gravel and paved), otherwise it is climbs and descents. sport class should be able to do the 20kms in an hour and change to an hour and a half, experts in just under an hour. there are 20 bridges to cross, some switch-backs, and a couple of climbs that will be a challenge for the single-speeders (shifty people who feel the need to ride multi-speed bikes could have an advantage).

james and his bob heading out for the ride and to do some trail work on the way. he rode the downhills faster than anyone else, even with the bob in tow - nutty.

marking one of the twenty bridge crossing on the trail.

one of the two creek crossings on the trail. the first one is easier; this one sucks because it is followed by a nice little climb (i could not quite make it using 34X16 - 34X18 would be doable)

for those going on the spring ride you may want to try hard to make this race - its going to be memorable. i will be heading to the spring ride on friday morning and then leaving for the morden race on the saturday (with a quick stop in winnipeg on the way through to feed the cats) if anyone wants a ride.

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