Monday, May 05, 2008

Sandilands: LeAnn's Race Report

Here's the word on yesterday's race from the most active member of Team FGBC:
Snow, snow and more snow! Felt a bit like end of season cross races. It was hard to feel the thumbs on the first lap but the hilly course soon warmed us up. The president was shut down trying to enter citizen class and comments from the secretary on the way home: I should have raced so that I could have participated in the post race aches and pains grievances. This being said as two kids of mud racers and I shared our race woes. Goal for next race: I need to hire someone to direct me to the finish. I am 0 for 2 this season and have had to come back twice after busting my ass to pass someone at the finish!
With all this crappy weather, it's looking like our decision to push back the Spring Ride by a couple of weeks was a wise one.

OTT: Drive By Truckers, The Living Bubba


Anonymous said...

Ah it's now time for my favorite race of the year, where men are men and the mountain climbs are beyond the legs of most.
Bring on those 20+% monster climbs and all the terror that the sprinters will feel at their base.
Bring on the snow and tight roads .
The tour de France has sunflowers and the giro has PAIN.

Andreas Kloden-18 (make Jan proud )
Leonardo Piepoli-12
Paolo Salvodelli- 8
Robert Forster-4
David Zabriskie-3 (crazy ass funny and has the hottest wife ever)
Marco Pinotti-2
Bradley Mcgee-1
Thomas Fothen-1
David Arroyo-1

I will also sweeten the pot by throwing down a bottle of any Half Pint beer to everyone in the pool if Levi WINS.

Dallas "who is the pro who had the blood anomalies?" Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

Does your team have a name? Or do I get to assign one?

Anonymous said...

Girl drink drunk.....
Yep that's my way of honoring the kids in the hall and one of my favorite skits.

Ah the memories.

Dallas "I'll have new windows in about an hour." sigurdur