Monday, November 29, 2010

CX Pool Weekend Roundup

A very busy weekend on the vicarious racing front. The World Cup series returned, with the sand dunes at Koksijde, Belgium. And then it was up north to Geiten in Holland for the 5th round of the Superprestige series. In the US, the NACT series wrapped up in Sterling, MA. And there was also a three race weekend in Iowa City called Jinglecross. Most of the men, it seems, headed to Iowa City. Jeremy Powers and the women made their way to Sterling. With that kind of split, it only makes sense to include both sets of races. In total, that means we had eight races in three days. Good times.

Taking account of a few ties, we also had eight different winners: Chris, Josh, Rachel, Jay, Jonah, Jonny B, Charlene, and Ian.

In the overall race, Gary began the weekend by losing his lead. But by the end of the weekend, he'd taken it back. He's got a 50 point lead over me. And Jonah's moved up to third overall, pushing Olli from the podium. But only by 25 points.

Full results and overall standings here.

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