Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 FGBC Vuelta Pool Entry Watch

Seven eleven eighteen thirty-two forty teams in so far:

Matt H
Brad E
Dallas S
Luke E
Darryl NB
Jonny B
Chris H
Chris O
Andy L
Charlie C
Vic P
Chris A
Greg S
LeAnn F
Craig P
Ian H
Mike G
Gilles C
Kevin K
Jonny G
Paul V
Johnny S
Tom&Lori K
Dan L
Adam B
Chris D
Greg W
Mark S
Paddy H
Naomi H
Larry K
Jay S
Jonah H
Miriam H
Charlene G
Olli H
Melissa H
Rachel H
Harold L

Keep 'em coming. And if you're one of those pack following types, check back throughout the day to see which other cool kids have hopped aboard the bandwagon. Giddy up.


lunchbucket kid said...

no simon gerrans in the pool?

Anonymous said...

No body's called to talk about Horner so I assume all is going well on the horner wagon.

The cross bike is ready and all will be fine in the land of barriers Sunday. I will how ever be racing "b" as I have a 50km tomorrow and it's gonna be ugly Sunday.

Paddy I look forward to our long run/hike together in two weeks. See you soon buddy.

Dallas " Getting beaten on the barriers hurts my pride." Sigurdur

Tom K said...

I picked'm and Lori coined the team name ... so we submitted "Team de la Juice" ... with Ivan, Vino, Tomek, Millar and a bunch latin sandgaggers, we are all juiced up and ready to blast!