Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TNR Report

Summer. Finally. We rode through the Ass. Park and Forest out to Fort Whyte Centre, where Dave P hosted a little Q & A sesson on his plans for a wakeboard/cycling utopia within the city limts. It all sounds very exciting.

There were some close calls: we were ambushed by three racoons who seemed to think it would be funny to dart out of the bushes in front of us as we rode by. It wasn't. And Jonny G, who convinced us not to race so that he could save himself for his big ultimate showdown this weekend, was involved in an incident that seemed well on its way to the land of tragic irony before slamming on the brakes and stopping just short. It seems the boards on the floating boardwalk are just about the right width to swallow a 23 mm tyre. Jonny's tyre got swallowed and he got pitched over the bars. But not only did he avoid falling in the water, he managed to land on his feet. No harm done. He survives to kick ass this weekend.

At the klubhaus, The Impaler joined us one last time before his big existential excursion out west. Jonny passed around some sweet cycling caps that Starlene has been making. They are hot. Very hot. The music, however, was not hot. Glass Tiger? Wierd.

In the parking lot, as we were preparing to head home, we were treated to an odd and smelly but nevertheless strangely impressive rubber burning show by some hot shot in a pimped out pickup truck. This stunning visual display was set to the words of a drunken parking lot philosopher who was sitting on a log just behind the pickup. The profundity of his speech, however, was unfortunately marred by his somewhat less than perfect diction. That's too bad, because it seemed like he had something interesting to say before he fell off the log he was perched upon and tumbled to the ground as we rode away.

No photos this week. Photos here. Thanks Tom.


KK said...

No photos! Sounds like there was a multitude of photo ops. How am I supposed to vicariously enjoy the TNR to its fullest without photos!?

Tom K said...

Photos you say? ...

Well it just so happens that I took some and put them on my TrainingCoop post about joining you guys for this sweet little ride. Check it out here:

Good times!

KK said...

Thanks, Tom. That helps fill the void.