Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007-08 FGBC cx Pool

The season is almost upon us. The first world cup race is next Sunday. So it's time to start finalizing the pool.

Rules: Select a team of nine riders. You have $50 to spend. Virtual dollars, not real dollars. Rider values here. Note that the values are slightly different than the previous list--at least at the top end. Nys is just too dominant. Points will be awarded for the top 20 finishers at each of the world cup races plus the world championships, as per the chart below. $5 to enter. Winner takes all. Rosters are due by Thursday, Oct. 18 at 7pm. Send them in to fortgarrybikeclubATgmailDOTcom.

Pick a strategy and go nuts. Hint: an all Belgian team, while it didn't work out so well for Alberto in the TdF pool, might not be a bad idea this time around. Then again, the Americans are getting better. Sounds like Page and Trebon will be there for all of these races.

Bonus points: 50 extra points available to anyone who races next weekend in Altona!! It doesn't matter how well you do. Just take to the start line in either the A or B race and survive to the finish and you're on the scoreboard.

The 2007-08 calendar is as follows:

Oct. 21 - Kalmthout (BEL)
Oct. 27 - Tabor (CZE)
Nov. 11 - Pijnacker (NED)
Nov. 24 - Koksijde (BEL)
Dec. 02 - Igorre (ESP)
Dec. 08 - Milan (ITA)
Dec. 26 - Hofstade (BEL)
Jan. 13 - Liévin (FRA)
Jan. 20 - Hoogerheide (NED)
Jan. 27 - World Championships, Teviso (ITA)


1 - 150
2 - 125
3 - 100
4 - 90
5 - 80
6 - 75
7 - 70
8 - 65
9 - 60
10 - 55
11 - 50
12 - 45
13 - 40
14 - 35
15 - 30
16 - 25
17 - 20
18 - 15
19 - 10
20 - 5

OTT: The Bluie Van, Keep Me Running


mhandsco said...

Team Matt as follows:

Klass Vanthournot
Albert Niels
Ryan Trebon
Lars Boom
Lukas Kloucek
Marek Cichosz
Rob Peeters
Ondrej Bambula
Julian Taramarcaz

Go Team! I'm hoping for the one-two Boom-Bam(bula) puch to knock 'em out.

mhandsco said...


mhandsco said...

Although I'm sure the secretary's Puch could hold its own.

PaddyH said...

Team Paddy:

B Wicks
R Trebon
B Aernouts
G Kabush
J Parbo
M Cichosz
T Shouten
T Frischknecht
G De Kneght

..can we race both A and B for bonus "hard man" pts?

team jonny said...

does my team fit within the new point scoring system dr??? I can't even remember what my team was...

The Dark Lord said...

Yeah Jonny, you're fine. Haven't done the math on the others yet. But assuming they're fine we have a pool of at least 5. You, me, Hal, Matt, and Paddy. Hope we can add a few more to the mix yet.