Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday Night Ride report

A night of missed connections, it would seem. The plan to check out the course for the Belgian Club race was pre-empted by an earlier reconaissance mission. It seems the "night" in Tuesday Night Ride ends rather early for some. Still, the poosher, Colin, Juan Eppstein and myself made it back there to review the results of the initial effort under appropriate night ride conditions. The course is new and improved, yet includes all the classic bits we've come to love. Sounds like there are plenty of accoutrements in store to make it far more than just a race. Could be the event of the season. Don't miss out.

Duvel and chit chat at the BC and off to the F&H just after 11 for Juan and me. Too late for carpet boy, apparently. Jonny G had just arrived when we rolled in. But Hummelt Hockey must have gone into overtime or something. An eerie absence on that front.

By the end of the evening: Southern Cross has been debriefed and memorialized. It was good. Time to move on.

OTT: Ashley Park, Nobody Broke Your Heart

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