Sunday, October 21, 2007

FGBC cx Pool Standings

First of all, for those of you who couldn't make it, Southern Cross was a blast. But more on that later. They raced over in Belgium before we got started this afternoon. So first things first. With the first World Cup race in the books, it's game on. Big surprise, with 21 year old Zdenek Stybar, one of the up-and-coming young-uns, taking the win over Nys. Full results and report over at CN.

The top 20 (in terms of FGBC cx Pool points) were as follows:

Z. Stybar - 150
S. Nys - 125
F. Mourey - 100
S. Vanthourenhout - 90
K. Vantournout - 80
B. Wellens - 75
C. Heule - 70
K. Pauwels - 65
R. Groenendal - 60
E. Franzoi - 55
J. Page - 50
B. Aernouts - 45
S. Zahner - 40
R. Simunik - 35
K. Ausbuher - 30
T. Al - 25
G. De Knegt - 20
L. Boom - 15
W. Van Gils - 10
S. Chainel - 5

Arlene was the only person to pick Stybar, and so the only person to cash in on the 150 points accorded to the winner. Nicely done. So she jumps out to an early lead, followed closely by yours truly, who had two riders in the top 5 and another in 11th. The complete standings are as follows.

Arlene - 255
Chris - 245
Naomi - 175
Tomek - 150
Jonny B - 140
Vic - 125
Laura - 120
Dallas - 105
David S - 105
Matt - 95
Rachel - 90
Hal - 70
Paddy - 65

You'll notice that Dallas has submitted a team. And apparently Andy has gotten something in on paper, which I'm still waiting for. I will add that and update the standings accordingly once I actually receive it from the poosher. Next race is on Saturday in Tabor, Czech Republic.

OTT: Sleater-Kinney, Buy Her Candy


PaddyH said...

without a doubt Altona was the place to be today, for myself though, it was purchasing carpet...

'tis nice to see Naomi's saving our name in 3rd in the pool...

'looking forward to reading/hearing the race recaps of today

halloewen said...

what about my 50 bonus points for entering and finishing (that almost didn't happen) southern cross??? i need all the help i can get!! it appears that some of my team are still in diapers and are racing in the U23 category. damn my youth movement strategy - damn my inability to investigate this further - damn mrs. dr. and her "i am going to pick guys between the ages of 30 and 33" which seems like a brilliant strategy to me now.

The Dark Lord said...

Those 50 pts are cancelled out, in your case, for unsanctioned whining.

loeven said...

I have to actually listen to the whining - I think I should get 50 points for that stress.

Mrs. Dr.

PaddyH said...

...and I should get 150 pts for reading this....and another 50 pts for typing this comment.