Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Calendar update

[Update: 10:48 pm] - the calendar update has been further updated. The Gazet van Antwerpen series (GVA) is now included below too. The races that comprise the 2007-08 FGBC cx Pool are now set. So far, Matt, Paddy, Jonny B, Alberto, Dr. Laura, El Presidente, Tenacious V and me have submitted teams. I'm waiting on the poosher to tidy up his roster. Still time for others to get in on the action too.

Now that we've added the Superprestige series, the calendar for the 2007-08 FGBC cx Pool now looks like this.

Oct. 21 - World Cup: Kalmthout (BEL)
Oct. 27 - World Cup: Tabor (CZE)
Nov. 01 - GVA: Koppenbergcross, Oudenaarde (BEL)
Nov. 04 - Superprestige: Hamme-Zogge (BEL)
Nov. 10 - GVA: Niel Jaarmarkt Cross, Niel (BEL)
Nov. 11 - World Cup: Pijnacker (NED)
Nov. 18 - Superprestige: Asper-Gavere (BEL)
Nov. 24 - World Cup: Koksijde (BEL)
Nov. 25 - Superprestige: Gieten (NED)
Dec. 02 - World Cup: Igorre (ESP)
Dec. 08 - World Cup: Milan (ITA)
Dec. 09 - Superprestige: Veghel-Eerde (NED)
Dec. 15 - GVA: GP Rouwmoer, Essen (BEL)
Dec. 26 - World Cup: Hofstade (BEL)
Dec. 28 - GVA: Azencross, Loenhout (BEL)
Dec. 30 - Superprestige: Diegem (BEL)
Jan. 01 - GVA: Grote Prijs Sven Nys, Baal (BEL)
Jan. 13 - World Cup: LiƩvin (FRA)
Jan. 20 - World Cup: Hoogerheide (NED)
Jan. 27 - World Championships, Teviso (ITA)
Feb. 02 - GVA: Krawatencross, Lille (BEL)
Feb. 03 - Superprestige: Hoogstraten (BEL)
Feb. 16 - Superprestige: Vorselaar (BEL)
Feb. 17 - GVA: Sluitingsprijs Oostmalle, Oostmalle (BEL)

Once I get around to it, I will probably add the Gazet van Antwerpen series as well. The benefit of both of these additions is that some of the lower priced riders will be more likely to ride these than the world cup races which are based on 9 person national teams. So there's a better chance of getting some points from any cheap $1-2 picks you might have on your team.

The teams are starting to come in. A few people have problems with math. Don't beat yourself up about it. Math is hard and it's easy to get intimidated. But hopefully it's still possible to figure out how to spread $50 amongst a team of 9 riders (do not think "as many as 9," but "exactly 9"). Really, once you get the basics it's not that difficult. So get your team in. Think of how much fun it will be to pronounce those cool Belgian and Dutch names at the F&H. Rosters due by tomorrow evening. Once I get them all, I'll post all the teams.

OTT: Bo Ramsey, Forget You

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