Monday, October 08, 2007

Menno X

Cold, rain, and some mud
45 minutes, plus one
Best 'cross race so far

Thanks to Colin and Naomi for keeping time and counting laps, and also to Hal for the canopy and tunes. Most importantly, thanks to everyone for coming out and turning what looked like a crappy day into a memorable one.


1. Jared
2. Tomek
3. Chris
4. Cam
5. Hal
6. Dan
7. Bryan
8. Dallas
9. Dave
[From here, individual placings are somewhat mysterious. But based on the number of laps completed, it went something like this. If you really care, feel free to clarify exactly how you fared.]
Luc (7 laps; )
Bill (7 laps)
Gary (7 laps)
Brad (7 laps)
Jon (6 laps)
Robin (6 laps)
LeAnn (6 laps)
Seema (6 laps)
Vic (5 laps)
David (5 laps)
Alex (1 lap; 1st place - kids race)

Photos courtesy of mrs. h:

OTT: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Life is Beautiful

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mhandsco said...

My cap is doffed to the hard men and women of Assiniboia! A Bart/Sven sprint-off in the Bread & Circuses parking lot (ie: 50m from my house) couldn't have got me out the door yesterday morning.