Saturday, October 06, 2007

Southern Cross: A Sneak Preview

Some highlights from the course, courtesy of Johnny S--who, by the way, is pulling out all the stops. The word at cross lab this morning is that he's running some radio spots to advertise the race. Maybe they'd be interested in providing live play-by-play coverage as well, just in case there are some who can't be there to watch in person. If it's not already abundantly clear, this is one you would be wise not to miss.

You will be running up this hill--2x per lap.
Don't worry, it's bigger than it looks.

View from the top of the hill to the bridge
you will be riding over and under.

Heading back under the bridge.

But before we get to Southern Cross, we have to deal with Menno. A new and improved course this year. Thanksgiving Monday, 10am at CMU--North Campus (500 Shaftesbury Blvd).

And finally, for motivation, more Vegas. Sweet funky stuff indeed.

OTT: Wilco, Summer Teeth

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mhandsco said...

Grass in Vegas? Who knew?