Friday, April 18, 2008

Dept. of Inadvertent Self-Mutilation

For Gianni:

Dear Omand's Creek Pole
I've dodged you so many times
Why do you hurt me?

OTT: Hinterland, Detwiller Pavilion


halloewen said...

distracting noises
omand’s creek pole reminds one
rider needs focus

sorta reminds me of when i met a fence on garbage hill training ride (

PaddyH said...
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PaddyH said...

could be a lot worse
you could be wearing a cast
harden the f*ck up



The Dark Lord said...

ha, ha, ha, Chopper
you are such a witty guy
now shut the f*ck up

PaddyH said...


the secretary said...

president surely
rides in greater company
who will meet post next?