Monday, April 14, 2008

Paris - Roubaix: Final 20 km


Anonymous said...

Who's in for a gathering this weekend to watch the greatest cycling movie ever ,Overcoming?
I also just downloaded 5gb of the 2006 giro Italia (the basso year) and 5gb of the 2007 tour de France highlights. We could watch the tour and edit it so the real winner donned the yellow jersey in Paris.
I offer my pad for an evening although i know it is against most of FGBC unwritten rule to cross the fermor boarder:)

Dallas " I had cross tires on the cannondale so why didn't I use them last Sunday? WTF" Sigurdur

Long live the chicken!!!

PaddyH said...

I should have my passport updated by then.

PaddyH said...

anyone notice the wind?

The Dark Lord said...

Good idea. I can't make it this weekend though.