Wednesday, April 30, 2008

in the king and queen's court

Court was in session as the ruling monarch of the riding pools, Andy, shared his wisdom. Apparently it goes beyond simply reading the general cycling news, the rider's pages, and fan pages in multiple languages: One of his cyclecross picks came from a conversation with a riding buddy in Europe who knew that such and such a rider recently connected with a Belgian girl and was now moving to Belgium to live with her family... all to say that he was about to become a more significant player in the cyclecross scene... So here's the checklist:
1. spend time reading the general cycling news
2. learn multiple European languages fluently enough to read all related rider blogs/sites and then fan pages in their indigenous language
3. make personal contacts and visit with retired riding pros in Europe who still breath the sport and know who's moving where with his girlfriend.
4. make lucky guesses.

No problem. I'm going to have to work on #4 though.

Court was also held at Dr. H's place, where it barely appeared as if anything had happened. Marcus was busy getting on with the eating, and the reigning queen was facilitating said eating whilst lounging on the couch. The ladies-in-waiting and courtiers were just sitting around with nothing to do. Looked good. The young prince is off to a fine start.

Finally, watch the nasty hole on Portage, heading west crossing the Route 90 overpass. The president led five witless riders directly over this rebar exposed gaper. Only Cousin Adam suffered the flat, but we all should have had one.

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