Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Got 'er done earlier this afternoon. I'll tell you what: Chopper's got nothing on mrs. h. Hard as nails, that woman. So far, so good. Good times.

Ride/Soiree is still on tonight. I might not make it though. You can still meet at my place if you like. We'll be around. Otherwise, head over to the back alley party pit known affectionately known as the Shoppe.

OTT: The Cinematics, Maybe Someday


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the youngling, you kids make it seem to easy. Yet Sherry and I are going to look so hard.
Here's to Marcus and Anakin spinning some wheels together in the future.

Dallas "That just proves the world moves fast and at it's own rhythm." Sigurdur

PaddyH said...

nicely done guys, congrats!!!!


halloewen said...

congratulations. hoping everybody is healthy and happy (looks like it by the picture). very excited for the whole family.

alberto & mrs. dr.

g said...

Right on. That is so sweet. Eryn is super pumped to swing by and see Marcus. She says "Thank you for the baby."

Anyway...Right on.

Double Celebration tonight.

Andy and Marcus.

The Dark Lord said...

Word. Thanks all.

Have a good trip, N&P. You will be missed.

Luc said...

congrats Sir.

that dave said...


mhandsco said...

Can't wait to meet him!