Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wood Cross Report

It took feats of strength, intellectual acuity, and consumptive competence to win this one. A triathlon of sorts: (1) a bike race; (2) an activity book with word search, connect the dots, and a maze, not to mention really small type; and (3) beer.

Provisional (i.e., to the best of my memory) results:

Johnny S
Jonny G?

Bill, Juan Eppstein, Vic, Colin all DNF'd due to physiological failure (eyesight). Luke didn't finish the biking part. And Craig apparently disappeared before we got started.

Token photos, pre- and post-race:

Good times at the Norwood, post-race. It's definitely not up to snuff as a clubhouse though. No Skynyrd on the radio, no FGD, early closing time. F&H forever!!

The gathering ended with a rather vigorous discussion about a potential merger of sorts. By vigorous, I mean only that the poosher was a significant player in conversation. Still, there are some intriguing yet difficult factors to consider here, most of which eventually come back to the question of the sweetest jersey in the world and its wearability. This will take some time to sort out. Fortunately, we have time.

Haiku-Cross has been rescheduled for next Tuesday. Then again, given the way the Haiku Master's been behaving--or rather misbehaving--as of late, I'll believe it when we see it. Still, it wouldn't be a bad idea to start those poetic intervals. Here's mine:

Haiku Dave's smitten
Pull yourself together dude
You can still ride bike

On the ride home, we noticed that the new Stella's is all but ready to open. Good news for Wolseley.

OTT: Radiohead, Reckoner

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PaddyH said...

here's mine:

harden the f@ck up!
you barely ride of late.
girls always trouble.

...looking forward to one last nordic cx!