Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Anticipation: Late Edition

This just in, via the poosher. I don't know why it comes out blue. The entrails are red on the one I'm trying to upload. And it's actually kind of legible too. Oh well. Basically it says there's a bike race at St Vital park on Saturday at 3 pm. Part of some worldwide chain of races or something creepy like that. Maybe you have to light a candle and hold hands and sing kumbayah or that Coke commercial song from the 70s. I don't know. Be there to find out.

Also, the next Tuesday Night Ride will be in honor of Andy, king of the FGBC cx Pool and quite possibly the Spring Classics Pool as well. BYOHalfPints. Ian's bringing a projector and Dallas will supply some video. It'll take place in a windowless room off some back alley west of the F&H. Needless to say, be there. Side bets on how many slices of greek pizza Alberto will consume.

OTT: Tinariwen, Assouf


Anonymous said...

it starts at 3:00 so be there at 2:00.

info at

shOna said...

the race is actually today


April 20 @2:00 Global Gutz (race starts at 3pm @ St. Vital Park (duck pond)
May 24 Truth or Dare @ 7pm @ Central Park
June 28 The Race of Champions @ 7pm Under the Provencher Bridge
July 19 Partners Race @ 7pm @ The Forks' Skating rink
Aug 15 Bike Shops Race @ 9pm @ Bikes and Beyond Parking Lot

Bike polo every friday @ Old Market Square starting April 25th