Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Minutes of Nordic Cross 2008 - season closed with Haiku Cross

present: dr. mister, colin, gianni, haiku dave, jonny g, jonny b (post race), tom k (very nice first appearance), jonny s, secretary, tenacious v. I think that's it. Please raise your hand if you were missed.

no matter ones' meta narrative, thanks is in order for a fine season. Haiku Cross ends this season. Celebration was thick in the air at the closing ceremonies. Haiku after rousing haiku was read (after some difficulties reading the cursive were ironed out)with rousing aplomb . In a stroke of brilliance, the haiku meister secretly served each racer with the very same theme, so we covered the width and breadth of "spring" as only the FGBC can.
"we are exactly
what we are, we are exact-
ly what we are yes"

Stay tuned for the results.


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