Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fraggle Rocks

(photo courtesy of Dave B)

We called her Fraggle
That was back in '91
Now she's kicking ass

I've let her know that the most significant condition involved in racing for the FGBC is a witty race report. Or at least a lame haiku. Here it is, in her own words:
Balmy pre-storm weather for this first time mountain bike race novice. Intimidation factor was high but few expectations this week. Bad positioning. I had to race against my coaching clinic teacher. Lots of ground to make up in the second half of the race due to above said positioning. Race was too short but fun was had by all. Fantastic endover by over eager start racer. He broke a crank, few minor injuries, quick repair and was back on his bike.
Speaking of ass-kicking, the Honorary Captain received one this past weekend. But he still kicks ass too. Here he is after the Cohutta 100, observing the FGBC post-race rehydration program.

OTT: Far Beyond Frail, Run Away


Anonymous said...

cycling is interesting, but how is Rachel? t

The Dark Lord said...

she's got a big gut.

halloewen said...

great to see leanne out at the race. the start and how to position and attack will come - takes a little bit of time. leanne will rock her event very soon.

dylan, the guy who endoed (not really a word), had his foot slip out of the pedal and into his front wheel which caused him to go over the handle bars, managed to change his wheel and still finish the race, it think in fourth or fifth position. pretty impressive considering some of the spokes from his broken front wheel penetrated his leg. there is a good picture of dylan going over the handle bars on the training coop message board.

great race. looking forward to seeing more fgbc racers out next time.

PaddyH said...

it's about an hr after Tomek asked, so what about now???

and now???

The Dark Lord said...

bigger . . . and bigger.