Saturday, October 18, 2008

NCCX #1: Chick'n Cross

Let's start with the good news: I didn't get lapped. Then some news that is equal parts good and bad: there are some really fast dudes down here who like to race cyclocross. They're all little, chiselled, race hardened, and super intense. They just look like they're meant to go fast. The scene, as they say, looks pretty solid. What's good for the scene, however, is not so good for doctor divisive. I finished 12th out of 19. Full results here. I was hoping to crack the top half. Not quite. It was a much smaller field than I expected. Last year's season opener had about 45 racing the 35+ race. The big group today was the Cat. 4 (i.e., C) race. 60+ guys took off in that one. We had to leave before the Cat 3 (=B) and Pro/1/2 (=A) races. The bad news is that the course was kind of disappointing. Only one pair of barriers. That's it. No hills to run up, no sand. Nothing worthy of the description technical. It was all on the bike except for the barriers. If this course was at all typical, our cx courses most definitely kick ass. Especially Altona. This was basically a criterium on grass. Squishy, muddy, energy-sapping grass. The string of 30+ days turned cool(er) and rainy just in time for cx season. It was only 11 C. when we took to the start line. Perfect cx weather. When it comes to mud, though, NC has nothing on MB. We have mud. This was basically red sand. It barely slows you down, and doesn't gum up the brakes.

Here's a good shot of one half of the course. Kinda boring, eh?

Lots of juniors (i.e., 10-16). Do we have any who are not named Algeo?

My buddy Alex's kid, Cody.

The U-5 field was rather small

The prize package, however, was definitely a winner. Even a bouncy ball!

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