Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Anticipation: An Idea

This weekend's cx races have already received plenty of attention. Double your pleasure with Happy Land and Woodhaven. They both promise to be super FGBC friendly, each of them in their own way. But you already know that. So for Thursday Anticipation this week we take more of a long-range view. Here's an idea I've been tossing about recently. Let me know what you think.

MUCR has done a good job in promoting cyclocross in the province. And while cx is easily the best racing available, I find the really long ones to be a lot of fun as well. So to do for the enduros what MUCR does for cx we need, at the very least, an acronym and a logo. And so I present:

Pretty catchy, eh? The ultra-endurance racing part is pretty self-explanatory, I assume. Think Red Ass, Reach the Beach, our annual winter 24 Hour race, Blundrd Hundrd, this year's Fall Classic, etc. But what is ultra-endurance talking, you ask? It is a crucial and often overlooked discipline. It's what you do while you're out on those long rides, even if only to the demons in your head. We practice it weekly at the clubhouse, after the Tuesday Night Ride. The president is known to be somewhat of an ultra-endurance talking specialist. A number of us even talk for a living. Dallas and the poosher are both really accomplished ultra-endurance talkers as well, each in their own unique ways. It's what we at the FGBC do best, really. All of that, and it makes the acronymn work out too.

So now that we have an umbrella concept, I present the idea itself: We already have some pretty sweet long races in Manitoba. I've mentioned a bunch of them above. What if we brought them together and formed a series of sorts? For starters, we could shoot for roughly one a month

1) Back 40 (late may/early June)

The FGBC missed out on the inaugural edition of this one due to a conflict with the Spring Ride. But it sounds like it was super sweet. This is not surprising, because our friends at Tinker know how to do it right. We will make sure not to have the same conflict this time around. 40 km isn't super long. Maybe they could add a longer version. The Double Back 40?

2) Red Ass (June)

The monster. I missed it last year, which was a big disappointment. It will be back again, right?

3) Reach the Beach (early July)

A classic. After a brief hiatus, we expect it to be back and better than ever in 2009.

4) PFL (August)

This is a new one I've been thinking of. The secretary made allusion to it a while back. Pinawa to Falcon Lake. Let's call it PFL for now, if only because it rhymes with DFL, which is where I hope not to finish. The rough idea is as follows: Begin in Pinawa and take advantage of what they have there before following the Trans-Canada Trail to Falcon Lake, doing a lap of Ingolf along the way to kick it up a notch. One thing that's uncertain at this point is the state of the TCT. Specifially, it's not clear that there is a continuous trail from Pinawa to Falcon Lake. If anyone knows about that, please let us know. But either way, I'm sure we could figure something out.

5) Birch Fall Classic (mid- to late-September)

Assuming it's run as an 8 hour again. That's a great idea, and it sounds like it worked out nicely.

6) Killer Cross (October)

This one's based on Iron Cross, which is in turn based on the Three Peaks cx race in England. Dave D made mention of it the other day. I'd never heard of either of them before, but they sound brilliant. If I wasn't busy next weekend, I'd drive up there and check it out. It's not too far from Durham. In any case, Dave's right that we could do it in MB. He suggested Birch, which would work. Morden/Tinker would work as well, I think. Perhaps somewhere else. Riding Mountain? Make it part of a double cross weekend: a regular cross race on Saturday followed by a 100 km cx race on Sunday.

That's the idea in outline. Comments?


Coach Dave said...

RM would be awesome! We raced there back in the early 90s (unofficially ;), but I think we might have trouble getting permits. Holland might be another idea.

halloewen said...

great concept - does this mean another jersey?

Coach Dave said...

Not to steal your thunder… but I have been preaching this one for at least 7 years. To the the MCA MB Committee, to the pres, to the Birch Club and in fact to anyone who was willing to listen… which they all politely did… but here we are.

Picky points aside ;) A series implies points. Best of 4 or something like that.

Gianni said...

Or... no points but do 'em all and get a belt buckle.

Also re: riding mountain, the Central Trail is about 75km point to point, and is a natural cross course (jeep roads with many downed trees = dismounts). Plus you typically have to cross 3 creeks. Do bears count as natural obstacles?

And re: Dave's comment about the MCA... man, the MCA is old hat. This is beyond MCA. Uncharted waters. Free states. New frontier. Utopia. Etc.

And re: Reach the Beach and Red Ass... the latest idea that has been rumoured is that they might alternate from year to year.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Central Trail end in the middle of nowhere? The trail around the lake would also work, I think it's about 25 - 30 kms with plenty of downed trees, at least the last time I was out there, especially on the Reserve land. Two laps and a finish in the townsite. Maybe the Triathlon folks could help with how to get permission to race at RMNP. Or loop together some of the trails on the Escarpment. Long fast descents and long tough climbs. Wait, I suck at both of those things. Never mind.



Gianni said...

I think the Central trail can be connected to Deep Lake trail (or something like that) to go from the Deep Lake ranger station to the Lake Audy Store. or could do an out-and-back

But around the lake is good - probably more straightforward logistically too.

Coach Dave said...

All those ideas sound good to me.

What about racing across Lake Winnipeg in the winter? Like the Polar Bear run...but better...I suck at running. There – back – and back again. Mmmmm ok maybe not.

I want me a Shinnnnnnnny buckle!

Anonymous said...

Good Idea guys!....

I may even know of another place! Kinda close to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm drooling with this potential race calender.

Dallas " I need a new bike." Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

It looks like we're off to a good start then. A couple of responses:

Re: MCA. This is definitely post-MCA. Which is not to say anti-MCA. But Or these races should not be run under their strictures. Most of these races aren't done that way anyways. Let the MCA focus on straight-up xc races. Hopefully they'll come up with a kick-ass series of cup races. This isn't competition. It's just something else. If you're preaching, you have to know your audience.

Speaking of preaching: Dave, seven years of preaching is a long time and demonstrates serious commitment. We can only assume you're willing to put your money where your mouth is and organize a race. You've got the cx one.

Re: Red Ass and Reach the Beach. Are we assume that there's no Red Ass this year, but only Reach the Beach? If so, should we look to add another race? Greg?

Re: Belt Buckles. Yes. For any and all who complete the series. And a real big one for the winner, who will be determined according to some as yet to be determined points system. But the condition is that the winner of the buckle has to wear it for all the races the following year.

PaddyH said...


this kinda tough talk could make folks move back to Manitoba....or at least visit... alot!

Gianni said...

The last thing I heard from Lindsay was that he liked the idea of alternating Red Ass and RTB, but as far as I know, no decisions have been made. This should be sorted out in November at the Olympia club planning meeting.

I like the term "post-MCA" -- it's not a slight, just an acknowledgement that some kinds of bike racing are beyond the association's mandate (for now, anyway). The MCA plays an important role in development and race sanctioning, a role that, thankfully, works to the favour of MUERTO.

Coach Dave said...

Blunder 100 2009

I had this idea while watching the TDF this year; they kept playing this commercial over and over again while I was sipping on my mocha latte ($5) and munching on my biscotti ($5)… gives you some perspective on the state of the world!

Concept: Help the world by doing what we love!

When: Weekend July 4th 2009 (or there abouts). Trail head at 8 am

Where: The Epinette Ski Trails of Spruce Woods Provincial Park

What: Blunder 100 Endurance Event:
A 4 laps, self-supported, 100-mile event (+/-).

Rules: What rules? Honor system, sign in and out sheet on the back of someone’s truck. Self supported,

Entrance fee: Donations. Fund raise, bring your piggy bank or steal some kid’s lunch money. Whatever amount you would like to donate is fine, as long as it buys at least one net.

Cause: Anti malaria mosquito nets.

In the poorest parts of the world, where effective window screens are lacking, insecticide-treated bed nets are arguably the most cost-effective way to prevent malaria transmission. One bed net costs just $10 to buy and deliver to individuals in need. One bed net can safely last a family for about four years, thanks to a long-lasting insecticide woven into the net fabric

More details and a poster coming in June 2009.

Coach Dave said...

I will have to pass on the cx one unfortunately. Tests every week, exams in 2-weeks, labs every week (these are dissections!!!) work-work-work, family, and riding my bike = NO TIME.

Any takers?

Tom K said...

RIGHT ON!!! Sign me up ... starting in 2009.

After missing out on most of the 07 racing season (after doing the 1st RedAss) due to deployed work and then getting sick just before this year's RA (tell me the alternating thing with RTB is not so!) and more work away from Wpg this year, I am really looking forward to a full season of riding fun next year ... endurance races :-)

RMNP: Laps around Clear lake sounds sweet! Always liked that trail. Central could work though.

RAss: Time for the 3rd Annual in 09!

RTB: Why can't we have our cake at RA and eat some more at RTB in 09?!

BL100: Hook me up - good cause too!

BirchFC: Awesome trails can't wait to get back on ... an 8+hr would be great motivation!

Back40: Heard it was the place to be this year! PFL: ??? KillerCross: why not!

Helping out ... I'd be glad to put my labor where my riding dreams are!!!

Tom K said...

Just to keep the chatter going on this, I added a new TrgCoop post "MUERTO - A Great Idea!":

The Dark Lord said...

That's the spirit, Tom.

Anonymous said...

I hope to try to put on a race of some sort, out in the Bdn Hills... we have approx 70kms of trials now with a route that could take you onto a gravel loop, if needed for a long one.

I'm still trying to get a group going out here, so I'm not committing yet, and would like to see what the MCA has going for next year, as I may need some help with my first race... yes, I'm clueless.

the best time for riding out here is spring and fall... would anyone drive this far from WPG for an event?

I also could help with the Blunderd, if setup is needed, since I'm only 40 minutes away.

The Dark Lord said...

Sounds great, Greg. If you build it, they will come. Putting on an event might even help rally the troops in Brandon.

Coach Dave said...

No setup for the Blunder other than the lap sheet i.e., self-supported, and the trail is marked and maintained by the province.

Count me in for the Brandon Hills Race as long as it dose not conflict with cup races etc. I can probably help in some way when the time comes.