Monday, October 20, 2008

FGBC CX Pool Update

Three more races this weekend: Granogue Cross, Wissahickon Cross, and World Cup #1 (click on them for results and reports from CN). We're still having some problems with the women. They're not racing where they're supposed to. So nothing on the women's front for this week. That should change next week when the USGP series kicks off.

Highlights from Kalmthout:

After six races, here are the current standings. Full scoring breakdown here. Olli and Gary both had the top three finishers (Nys, Albert, and Simunik) in Kalmthout, so they're the weeks big winners. Olli actually had each of the top 4 riders (Pauwels was 4th). Almost a 900 point day. Not a bad haul.

Gary 1905
Rachel 1790
Olli 1745
Paddy & Naomi 1630
Chris H 1580
Matt 1535
Tomek 1515
Chris A 1500
Charlene 1460
Jonny M 1430
Jonny G 1425
David S 1345
Brad 1245
Adam 1215
Vic 1125
Deanna 1115
Ian 1070
Bill 1035
Andy 875
Hal 805
Dallas 705


Anonymous said...

Too bad I can't ride 'cross like I can pick 'cross.

Unfortunately, I see my stock falling fast. Has Todd Wells pulled a Geoff Kabush? At least Kabush rode Canadian Nationals. Wells hasn't been sighted since Cross Vegas.


The Dark Lord said...

It doesn't look like you really need Wells, Gary. Figuring out who's going to show up is part of what makes the cross pool interesting. Andy is the king at this. It helps to be a polyglot. I lost the pool last year when Mourey only raced the World Cups and stopped showing up at the Belgian races about half way through the season. There's some interesting controversy right now in Belgium over appearance fees. Of course, none of this affects Wells. He's probably just lazy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's only a game (although a very good one).

FWIW I agree completely. Most of the fun is the crystal ball gazing followed by the roller coaster ups and downs caused by sentimental favourites who come through once again or just fade into the twilight of a once brilliant career, shifted priorities, injuries, mechanicals, conflicts with teams or race promoters, and long shots who either make us look like geniuses or more likely break our hearts. As the saying goes “Yoos pays yer money, yoos takes yer chances.”