Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Southern Cross Results

Southern Cross results are now available for your viewing pleasure. Let the second guessing begin. Look at all those names! That is so awesome. It's going to be even awesomer when we top 100 racers next year. Johnny S is my hero.

If anyone has any photos, don't be afraid to share them. Photos are good. So is sharing. If you aren't among the fortunate few to have posting privileges for the sweetest bikes and bullshit blog in the world, you can always send them to fortgarrybikeclubATgmailDOTcom. The Training Co-op has a few photos up.

Also, I've finally managed to get the spreadsheet for the FGBC CX Pool uploaded. Check it out. Please let me know if you catch any mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome turnout for Southern Cross. Sad I missed it. That's probably Melanie LeClair as winner of Women's B.