Thursday, October 23, 2008

Southern X Photos

(H)alberto has added a bunch. This one's my favourite. The pained grimace/smile hybrid is the essence of cyclocross. Check out the new helmet. And I love how those racing shorts scream "we are exactly what we are!" Sweet.

I found some more photos of Chick'n X as well. Here are only a few of the ones that feature the sweetest jersey in the world:

Just so we're all clear: I'm riding those suckas off my wheel


the secretary said...

the smile part of the hybrid is a fiction of your imagination at this point. you should be able to tell from the posture that I'm one step short of falling down for good.

halloewen said...

actually the secretary is about to pick-up one of the mini oh henry bars that we laid down on the course, thinking he was in the need of mid race energy boost.