Saturday, August 16, 2008


Now that we've got the ills of the local race scene diagnosed and on the way to a cure, it's time to get back to more mundane matters. Organized racing is all fine and good. But it's hard to beat just riding around with friends. That's where it all begins. And it's what the FGBC does best, really. It costs considerably less and doesn't require an organizational committee. You don't need a license or insurance either. Just a bike and a jocular disposition.

Take last night, for example. Sweet night ride with the Altona chapter: a couple of laps around Altona, a visit to the new sculpture garden, a full-moon illuminated dirt road jaunt out into the country and back, some fixie skid practice on gravel, before wrapping it up with a little recon in the park for this year's edition of the sweetest cyclocross race in the world. It's coming up on Oct. 19. Yes, it will be awesome.

And as if that wasn't enough already, we retired to Johnny S's back yard to enjoy some of the Ranger's finest and sampling some old bottles of souvenier liquor courtesy of Johnny's uncle. Good times.

Speaking of Johnny S. He scored a sweet new ride at the MCC store this morning. Old school Guerciotti for $8. Super sweet.

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