Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Fine Finale

Lovely visual effects for the ride last night. The rain stopped and the mist started rising up from the ground. Spooky, almost apocalyptic. The rise was very Tour of Saint James-ish, as it turned out. Through Ass. Park to Woodhaven and up Sturgeon Creek to Saskatchewan Ave. Juan Eppstein led us through the mud, which didn't go over so well for Jonny B, Craig, and Adam. At the clubhouse we were treated to a nice rant by Vic. It turns out he's no fan of plebicites and Bomber fans. I think mostly he just dislikes plebs. Who knew? The bike racks are still not up. It seems they're not so sure how to go about installing them. This might involve a little initiative on our part. In the meantime, the rickety bench is doing a fine job.

It was all Olympics at the F&H. We watched Team Canada maintain their unblemished, medal-less record. Zeroes across the board is a much cleaner look. And right at the bottom, it's easier to find too. I watched a bit of the Mens ITT after getting back home last night. Honorary Assistant Captain Svein Tuft was the strongest of the first wave. And he held on fir 7th overall, beating some pretty good TT riders, like DZ, Rogers, Menchov. Nice.

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Anonymous said...

I would think that wedge anchors into the parking lot would hold down the bike racks nicely. Is it asphalt or concrete? I have a hammer drill and can help get this done. How do we make that happen?