Monday, August 04, 2008

TT Terrifico

Super sweet event. Thanks Tom. I see another race series here. Same old lap, but turning it into a TT makes it an entirely different sort of race. Funny how the fear of being caught by the guy who started a minute behind you works. One lap, minus the last rocky bit around the parking lot. Only 10 riders, which was kind of disappointing. But I suppose having it on the long weekend didn't help. Lindsay and Ian were out on the course keeping split times and providing encouragement. Leonard L. scorched the course in 19.31. It was 21.37 for me, I think. Definitely room for improvement, but at least there were no encounters with trees, which is a nice bonus. Jonny G came in at 22.17. Same time as Russell T. But Jonny loses the tie-breaker, as they go to the next decimal place, by 56 hundreths of a second. Bummer. Results will be available here, eventually. Probably in three weeks or so. But they're available here right now. As they should be. Right on, Olympia.

Sweet socks

Good times at the BHP Beach, post-race. All-around, a winner of a day.

OTT: The Veils, Calliope!


Anonymous said...

Results available now at

The Dark Lord said...

Sweet. Who needs the MCA?

PaddyH said...

uh rhythms w/"Walter Seagull"...?
"dykes and she-gone...d"?