Monday, August 25, 2008

Nice Rack, Part Deux

This one's just outside the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. I think a steel Goldeye would be a nice touch outside Sam Katz's downtown playground. It never hurts to try. Just a little bit even.

Provincials results??

I haven't ridden my bike in over a week. But that will change today. It's cooler than normal here right now, but it still feels hot as hell to me. Group ride out of the LBS tomorrow that I might hook up with. Will get back on track soon. But I still have almost two months before cx season starts, so there's some time.


Gianni said...

No provincials results from me, but the Poosher and I did some scouting for CX -

- Belgian Club: 3 flights of stairs. Totally different course - no Provencher boulevard section, 50% more bog. Get ready.

- (un)Happyland Park: is going to be crazy. including the skate bowl. Assuming we can get a permit.

PaddyH said...

will the course be "aberta friendly"?

i suspect yes....

Gianni said...

Nofunpatrick at Unhappyland?

PaddyH said...