Saturday, August 02, 2008


Only 12 more hours to go. Dallas and Hal are hanging in there. 6th and 7th, but still on the same lap as all but the leader. Luc is one lap down, while Cam is two back. Click here.

1 #143 Johnny Sprockets 9 laps (22:08:58)
2 #142 EnduroSnob 8 laps (21:17:13)
3 #146 Yakima Bike Vigilantes 8 laps (21:29:00)
4 #133 Bach Francis 8 laps (21:47:21)
5 #132 EXPO Racing Solo 8 laps (21:48:10)
6 #138 Sigurdur Dallas 8 laps (21:53:52)
7 #136 Loewen Hal 8 laps (21:57:33)
8 #144 7 laps (19:53:44)
9 #202 Cyclopath 7 laps (21:34:58)
10 #99 American Bicycle of Plainfield 7 laps (21:50:43)
11 #137 Peace Coffee Solo 7 laps (21:52:52)
12 #145 No name brand 7 laps (21:57:36)
13 #134 Chambers Michael 6 laps (19:48:10)
14 #135 McLaren Cameron 6 laps (20:06:19)
15 #204 ERB Racing 6 laps (20:22:48)
16 #203 Kebert Xela 5 laps (17:45:39)
17 #212 Spoke and Zoey Racing 5 laps (21:40:27)
18 #141 Bare Knuckle Brigade 5 laps (22:01:27)
19 #140 Stoeckigt Jerry 4 laps (18:54:47)

Meanwhile, it looks like a nice race is shaping up in the Men's Solo field as well.


PaddyH said...

those boys are banging out some serious mileage...hope they keep it up.

PaddyH said...

just got up to see all but the wmn's race pretty well flipped on it's ear...

sunrise should make this last push interesting, hang in there fellers!

Anonymous said...

Well as anyone who knows me knows I did my best and can honestly say that was the hardest 24 I have ever done.
I ran a 36/18 on my 9er and with the 1100 feet of climbing per lap (I never walked a hill) and being out of shape it was pretty much soul destroying.

Hal saved my ass with lights after my f'n niterider rental ran out ( they only rent you two batteries which is 6 hours worth of light, bullshit I say)

Laura and Colin were super a super pit crew and definitely saved me from twice the 20 million bonks I already had.

Little Luc finished off his apprenticeship inthe fine art of 24 and will be a force to be reckoned with next time around. I would also like to say that his Stans conversion of my ignitors was mindbogglingly fast. Seriously it was AMAZING.

It was a great time and made all the better with a absolutely great crew. Also for the record I said on numerous occasions that Paddy and Chris should be there enjoying the sweet single track (there was even more this time Paddy) and Crazy party atmosphere.

Oh and Paddy the partying was on par with the first few years we went. In fact there was a rocky technical climb in the bush and beer drinking cow bell banging people came out in the middle of the night and went absolutely BALLISTIC if you cleaned the section. the party loop was crazy loud as always and there was even a few cats with whistles who went hockey ref on you as you climbed a little hill.

Dallas " Wow that was awesome!!!!" Sigurdur