Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Night... I'm Biking!!!

I know it is going to be wierd when I show up at 9:00 at the rented out home of Dr. and Mrs. H. I am going for a spin somewhere tonight, possibly north or south, east or west.
If anyone would like to join me...please do. If not...that's fine too.

We are exactly what we are.


Anonymous said...

When? Meeting at the usual starting place?


Anonymous said...

OK. Never mind. I just read the posting carefully.


The Dark Lord said...

Keep it real, Jonny. Just keep riding. The others will catch on. Eventually. I don't see any good reason to change the meeting place. It works so well. If I had a pint of FGD on hand, I'd raise it in solidarity.

Finally got phone and internet hooked up here today. Much better.