Sunday, August 31, 2008

El Presidente for President

Forget Obama and McCain. Our very own David S. gets my vote for president. The way he's going right now, he could probably fix Iraq and the US economy in addition to mastering the 2008 FGBC Vuelta Pool. He adds 195 more points today to push his two-day total to 377. The tenacious tenor is right there as well, though. He got 185 and sits second overall with 366 points. Halberto was 3rd on the day with 145 points, and moves into third overall.

Just like he did in the Tour, Valverde wins the first road stage, ahead of Rebellin and Ballan. He may not be a grand tour contender, but the Green Bullet sure does well in those classics-type stages that have been showing up quite a bit in the three week races lately. He takes over the race leader's golden jersey too. Good for him. Maybe he can hold on to it. But something tells me he won't keep pace in the mountains. Again. Pippo should never have shaved that 'stache. He got what he deserved. Get the rest of the story from CN and Pez. And don't miss the roadside reports that Pez is running. Kinda makes you wish you were in Spain right now, doesn't it?

Results for Stage 2:

David 195
Vic 185
Hal 145
Brad 70
Chris 65
Matt 50
Arlene 40
Jonny B 40
Dallas 0
Ian 0
Paddy 0

Overall Standings:

David 377
Vic 366
Hal 279
Arlene 235
Brad 223
Chris 196
Matt 184
Dallas 157
Jonny B 146
Ian 134
Paddy 88

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Anonymous said...

Wheres the props for Tyler getting his shit together and winning nationals? Ya he rides for the absolute shittiest team in existence but he deserves a break.
Now lets just hope he realizes that hes actually a continental team racer now and can win a few on home turf.

Dallas " letting go of an illusion might be harder than you think." Sigurdur