Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vuelta Pool: Rider List

The list of riders is here. General rules here. Pick 9 riders for a total of $50 or less. Send your teams to fortgarrybikeclubATgmailDOTcom before they start racing on Saturday. Have fun.

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Anonymous said...

I know next to nothing about the vuelta so here goes.....

Kloden (old school fave)-18

Franzoi (cyclocross jedi)-1

Arroyo (said he had great form all year and I have yet to see it so this better be it)-1

Gadret (cyclocross jedi)-6

Popovych ( does have to listen to the whinney one so will perform better) -10

Bruseghin (I just like him for some reason)-6

Casar (slim pickings at this point and he seems like a nice guy)-4

Kroon (I know about as much of this rideras i know about this race)-2

Cuesta Lopez De Castro ( I don't even know who this riders is or when his first name starts and last name ends, oh well starbucks coffe costs more than this rider so how can I loose)-2

Dallas "Horner left out of the olympics is still bullshit." sigurdur