Saturday, March 22, 2014

The beer is going to Ingolf

Tuesday night's agenda was important, in an annual sort of way. Some back and forth on the date of Spring Ride made it feel like the olden days... like around the turn of the millenia. In fact, this blog URL continuously references that first year, when we didn't know where we were going, some didn't have bikes, and the 'when' made our paper daytimers shake in fear (OK, I had a Palm Pilot, and I'm kind of proud of that... would still use it if they had put the phone in it right away).

At any rate, a subdued, mostly drive-in, collective, huddled at the middle table at the north end of the klubhaus... and when the topic finally came up, there was at first quiet, and then the DFL said, "just have it on the regular date, it will be easier", or something like that, and that was it. No debate, no balancing this conflict versus that... Almost like the year when location was so up-for-grabs we were almost paralyzed, and the President wrote, in the comments of this blog, "The beer is going to Ingolf", and it was done.

Now the phrase has become the call for keeping things simple, "don't fix something that's not broken" might be most analogous.

So, hey, the countdown is unchanged, the beer is going to Ingolf.