Wednesday, November 25, 2015

TNR Report - Great Awards

Great acting deserves great rewarding. And so, G received a great honour last night for his lead role in the Male Prairie Cyclocross Rider filim.
View here to join the millions thousands who have been moved by this gripping documentary.

Steve "The Voice" powered through a fairly long-winded and oft interupted awarding speech, to the point that it's not quite clear to this reporter what the actual award is titled. It is written in tape on the award, so ask G what he won. It's really important, though.

As you can see, the trophy is a cyclist who is curling, representing the diversity G displayed in setting up a cross course and shooting a feature piece at virtually the same time.

Congrats G.

Also, there was a token bike ride, and less token beer drinking, and a fire at the Impaler's.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Ride date

The countdown has been updated to reflect the new date.

June 5-7. Those who should be there know who they are (in a literal sense).

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

24 hours of Brad Pitt - Studio Cross 2015

Good times were had at this years Nordic CX 24-hour race! It does seem that each year the total cumulative riding distance diminishes slightly, but that fact doesn't seem to hurt the competition!

 Oh the race... The Drama... or should we say "Dramas". 

Good to see over 18 participants this year!

 Here are this years results:
1st - DFL - 11 Laps
2nd - The Energizer, Johnny S, The Hipster, G - 10 Laps
6th - The Impaler - 9 Laps
7th - Benjamin Button the Messenger guy, DanE, Greyhammy, Jeremy - 6 Laps

 No Mans Land.... He was there but unable to lift a sharpie to fill in his laps...
Mike G

 ***DNF*** (Missed B.L.Lap)
CHB - 6 Laps
Vic - 5 Laps
The Big Frame - 4 Laps
Andrea - 3 Laps
Juan Epstein - 2 Laps
Tegan - 1 Lap 

***DNF*** (didn't bring a bike - slacker penalty)
Cousin Thomas - 5 Laps