Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fort Garry Buyers Club

The tradition of the whiteout notwithstanding, the Dark Side is squarely on side with the return of the Jets. Shall we pool our resources and purchase a couple of seasons tickets? Discuss.


It is a very big day in Winnipeg. The TNR resumes after the annual break for the Spring Ride. The countdown has been reset. A new edition of The Book has been released. It is time to start planning for the 2012 Spring Ride. It will be the 10th anniversary. The traditional gift for such an occasion is aluminum. Which means next year should probably be a carbon-free ride. We may make an exception for the VP Style and his titanium steed. It depends on how the socks turn out.

There is also talk of a visit from the Bluffton Chapter. Does he have a bike?

As for the ride, now that the Jets are back, we turn our attention to the task of bringing back the velodrome. We will ride through P&M to let the celebrating throng know about their next project.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring Ride Report

To write it all up would be immoderate. But here are some photos. Feel free to share your favourite memories in the comments.

Let's do it again in about 362 days.

Giro Pool Wrap-Up

In the end, Chris O won it by exactly 500 points. Congratulations Chris! Miriam and Mark rounded out the final podium.

The final overall results looked like this:

Chris O 5724
Miriam 5224
Mark 4679
Dan 4369
Chris D 4208
Ali 3914
Randy 3849
Kevin 3763
Graham 3730
Rachel 3652
Jonny B 3573
Greg 3482
Terry 3319
Vic 3301
Dallas 3292
Jonah 3258
Brad 3233
Andrea 3151
Steve 3028
Pete 2955
Jonny G 2930
Chris H 2889
Darryl 2796
Bill 2761
David 2733
Jay 2696
Ian 2430
Matt 1941
Paddy 1696
Kim 1492

For all the scoring details, go here.

Thanks for playing, boys and girls. That was fun. Check back in about a month for the 2011 FGBC TdF Pool.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Comment Wars

The Sock Discussion: 37
The Spring Ride Open Thread: 58

But if you factor in the 5 deleted comments, it's really 32-58. Then again, if you count Dallas's contributions to the sock discussion that appeared in other threads, it is closer again. Either way, this is almost as exciting as the old FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. Maybe we should just stay home this weekend and post comments about the Spring Ride.

Keep talking. Fort Garry Banter Club.

First proof

Thursday Anticipation: The Big One

Giddy-up boys and girls. Only one more sleep until the sweetest weekend of the year. It's down to just hours now.

It looks like we'll have a good turnout. The provisional roster is as follows:

The President, The Secretary, me, Jonny G, Unger, Tenacious V, Juan Eppstein, Cousin Adam, JP, the Cricket, the Weasel, the Hipster, Cousin Adam, Big Luke, Tony H, Lump (the MF), KK, Brad the Impaler, Bill, Paul V, Major Tom, Johnny S, Cousin Thomas, Paul K, Geez Louise, Colin, Gianni, Liam, The Poosher.

We have a potential beer crisis brewing. But the President is on it.

There are still some folks looking for rides. In particular, Cousin Adam needs help on Saturday morning. It appears there are plenty of options for Friday afternoon. Keep using the Spring Ride Open Thread to get all the details sorted out.

Two in a Row for the J-Train

Fortunately, he practices his victory salutes on a regular basis. So he was ready. Jonah benefitted from a stage win by the guy with the sweetest name in the race, Eros Capecchi. He also got 55 points from Belgian stud Jan Bakelandts. With 205 points, he narrowly edged out big sister, Little M. She had 200 points on the stage, with contributions from Pinotti and Cataldo. Pete and Jonny G tied for third. They also have Capecchi, and so ended up with 150 points apiece.

No big changes to the GC. Miriam took 75 points back from Chris O's lead. She now trails by 135 points. If she's going to close the gap, it will have to be done by Serpa, Bak, Cataldo, and Klemme. Mark continues to hold onto the third podium spot. But Chris D has moved into 4th place. He is 211 points behind the Hipster.

Full results and overall standings here.

Note that with the Spring Ride commencing tomorrow morning, this will be the last update for the 2011 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool for a few days. We will get caught up on Sunday evening or Monday. Hopefully by then, Clenbutador will have found a way to lose the race.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Ride Open Thread

Do you need a ride? Better yet, do you have a ride to offer? Perhaps you need help deciding what kind of chips to bring for the Friday night chip buffet. Do you have a bike you are willing to let Lump borrow for the weekend? Let us know. Or maybe you simply want to let us know that you are planning to attend.

Post a comment below for these or any other Spring Ride related matters. We may not get everything sorted out. But at least we can say we tried.

Looking for the sock discussion? That's over here.

Stages 16 & 17

Chris O won the uphill ITT on Stage 16. His team is made for the mountains. Which means it's made for winning the 2011 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. Jonah won the breakaway special that was Stage 17.

No big change to the GC. Full results and overall standings here.

TNR Report

We rode to Smokes, hoping for some poutine. It is still not open. Despite articles in the paper saying it was. That is lame.

So we headed to VJs instead. Not only was it open. It was awesome. Of course.

While enjoying our VJs Specials, we spent some time reminiscing about Hot Pursuit. We also pondered the question of whether the Cricket is an arrogant SOB. We concluded that, while he may well be an SOB, he is definitely not arrogant.

By the time we got that all sorted out, it was time to head to the klubhaus. We arrived just in time for the first OT. Which meant is was busier and more boisterous than usual. We surmised that this would not be the case at your random neighbourhood establishment in Atlanta. Go Jets! Being sports fans, the crowd was also apparently well versed in the latest revelations from the weekend's 60 Minutes piece. And so we were subjected to all kinds of cycling-related remarks that were no doubt intended to be more clever and funny than they actually were.

Halberto dropped in for a visit before departing for his cycling vacation that is posing as a work-related conference. We still can't get over how brilliant that is. Of course, the bulk of the discussion focused on the Spring Ride. We got a few things sorted out. But there are many questions that remain. Including the matter of what implications the disco will have for the chip buffet. We resolved to let that one play itself out.

It was an evening that was almost eerily devoid of drama. But the situation changed when we were about 100m from the klubhaus and on the way home. The Impaler's chain exploded. At which point he all of a sudden remembered not having inserted the little clip thingy that keeps the master-link in place. He acknowledged that this was a major oversight. There may have been some bad words overheard. But since he was still about 20 km from home, we had a problem on our hands and quickly set out to solve it.

JP resorted to traffic control and took up negotiations with inquisitive taxi drivers, while Jonny G brought out his multi tool and managed to reassemble the chain.

It took a little while and was far from perfect, but we managed to get the Impaler rolling again. We trust he made it home safely.

On the tunes front, it was mostly silent on account of the hockey game. But after the game we heard Running with the Devil. Which led Jonny G to serve up his impression of the DLR Soundboard. And allowed us to mention the even more awesome JV Soundboard. If the person behind the 2011SOB campaign is reading this, we suggest you consider adding a Brad the Impaler soundboard to the site. There was a Steve Miller song too. And a second one, at which point it was appropriately declared closing time and the hi fi shut off.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We are hesitant to interrupt the great sock discussion. But somebody said something about a ride tonight. We have some planning to do for the Spring Ride. And some poutine to consume. Unless, of course, the monsters get us first.

9:30 pm at my place.

Now, don't forget to let the VP Style know how many socks you would like. He is making good progress, but needs more feedback. Don't worry about the underwear just yet. That will be the next project.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A note from the sartorial department

Some of us got to thinking about putting together a FGBC sock order from either Sock Guy, Defeet or Champ-Sys. How many pre-orders we get may determine who we go with in the end, but I'd love to hear about brand/material preference - especially if not one of the above - and the number of pairs you think you might pick up.

Think in the neighbourhood of $10 a pair. Maybe a couple of bucks more if we go wool.

The Prince and the Queen

Prince Dan won the Queen Stage of the Giro, a 229 km seven and a half hour romp through the Dolomites. With points from Nibali, Arroyo, Rujano, and Gadret, he picked up 365 points on the day. Chris ) was second with 255 points. Brad the Impaler had 225 points to finish third.

Chris O continues to wear the vicarious maglia rosa. His lead over Miriam us up to 110 points. Mark remains in third place. He is about 450 points back. Graham, Terry, and Dan are the best of the rest. They are all about 150 points behind Mark, but within 11 points of each other.

Full results and overall standings here.

There is no racing today. But they're back at it tomorrow with an uphill ITT. How can you not love the Giro?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Safety in Numbers

When the mountains loom large, it seems people bind themselves together. Randy and Greg rode up Mt Zoncolan holding hands, consoling one another in the face of the ominous 22% grades. It worked. They finished tied for first with 305 points each. Ali and Chris O also rode up holding hands. They tied for third at 255 points each. Dan, Pete, and Terry opted for a three-way partnership. 250 points apiece for them.

In the overall race, Chris O extended his lead. He's now ahead of Miriam by 65 points. The Hipster remains in third place. He is 375 points behind Chris. The biggest threats to the podium are Terry, Graham, and KK. All three of them are within 100 points of Mark's final podium spot.

Full results and overall standings here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stage 13 Lucky for Chris O

After five days in the vicarious pink jersey, Miriam's time at the top of the standings has come to an end. Chris O had a monster day today, with 435 points, and took over the top spot. With Rujano, Contador, and Gadret on his team, he swept the podium on the stage. Nice. BCC's cyclocross sensation and all around good guy now leads Little M by 15 points. They pretty much share everyone but Rujano (Chris) and Serpa (Miriam) and their stage hunter and wildcard guys. It could be interesting. The Hipster also had a big day today. With 400 points, he bumped Graham out of the top three. But only by 4 points. Dan was third on the day and continues his meteoric rise toward the top of the standings. He was in 6th last place just 5 stages ago. Now he's in 9th place and less than 300 points from a podium spot.

Full results and overall standings here.

Tomorrow's stage will be one worth watching. Not for the results. Contador will no doubt ride away from everyone again. But the final climb up Mt Zoncolan, with its grades of up to 22%, should be fun to watch.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

There is no racing this weekend. But there are plenty of options for riding. The OCC has a couple of rides planned and has extended an invitation to the Dark Side. Sunday at Bur Oak. And Monday at Tinker Creek. Visit the OCC for more details.

We may do a few rides of our own. But we are not nearly as organized. So notification will come at the last minute, if at all.

Yes, this is a long weekend. Get out and make use of it. Even more importantly, this is the last weekend before the Spring Ride. How sweet is that? Almost as sweet as Tenacious V.

Graham vs. Cavendish

Mark Cavendish became the first multiple stage winner of the Giro today with his second sprint victory of the race. Graham is the only multiple stage winner of the 2011 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. But he's beating the Manx Mouth 3-2. Suck it, Cav! Not only did he win his third stage of the race. With 315 points today, Graham pulled himself back into contention for the overall prize. Still in third place, he now trails Miriam by just under 200 points. Chris O remains in second place. He is 130 points back of Little M. Andrea and Terry tied for second on the stage. They had 240 points apiece.

Full results and overall standings here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Dogfest Ever

We stopped in at the klubhaus to check on the status of the jerseys. They have been raised. Our table has been peed on. It's a beautiful sight.

We arrived at Juan Eppstein's to find him frying up chips in the disco.

That went over well. So well, in fact, that most elected to fry their dogs instead of roast them. That seemed a better idea last night than it did this morning. Either way, it was decided that the disco is going to Ingolf.

The combination of Phils Pils, the usual stimulating confabulation, and the sweet weather made the time fly. All of a sudden it was almost 2am and time to hit the road. But not before we thoroughly analyzed the current commissaire crisis, sketched an outline of an off-the-grid stage race that will take place next summer, and talked about the Spring Ride and how awesome it will be. Good times.

Little M's Big Day

She had cx stud and overall freak John Gadret for the win. Serpa and Contador in the top 5. And Cataldo at 7th place. It all added up to 390 points and a decisive stage win for Miriam today on a stage that looked like it would do a passable job as a stunt double for one of the Ardennes classics. Dan and Chris O were second and third. But they were both over 100 points back.

So Miriam extends her overall lead to 140 points over Chris O. It is starting to look very much like a two horse race. Third place is more than 400 points back by now. That is currently occupied by Graham. But KK is lurking just off the podium and getting ready to pounce. He's just 7 points from the lowest step of the podium.

For those who may not be aware, you are getting your asses handed to you by a nine year old. And yes, she picks her own team. She has some interesting methods for selecting her riders. For her wildcards, she had me scroll the screen up and down. She then closed her eyes, told me to stop, and pointed at the screen. This approach brought Cataldo to her team. He has already contributed over 200 points to her efforts. That is almost half of what Kim's entire team has gained so far. Sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the bear eats you.

Full results and overall standings here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stage 10

Some call him the Manx Missle. Others refer to him as the Manx Mouth. The Honorary Captain calls him Eric Zabel's butt plug. Either way, you can call Mark Cavendish a stage winner after he won today's sprint into Teramo.

Graham has considerably fewer nicknames. But he is evry bit as much a stagewinner after bagging 275 points in today's vicarious bunch gallop. Andrea and Terry tied for second with 240 points apiece.

Miriam continues to lead the overall race. Chris O is 20 points back. Graham pushed KK off the podium and now sits on the third step. He is 124 points out of the overall lead. KK isn't that far back though. He is just 7 points from the podium.

Full results and overall standings here.


Another sign that the Spring Ride is just around the corner. The annual Spring Dogfest is tonight at Juan Eppstein's.

Meet there or my place at 9:30 pm to ride over. We will stop in at the klubhaus on the way to see if they've raised our jerseys yet.

Juan sends the following instructions:
Things are looking good for the dogfest tomorrow night. The usual routine – bring your own dogs, buns, special sauces, extra munchies, and cash for the keg. I’ll provide the regular condiments. I might even get the Disco going if all goes well. If anyone is driving they can bring extra dog sticks and lawn chairs.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Grand Beach Report

We may not have finished first. But we won. Easily.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stage 9

The real race looks very much like it might be over after Clenbutador escaped on Mt Etna today with apparent ease. Fortunately for those of us playing in the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, the vicarious race is still very much up for grabs. Chris O bagged a big win today to move within 5 points of Miriam's overall lead. Mark finished second on the stage, while Prince Dan and Randy tied for third. KK holds onto the final podium spot in the overall race, while Bill got punted from the top three.

After eight stages, we have had eight different winners. That is how we like it.

Full results and overall standings here.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

KK and Little M

KK won the stage with 290 point day. With Contador and Petacchi, he had second and third place on the day. Nocentini also kicked in 65 points for good measure. Not a bad day for the man they like to call Thor over at the RRR HQ. The real Thor is no doubt more than a little bit jealous. He hasn't seen the top of the podium lately. Graham and Miriam rounded out the podium with 270 and 245 points, respectively.

Miriam tossed Bill off the top step of the podium and grabbed the overall lead. KK moved into second and sits juts under 50 points off the lead. Bill drops all the way down to third overall. But he's just 2 points back of KK, and so still very much alive. Andrea and Chris O, also separated by just two points, are waiting for one of the the leading trio to falter. They are both less than 100 points from grabbing the overall lead. Things can change in a hurry, especially as we reach some of the more noteworthy mountain stages. That happens tomorrow with the final climb up Mt Etna.

Full results and overall standings here.

The Tour of California also starts tomorrow. Follow it if you must. There will not be a vicarious version.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

First of all, let us begin with an apology. The President made us promise that we would make every effort to keep our Thursday business on Thursdays. "The people," they are big fans of routine. And the President, well, he is a big fan of "the people." The rest of us are big fans of the President. So you can see logic at work. After the President sat us down and explained everything, it didn't take long until we came around to seeing things his way. The President has some mighty powers of persuasion. When he said, for example, "the beer is going to Ingolf," the raging debate about Spring Ride location stopped faster than the Impaler did when he ran into the barriers at Menno Cross that one time. We have come to see that sticking with the regular schedule really is the least we could do. But this time around, it was not our fault. We were all ready to go with our weekly run-down of all the awesomeness that lies ahead before the big Blogger meltdown. Really, we were. But the meltdown caught us unawares. It is almost Saturday and we are just now pulling ourselves back together.

That is good news, because you can hardly race if you have somehow become pulled apart. And we have racing to look forward to. Specifically, we find ourselves thinking this week about two events that are very high on our list of things to look forward to this summer.

The first of these involves the much ballyhooed return of the TTT to our fine province. We have talked a bit about this one already. But now we have a poster. A race doesn't qualify as a race unless there's a poster. We have a poster. Ergo, we have a race. Logic, it's working for us again. Or is it? Sometimes it can be tricky. But at any rate this race will be awesome. You have our word on that. Or at least, we will have a good time with it. More details coming soon. Start assembling your four person teams now.

Another race came out with a poster today too. It's the one with the Butter Belt. Really, is there anything more that needs to be said? No, there isn't. The good guys at Tinker Creek don't get that though. They have more to say on their website.

But life is about more than just racing. Indeed, there are some among us who view racing as a convenient way of coping with the long interval that spans the time between Spring Rides. Happily, we are less than two weeks away from the sweetest meal of the year.

We are also playing around with some big ideas about what to do with the May long weekend. Maybe something longish and gravelly. Stay tuned for more on that.

Stages 6 & 7

Blogger went AWOL for the last couple of days. And it looks like it took some of our posts with it. It seems to have come back now. But we are all still a bit disoriented here at the FGBC HQ.

It is for these sorts of situations that you should also follow the FGBC via Twitter: @fgbcdark. No, we do not just repost the same old stuff in both places like the OCC does. That is just lazy. The FGBC is (at least) a two headed media monster. The DSDPR (Dark Side's Dept. of Public Relations) tells us that we have multiple audiences who seem to have different preferences for keeping track of the adventures of the sweetest jersey in the world. So we have responded by setting up two different teams of media savvy communications experts in order to serve them best. That is how much we love "the people." Besides, this also gives us the ability to have conversations with ourselves. Which comes in handy when things are on the slow side.

In any case, we have had a couple of exciting days in the 2011 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. The past two stages were won by Bill and Prince Dan. And the overall standings have received a significant makeover. Steve's time at the top of the standings came to an abrupt end. He's dropped all the way down to 16th place. Bill has taken over the lead. Andrea is second, at 65 points off the pace. And Miriam sits in third place, another 7 points back. Jonny G is lurking just off the podium with a goofy grin on his face. He has been warning us for some time now that something big is about to go down. Perhaps the moment is nigh.

Full results and overall standings here.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

TNR Report

The Secretary called just before we left to say that he an the Impaler would be riding with the Fort Garry Car Club today. That is too bad. They missed a sweet ride through the Ass Forest. JP and the Cricket tried hard, but they couldn't manage to suppress their glee.

On the way back to the klubhaus, we found the bridge at Bruce Park flooded out. That almost never happens. Jonny G tried to ride it anyway. He did not succeed.

Back in the safety of the klubhaus, Jonny G, JP, and Brad told us all about the Brandon race and preached the gospel of the 29er. Mike, the night manager, came out to consult with the President about the placement of our jerseys in the rafters. He promised they would be hanging above our table the next time we were there. That is good. Because on Tuesday our table was taken by some loudmouth men in uniform. This aggression will not stand, man.

This is the time of year with talk about the Spring Ride really starts to ramp up. Juan Eppstein was there to call the annual Spring Dogfest for next Tuesday. And the President called for the annual counting of the numbers contained in The Book. This is what they came up with.

It all seemed very good for a while. But when we paid a bit more attention to the numbers, it became clear that something was amiss. So we very politely submitted a challenge of the results. Happily, our suspicion turned out to be correct. These numbers are from the edition of The Book that began in December. The totals for the year should be more like double the above amount. That is good news.

Wildcard Lotto

Dallas's numbers came up lucky yesterday. He's the only one who picked Pieter Weening out of the long list of wildcards. Weening's 150 points combined with points from Nibali and Arroyo gave Dallas 245 points and a stage win. With it, he vaults out of last place and moves up 13 spots in the overall standings. Miriam finished second with 220 points. And Darryl continued his run of good vicarious racing form with a third place finish. He had 195 points.

Steve continues to lead the overall race. Chris D is just 5 points back. And Miriam is only 9 points off the lead. It's all nice and close.

Full results and overall standings here.

Today's stage could very well be another one for the wilcards or stage hunters. With a nice little kick at the end, it looks like one for the classics guys.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arvid goes big

Guiness world record attempt this summer. This guy is crazy. A good kind, I guess.

I whipped this promo video together for him off the script he created:


It is Tuesday. We will ride. Yes, even if it's raining.

9:30 pm at my place.

Vicarious Mourning

It was not a day for racing, but for honouring a fallen comrade.

There are no results today. The competition will resume tomorrow. But it will not include Tyler Farrar and the entire Leopard Trek team. They have quit the race in the wake of Weylandt's death. That will obviously affect some teams in the 2011 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool more than others. Speaking of which, you can see all the teams here.

RIP Wouter.

Photo courtesy of Pez.

Monday, May 09, 2011

We Have Results

But we also have heavy hearts. Having just read the news of Wouter Weylandt's death in today's stage, this is not a time for wasting words. Shit.

Results and standings here.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

30 Teams

That is what we ended up with in the 2011 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. Maybe we'll have some standings by the end of the day. Maybe.

In the mean time, enjoy watching the real race. Sportsnet has picked up the Universal Sports feed, so you can watch it on the big screen if you like. Otherwise, all kinds of live feeds are available from the usual places.

Chris H
Mark R
Jonny B
Chris O
Chris D
Jonny G

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Last Call

Just under two hours to go. Get your teams in please.

We're up to 22 teams. But still no Brad the Impaler. Strange. See the list below.

Friday, May 06, 2011

FGBC Giro Pool Entry Watch

With all the understandable excitement surrounding the appearance of the sweetest kit in the world, it would be unfortunate if anybody forgot about the 2011 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. Entries are trickling in, but the pace so far a bit on the slow side. Hopefully things will pick up yet.

Dallas was first, of course, submitting his team just seconds after the post went up. He is also the defending champ, so he begins the race donning the vicarious maglia rosa. Because peer pressure makes the world go 'round, here's the list of who's in so far:

Chris H
Mark R
Jonny B
Chris O
Chris D

Check back throughout the day if you like. The list will be updated as new entries are received.

The Launch

The newly redesigned sweetest jersey kit in the world has landed at FGBC's Dept. of Style. Yes, it looks awesome. Thanks ET! The new logo is so crisp and clear, we've elected to start with a blurry photo so that our eyes can adjust gradually.

To commemorate this special day we are having a special Friday edition of the Tuesday Night Ride. Grab your cheque books and swing on by the F&H at 9pm or so to pick up your order. But even if you didn't order anything, you will want to be there as we hoist a jersey to the rafters of the klubhaus. Hopefully they'll let us hang it right over our table. We've tried peeing on the chairs, but this should work better as an attempt to mark our territory. Humans have such an unrefined sense of smell.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

2011 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool

It is Thursday. On Thursday we like to cast our gaze far off into the distant future and think about how awesome things are going to be. We find that this distracts of from the fact that the present usually sucks. But this week is different. The present does not suck at all. That's because it is Giro time! The best grand tour of the season is only a few days away. It's time for vicarious racing, boys and girls.

How does it work? It is all very simple. Pick a team of nine riders from this list

Your team must be composed as follows:

2 GC men - values must add up to 5 or more
2 climbers - values must add up to 4 or more
1 TT man and 1 sprinter - values must add up to 4 or more
1 stage hunter
2 wild cards

For the scoring system and the rest of the rules, go here.

Submit your team here by 9am Saturday morning.

Entry into the pool is free and open to anyone. Feel free to invite others.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

TNR Report

The poosher showed up for our bike ride. That hasn't happened for a while. But he made up for it by making his presence felt in a big way. He showed up with the fancy new set of wheels that rendered the super commuter superfluous.

He showed us his villainous side by riding over the Secretary and leaving him with a booboo on his hairy knee.

And then he played super hero by fixing the Secretary's bike.

When the evening came to a close, he presented his version of the events that led to his not so impressive display of riding that was featured in the Secretary's recent 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge movie. He says the Secretary kept jumping out at him and scaring him off his bike. With this revelation, all of a sudden it became clear why he might think it appropriate to run over the Secretary.

In other matters, Brad the Impaler added to the list of things he thinks are bullshit--or geese, as he sometimes puts it more euphamistically. KOM is geese. Surprisingly, however, soy milk is not. Rather, cows milk is. This got Vic all excited, as he found himself in a rare state of agreement with our resident sage. Monsanto is also geese. Once again, the Tenor and the Impaler found themselves on the same page. Just when we thought we had things all figured out, we get nothing but curveballs thrown at us.

Cousin Adam and the Cricket talked about racing at Whitemouth on Saturday. It sounds like fun. At least the part where they get to hang out in the race van. We also talked about the upcoming FGBC/RRR TTT and how awesome it will be. Especially when we win.

Toward the end of the evening, the conversation turned to a consideration of our favourite post-TNR snacks. Most seem to prefer cereal. Others go with toast. The more sophisticated among us prefer to finish off the night with a glass of scotch.

On the tunes front, it was '80s night at the F&H. Thompson Twins, Eurythmics, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Men at Work. Some of us felt like we were back in high school. Others felt like they were back in diapers.