Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TNR Report

We rode to Smokes, hoping for some poutine. It is still not open. Despite articles in the paper saying it was. That is lame.

So we headed to VJs instead. Not only was it open. It was awesome. Of course.

While enjoying our VJs Specials, we spent some time reminiscing about Hot Pursuit. We also pondered the question of whether the Cricket is an arrogant SOB. We concluded that, while he may well be an SOB, he is definitely not arrogant.

By the time we got that all sorted out, it was time to head to the klubhaus. We arrived just in time for the first OT. Which meant is was busier and more boisterous than usual. We surmised that this would not be the case at your random neighbourhood establishment in Atlanta. Go Jets! Being sports fans, the crowd was also apparently well versed in the latest revelations from the weekend's 60 Minutes piece. And so we were subjected to all kinds of cycling-related remarks that were no doubt intended to be more clever and funny than they actually were.

Halberto dropped in for a visit before departing for his cycling vacation that is posing as a work-related conference. We still can't get over how brilliant that is. Of course, the bulk of the discussion focused on the Spring Ride. We got a few things sorted out. But there are many questions that remain. Including the matter of what implications the disco will have for the chip buffet. We resolved to let that one play itself out.

It was an evening that was almost eerily devoid of drama. But the situation changed when we were about 100m from the klubhaus and on the way home. The Impaler's chain exploded. At which point he all of a sudden remembered not having inserted the little clip thingy that keeps the master-link in place. He acknowledged that this was a major oversight. There may have been some bad words overheard. But since he was still about 20 km from home, we had a problem on our hands and quickly set out to solve it.

JP resorted to traffic control and took up negotiations with inquisitive taxi drivers, while Jonny G brought out his multi tool and managed to reassemble the chain.

It took a little while and was far from perfect, but we managed to get the Impaler rolling again. We trust he made it home safely.

On the tunes front, it was mostly silent on account of the hockey game. But after the game we heard Running with the Devil. Which led Jonny G to serve up his impression of the DLR Soundboard. And allowed us to mention the even more awesome JV Soundboard. If the person behind the 2011SOB campaign is reading this, we suggest you consider adding a Brad the Impaler soundboard to the site. There was a Steve Miller song too. And a second one, at which point it was appropriately declared closing time and the hi fi shut off.


Brad the Impaler said...

That JV sound board is the best thing I have ever seen. And I did make it home, serenaded all the way by the annoying chain rub of a BMX chain not really fitting in the space between the rings. Let this be a lesson to you kids; bike maintenance while rushed, over tired and a little buzzed can lead to errors.

KK said...

The same apparently goes for Smoke's project timeline calculations.

Brad the Impaler said...

Big thanks to G. I'll buy you a beer on the weekend.

g said...
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g said...


You're welcome and I accept your offer said beer. I hope the president brings it.

don't forget to pack the leftover links when you break the new chain Dude. They have saved my life in the dead of winter.

CycleChick said...

Mechanicals abound! Did you fix your crank G? Or is that too personal a question... I don't want to appear forward.