Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vicarious Arrowhead

Five teams so far. Brad the Impaler, Jonny B, Gianni, KK, and me. That is a solid start. But more would be better.

Entries due Monday morning.

Details here.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Operación MUERTO 2010

MBCX 2010

Sept 12 MBCX #1 Belgian Supercross Olympia

Sept 19 MBCX #2 Wildwood Woodcock

Sept 25 MBCX #3 CMU FGBC

Oct 3 MBCX #4 Omand Creek Training Co-Op

Oct 16 MBCX #5 St. Malo, MB Olympia

Oct 17 MBCX #6 Altona, MB FGBC

Oct 24 MBCX #7 Whittier Park FOG

Oct 30 MBCX #8 TBA Red River Racing

Nov 7 MBCX Provincials TBA Woodcock

A couple of things to note. The FGBC is back in black with two races on tap: Menno Cross and Southern Cross, with the ABES. Southern Cross will be part of a big weekend southern MB cx extravaganza, together with St Malo. It will be awesome. The Omand Creek race should be a highlight. That is a perfect venue. And our little sister club will be putting on a race this year. Good times ahead.

There is plenty of other good stuff on the calendar. But it's just a way of killing time before cx season arrives.

Vicarious Arrowhead

Our favourite bike messenger is once again off to race the Arrowhead 135. It starts on Monday. He has invited us to follow along and root for him. He says you can track his progress here.

What better way to follow along from a distance than to make it a vicarious race? Or at least that's what Gianni has suggested.

The rules are fairly simple:

1) Pick Lindsay's final placing and finishing time.
2) Pick the winner and his finishing time.

For every placing you are off, you get one point. For example, if you pick Lindsay to win and he finishes 7th, you get six points. And similarly for the discrepancy between finishing times you picked and the actual finishing times. Total it all up and the lowest number wins. There will be a prize for the winner.

Send in your picks to me before the race starts: Monday at 7am.

This year's roster can be found here. Last year's results are here.

Looking at these links reveals a few things: Lindsay is not the oldest participant in the race. There is one dude who, at 65, is a little older. Lindsay finished 4th last year in his first attempt. Over half the field did not finish. Did I mention that after finishing the race he is planning to turn around and ride back? This is all part of the plan to get ready for Iditabike (350 miles) some day. That guys is crazy. Which is to say he's awesome.

He gets back into town just before the 24 Hour Race and Film Festival otherwise known as Sloth Cross. He says he plans to join us at the poosher's palace. Once again, he will no doubt make us all feel pretty lame.

Good luck Lindsay!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

1) Let's just say you won't want to miss this one

The website is up. Check it out for all the details.

2) CX Worlds

Live at 7am on Sunday. There will be a gathering to watch it at the sweetest university in the world. Let me know if you are planning to be there. The doors will be locked, so it will take a little coordination.

3) From the desk of Gianni

Public Consultations for AT infrastructure

In December 2009, Winnipeg City Council approved $20.4 million in capital funding to support an extensive active transportation network throughout the city. The funding comes from the three levels of government. This active transportation program involves the creation of 35 projects that range from multi-use pathways to bike boulevards. It is critical that the infrastructure is built to the highest standards possible, and that it is built for everyone to access.

5 public consultation drop-in sessions have been scheduled during the next 11 days. Bike to the Future will be formally submitting input, but it is vital that the City receives as much public input from cyclists as possible. We've been assured the input will be heard.

* Fort Rouge / River Heights routes: Saturday January 30th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Earl Grey Community Centre, 360 Cockburn Street North
* Yellow Ribbon Trail connection to the east: Tuesday February 2nd from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at Silver Heights Community Centre, 2080 Ness Ave
* Sherbrook / Maryland South: Wednesday February 3rd from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at Westminster United Church, Maryland St and Westminster Ave
* Sherbrook / Maryland North: Thursday February 4th from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at St Matthews Anglican Church, Maryland St and St. Matthews Ave
* Berry / Ferry: Thursday February 4th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Bourkevale Community Centre, 100 Ferry Road

More info is at Bike to the Future under Upcoming Events.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TNR Report

There was a roller race. The Cricket kicked ass.

And then there was a meeting at the real klubhaus. It was awesome. Mostly because the VH streak was kept alive. And because the poosher brought pizza.

Anyone planning to go see Race Across the Sky tonight? I would like to go. I hear Dan Wiens wins. But it depends on sorting out some scheduling difficulties. 7pm at Silver City, Polo Park.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Another two-part evening.

We start again with some roller racing at the alternate klubhaus. That is the main course as far as riding goes. Of course, FGBCers will be expected to ride there.

The regular Tuesday night meeting occurs at the official klubhaus after the spin session.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wrath Cross Report

That was either the best Nordic Cross race ever or by far the worst. It is too early to tell at this point. But a few things are clear already at this early juncture in the work of reminiscence. Wrath Cross was a misnomer. It was not so much wrath that was on display as attempted murder. By that I mean it wasn't so much Nordic Cross as Operación MUERTO. The Impaler had us out there for a long, hard slog. Which made clear what some of us have suspected all along. Brad the Impaler is a crafty little devil.

Jonny G, Juan Eppstein and I elected to ride over to el Casa Sénior KK Sr. That presented us with the first obstacle. Jonny G dropped his chain and twisted a few links, which in turn made his chain far too enthusiastic about jumping off the chainring. It did this several times before we stopped to tighten things up a bit.

That worked well, but set us back a bit. The second obstacle occurred when we got to the Marconi trail only to discover it unplowed. Raleigh Rd. proved adequate for a while. But after watching several cars slide through intersections and experiencing a few near misses of our own, we opted for a more residential route. We arrived safely and only a little late. The Impaler had some warm Lab Lite waiting to be consumed as official entry into the race. Lovely.

This gave us a little time to watch the Vikings attempt to tie the football game in the dying seconds of the 4th quarter. We missed the final outcome, however, as the race organizer decided it was race time and turned off the television. At this point, Vic had to summon all the composure he could muster in order to hold himself together. He was determined not to be brought to anger. And he survived. But just barely.

The rules required us to genuflect in honour of the RRR jersey or else face a lengthy penalty lap. The sweetest jersey in the world is a source of pride for the FGBC. But then again, pride is equally sinful. So we let it go and fell prostrate before the Impaler. It wasn't that hard. It is, after all, in FGBC colours. This seemed to give him a certain amount of pleasure.

And then it was time to hit the course.

One neutral pre-lap and then 3 more to complete the race. Or at least that's what we were told at the start. Upon completion of the first lap, Brad deemed the course much better than he'd expected and announced that we'd ride 6 more laps. This seemed a little odd, since the course was not entirely rideable to begin with. And it didn't exactly get any better as the race wore on. Halberto got off to an early lead and never looked back. Graham was on his tail for a while. But after getting lost more than once, he faded from contention. Brad held on for a long time, spinning a small gear, before he cited back issues and headed for the race HQ, where KK, Jonny G, Vic, and Juan were waiting, having already quit the race. Halberto, Graham, Tom and I stuck it out to finish the full race. This did not prove to be a wise decision.

Back at the finish, the final results were a little mysterious.

But they only got more mysterious when the Impaler announced that for Wrath Cross, the finish order is reversed. I think it went something like this.

Jonny G
Tom K

Everyone received prizes, except for Juan Eppstein. He was left in a black hole of sorts and wound up, well, somewhat angry. Which seemed like a good way to end it. And so we retired to some Strange Brew and highlights of the football game we missed in order to finish off the evening.

Tom K shot some video. Perhaps this will help us reach a final verdict on the Impaler's first organizational effort. Either way, it will be remembered.

After two rounds, the 2010 Nordic Cross standings are as follows:

Juan 17
Vic 14
Brad 13
Olli 9
KK 9
Jonh Paul 8
Jonny G 8
Jonny B 6
Darryl 5
Tom K 5
Graham 4
Chris 3
Hal 2

Next race: Sloth Cross, Feb. 13-14. The race HQ will be the Poosher's Palace.

Jay Tops in Hoogerheide

790 points for the BCC vicarious cx stud. Brad took second place with 720 points, the second consecutive race he's topped 700 points. Olli rounded out the podium. He had 715 points. Gary put up a solid fight, finishing with 505 points. Not bad considering the absence of Compton.

In the overall race, Jay has narrowed Gary's lead to just 110 points. And Brad is making a late run for the podium. He's now just 325 points from the final step.

Up next: the World Championships. There are some big points up for grabs (e.g., 500 points for the win). The overall standings could well get shaken up a little bit.

Full results here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's on now. Watch here.

After the women's race, Jay leads Gary 205-70.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who stole Winnipeg and replaced it with Buffalo?

That is some sticky, heavy snow. Not the usual fare for these parts, especially in January. But in case anyone is wondering, yes we are still racing tomorrow. This is Nordic Cross. And besides, Brad the Impaler promises that the course will be rideable. He wouldn't just make that stuff up. Because that would make us angry, perhaps even full of wrath, if it turned out not to be true. And that would make him an accessory to another's sin.

The start list is as follows:

Johnny G
Tom K

It is not too late to sign up. But you better act soon.

Hoogerheide Preview

The last round of the CX World Cup Series goes down tomorrow. Katie Compton isn't racing. That is bad news for Gary. Zdenek Stybar is on fire. That is good news for Jay. The greatest comeback attempt in the short history of vicarious racing continues. Check back tomorrow morning for live streaming options.

Road Trip

CX Worlds to Louisville in 2013? That's what they're saying. How sweet would that be? The FGBC will be there if it happens.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sloth Cross Film Fest

Before the sloth, we need to do a little work. Specifically, we need to begin the process of finalizing the playlist. There is more than enough to choose from. The hard part will be whittling it down. There is so much good stuff here. A little bit of everything, in fact: Animation, drama, documentary. BMX, mtb, road. Italian neo-realism, classic 80's sports movie kitcsch, anti-comsumerist bike jousting resistance.

Click on the link to watch the trailer (or something similar). List your top 10 in order of preference in the comments below and we'll see where that gets us. And of course, feel free to suggest other options.

Breaking Away

American Flyers


The Flying Scotsman

The Triplets of Bellville

The Bicycle Thief

Beijing Bicycle

BMX Bandits


Nebraska Supersonic


A Sunday in Hell

Road to Roubaix

Bicycle Dreams

Where Are You Go

Pure Sweet Hell

The Cyclocross Meeting




Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

1) Nordic Cross #2

Casa Sénior KK Sr. = 519 Headmaster Row

Race organizer Brad the Impaler is holding his cards close to his chest. But he did supply the following info:
There will be a pre-race meeting to go over the myriad obscure and arbitrary rules, which I will likely change at my whim as the race unfolds.

Expect a tough course and ample opportunity to get angry. A list of attendees would be nice. There will be 'prizes'.

2) Peg City Rollers

3) Vicarious Racing

CX Worlds is coming up in 10 days. There was some talk at the klubhaus on Tuesday about getting together to watch it live on the big screen. The battle between Gary and Jay, not to mention KK and the Secretary, is that important to us. The Sweetest University in the World and the High School Looking for a New Home were mentioned as possible venues. But more importantly, it starts at 7am local time. Still interested? Or shall I just watch on my computer?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TNR Report

It has only been open for three days, but Joe Black Coffee has earned the official FGBC seal of approval. A perfect pre-ride venue, it will serve as a nice compliment to the Junk-shon. We will stop in from time to time when the rides head west. It was so comfortable, in fact, that we almost skipped the race for some extended lounging. But we stuck to the schedule and raced anyway. It wasn't a long one, but it burned the lungs just the same. If nothing else, it drove home the point that we are a long way from cx season by now. See results below.

We arrived at the klubhaus just as Vic and the Secretary were returning from their hockey game. The red side won. Vic scored four goals. Jonny B and the President were already there warming the seats. The poosher raised a glass in honour of himself and in particular in recognition of the fact that he is back. We were all too happy to join him in celebrating that milestone. In case anyone is counting, that's three TNRs in a row now for the poosher. Jonny B also mentioned that Team Jonny will be resurrected for the 2010 season. Good news all around. The two 24 hour races received plenty of attention. We convinced Tom that the film festival would consist of cycling movies. Extended analysis showed that it is especially appropriate for a race also known as Sloth Cross. The Summer 24 Hour race came up too. Look for the official race website to be launched shortly. And toward the end of the evening the was plenty of talk about the Big Idea. The Cricket has declared himself in. And KK reckoned he's 75% in. Along with Jonny G and me, we now have 3.75 riders signed up.

The tunes were dialed in just right. For the third week in a row, we were treated to some DLR era VH. And this time they didn't change the station halfway through the song. Nor did they change it for the Who. Queen and Journey also received some words of approval. Even Steve Miller couldn't dampen the spirits. I witnessed the Secretary tapping his foot along with the catchy beat.

Finally, on the way home we came upon a raccoon for the second time in the last few months. We stopped to get a closer look and he scurried up a tree. He peered down at us with a look of disapproval. It was kind of creepy. So we carried on.

Snow Crit #3 Results

Jonny G
Wayne - DNS

Overall Standings

Chris 30
Craig 27
Kevin 17
Graham 14
Thomas 12
Luke 11
Jonny G 9
Tomek 8
Bill 7
Brad 6
Patrick 5

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


9:30 at the TNR HQ.

We will head west this week and look for a venue somewhere in Ass. Park.

By this evening we should have a good sense of whether this summer's Big Idea will come to fruition or not. More on that at the F&H.

Monday, January 18, 2010

FGBC CX Pool Roundup

The Impaler stormed into the iconic velodrome at Roubaix yesterday, taking a big win in the 8th round of the world cup yesterday. 745 points for the smiley face of RRR. Prince Dan had 695 points to take second. And KK edged out Jay to grab the final podium spot. He had 675 points.

In the overall race, Brad's big day moves him to within 60 points of the 4th place spot Prince Dan has been occupying for the last while. It should also inspire some dreams of the overall podium. He's less than 500 back of third spot overall. Jay picked up another 225 points on Gary. The gap is now just 395 points. Gary, now would be the time to do something.

Full results here.

Up next, World Cup #9 in Hoogerheide. The World Championships are the following weekend in Tabor, Czech Republic. So some big time points are up for grabs in the next little while.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Roubaix CX

On now. Albert is racing with his broken rib. I guess CXers are like the hockey players of cyclists. That's probably why the FGBC likes cx so much, emerging as we did from a weekly game of hockey. Watch here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Apparently it was cancelled. The organizers are 20,000 euros in debt. More here. So no vicarious racing until tomorrow in Roubaix. That is just as well. The Secretary thinks there's been way too much vicarious cx racing anyway. He's wrong about that, as we all know. But think of this as one less opportunity for him to whine about it.

The TDU starts on Tuesday. There is no vicarious version of that one. But it signals the start of the road racing season. And it means the 2010 Spring Classics Pool is not too far away.

Friday, January 15, 2010

FGBC CX Pool Roundup

No we haven't forgotten. It's just been a little busy at the FGBC head office in the last little while.

There were two races this week. Charlene and Miriam tied for the win in Otegem on Monday. Their 230 points were enough to hold off a hard charging Chris D. He finished with 205.

Jonny G pulled off a big win in Surhuisterveen on Wednesday. He had 420 points, finishing ahead of Graham and Kevin who tied for second with 295 points apiece.

In the overall race Jay was shutout on Monday and Gary was shutout on Wednesday. But with the combined totals from the two races, Jay has narrowed the gap to just 620 points. Nice.

Full results here.

Two more races this weekend. Huijbergen on Saturday. And the World Cup series resumes on Sunday at Roubaix.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

Two things this week:

1) Nordic Cross

More info coming soon from race host Brad the Impaler.

2) Film Club

Shall we go and cheer on honorary assistant captain Dave Wiens? We at the FGBC understand that watching other people ride bikes is often preferable to riding them yourself. I think it would have to be Jan. 27. At least for me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TNR Report

Juan Eppstein did us proud at the roller race last night. He was the best FGBCer on the evening. But he didn't make it to the semi-finals. Neither did the Impaler. But he was involved in the closest race of the evening. Paul V bumped him by just .03 seconds to advance to the semis.

By the time we got to the F&H, it was quite a bit later than usual. But it's a good thing we showed up, becuase otherwise we would have missed the understated yet delightful presence of the Weasel. Much of the conversation centered around the report that was brought forward by the Dept. of Big Ideas. Its bigness was affirmed. And after some further discussions with the suit and tie crowd today, the liklihood of it actually happening would have to be rated as highish. More to come . . . .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A special extended edition in two-parts:

1) Show off your sexy legs on stage at the Belgian Club. Roller racing begins at 8pm.

2) After that, we'll ride over to the klubhaus for the regular Tuesday night meeting. The Dept. of Big Ideas has been working on a new project. By big, we mean 2400 km, $100,000, mountains, among other things. More info tonight at the F&H.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Peg City Rollers

A 7pm start is not exactly FGBC friendly. In fact, it's FGBC unfriendly. But in case you missed it in the comments below, here are the details supplied by Olli:
RollRrace will start earlyish with time on the poster saying 7 PM where it should say 7:30. The fierce head-to-head rounds will start only after everyone has had a chance to do their seeding runs . . . so maybe around 8:30.
So hopefully a big FGBC turnout is still possible.

Friday, January 08, 2010

FGBC Sweepstakes

Is anybody interested in these? I won them at the last roller race. But unfortunately I can't make it. The Cricket has a pair too. They are for a private box. First comment gets them.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Knave Abideth

This is awesome. The official movie of the FGBC as if it were written by the Bard of Avon. Brilliant. When are we getting together to recite it?
In wayfarer's worlds out west was once a man,
A man I come not to bury, but to praise.
His name was Geoffrey Lebowski called, yet
Not called, excepting by his kin.
That which we call a knave by any other name
Might bowl just as sweet. Lebowski, then,
Did call himself 'the Knave', a name that I,
Your humble chorus, would not self-apply
In homelands mine; but, then, this Knave was one

Thursday Anticipation

1) Nordic Cross

With the first race of the season done, we are off and running. But at the same time, the calendar is all screwed up. Nothing new there. We can deal with that. The original calendar has Wrath Cross listed next. Brad the Impaler is in charge of that one. But it was scheduled for Jan. 3, which was last Sunday. We will need to find a new date. How about next weekend sometime?

2) 24 Seconds of Awesome

Forget 24 Hours. That is so lame. 24 seconds is where it's at. If memory serves, the next roller race is scheduled for Jan. 12. That is next Tuesday. They moved it to Tuesday to accomodate our rather inflexible schedule. And they also agreed to push the start back to 8pm, because later is better for the FGBC. It would be nice if someone could confirm that.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TNR Report

Late start. Something about a hockey game. Fortunately, they didn't drag it out too long into overtime. Bill, Thomas, Craig, Graham, Jonny G and I still had plenty of time to ride to the Forks and check out the little bit of the river trail that is open. And then the monkey trails through Ass. Park before hitting the klubhaus, where Colin and the Poosher were waiting for us in the parking lot. Our female fan from North Carolina was there to welcome us as well. She was as exuberant as ever. KK went looking for us in the Ass. Forest. We were not there. He found us at the footbridge on our way out of the park. Vic and the Secretary showed up after their hockey game, and T-Shirt Chamois Luke wandered in a little later. Juan Eppstein showed up to boast about his consumptive prowess at this past weekend's Gluttony Cross. Cousin Thomas painted a picture of how things looked from the other end of the spectrum. This led to all sorts of conversation about upcoming Nordic Cross races. The Poosher has confirmed that the Pinedale Palace will serve as the HQ for Sloth Cross--aka the annual winter 24 hour race. It seems we still need to do a little work in order to settle on the playlist for the film festival portion of the event. But there is time. The Secretary brought up some glorious memories of the 2007 classic known as Stache Cross. He thinks he has found an appropriate sequel. Some of us were not so sure. More details to follow. Or not. Once again, it was rumoured that the President was going to make an appearance. Once again, he did not.

The price of FGD has gone up a quarter. This makes little difference to us, but is bad news for the servers.

Colin promised that he would pick up the ball he'd dropped regarding the Light Project. More info on that soon, hopefully.

And, yes, there was some controversy surrounding the tunes. It started out nicely with Fleetwood Mac, some old school .38 Special, Molly Hatchet, and another installment of Eddie. But when Won't Get Fooled Again was abruptly cut short just before Roger was about to let loose, the Secretary could barely contain himself. For a moment, it looked like he was going to jump the bar and grab control of the stereo. In the end, he didn't. But between this and Steve Miller, it seems like it's only a matter of time.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


9:30 pm at my place.

Ass. Forest or River Trail. What's your pleasure?

Monday, January 04, 2010

gluttonous pics

John Paul kindly sent a couple of pics from the event: a few of the participants and the pile of bikes silently being observed by the Indian bike security guy on the wall.

Breathe Out

The string of holiday cx races is done. Eight races in nine days. And we've witnessed a good bit of diversity on the podium during that time, with seven different winners since Boxing Day. Only Jay managed to win twice. Yesterday it was Olli and Paddy's turn. Olli won at Tervuren, ahead of Brad and Dallas. And Paddy won the GP Groenendaal, finishing ahead of eight who tied for second.

In the overall race, Jay continues to whittle away at Gary's once formidable lead. It is down to 770 points now, almost half of what it was before this stretch of racing began. KK has moved back ahead of the Secretary. But both of them have leapt ahead of Craig. And Graham is doing his best to ensure that he never sets foot in the cellar again. He's all the way up to 4th last now.

Full results here.

Up next: Nationale Cyclocross in Otegem on Jan. 11, the day after all the European national championships are held.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

a gluttonous report

gluttony cross, like many FGBC events, finds itself a wildly diverse experience... from nearly nonchalant to epic. Juan Eppstein pulled off a victory so smooth, one would only know he was sweating if one was sitting beside him, as I was. Despite a bit of a dip in pace a few minutes after being sent back for an inadequate third plate with penalty samosa, he finished said plate with a flourish and proceeded to race his two measly laps and watch the rest suffer.

at the epic'er end of the scale, Cousin Thomas threw down (up) a convincing dnf after making it half way through plate three. I had FGD at the back of my throat for the whole ride... and while this crowd knows I usually love the home brewed taste, this was not one I want to remember. Somehow it makes a shortish race taste very long.

Obviously, the food was stellar, at least for the first plate and a bit. Our regular man at The East India Company invited us to bring all our bikes in. Very high end.

Two special guests, while fairly average in their food consumption, brought the race pace up a notch or two. Olli and John Paul were great additions. The course was good. The bouncy bit on the westbound bridge sidewalk followed by the narrow singlepath nearly put me on team DNF as well.

This may need some correction, but I believe results were something like this:

Juan Eppstein - 3 plates - gold medal
Olli - 2 plates - solid
John Paul - 2 plates - extra accidental lap
the Impaler - 2 plates - extra accidental lap
Jonny B - 2 plates -
Secretary - 2 plates (barely) after pouring the FGD back and forth in the glasses to reduce bubbles
Tenacious V - 2 plates

Heavy T - 2.5 plates - out with a flourish
G - 2 plates - two laps and "I'm late for ultimate"
KK - 1.5 plates - "I ate four pieces of pizza with my kids before coming" - nice race prep
Hal - 1 plate - "I'm going home"

with the Dr.'s late notice of not being able to attend, no proper camera was to be had. a few crackberry/iphone pics were taken. please forward those to me if you can. use

one down, six to go.

the secretary

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Is this Heaven?

Daily cx racing continues in Belgium. How sweet is that? The GP Sven Nys was yesterday and the GP Sint Niklaas today. The King won yesterday and the Fraggle took it today.

Two things worth noting in the overall: (1) Gary's lead is under 1000 points for the first time since Nov. 1. We are rooting for you Jay! (2) Graham has escaped the cellar. He's been there since Oct. 25. Matt has replaced him. But Paul is lurking not far away.

Full results here.

It all continues tomorrow with not one but two races. One in Belgium and one in the Netherlands, where a certain Lars Boom will be suiting up for his first cx race of the season. It may, however, also be his last. He'll be racing for the Dutch national championship, but there is no vicarious version of that one.