Sunday, November 30, 2003

FGBC Bubba Cup #2 a success!

I won't give any colour commentary at this point, (except to say that the two race novices were #1 and 2 for the first leg of the race), but want to say that the event was sweet. I'm hoping the race director will comment on the nature of the course and the event.

You'll notice that there is now a Race Standings link from the homepage, and there are pictures of the event under the "Events 2003" heading.

Sad news on the bubba. They are no longer made. Do we change the name of the race series, or do we forge on with the bubba held in our memories?

the secretary

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Strong Dave

I still can't seem to get pictures to actually work on the blog, so, if you want to see the pics of Strong Dave (ie. our Juan Eppstein) at work, you'll have to click on this link:
Strong Dave

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Meeting Place and more

The secretary tells me I'm supposed to clarify the meeting place for Saturday. While I'm not sure that responsibility is part of the technical director's portfolio, here's the deal. We will meet at the end of Tache (right by the intersection with Messager St.). I can't remember if there's a parking lot there or not, but there will be ample room for parking. Be there at 1pm.

I'm assuming the Wolseley contingent will ride there together. Let's meet at my place at 12:30. Others can feel free to join us if you want to get more kms in those legs.

We do not yet have a venue to host the post-race Bubba-fest. Perhaps one of the mini-vans will have to suffice.

A brief update on my recent visit to Atlanta is in order. Two things of note: (1) I did a couple hours of good riding on Sunday morning. Weather was in the 20's and sunny, and the trails were surprisingly technical for being inside the City. Reminds me of how much the cards are stacked against us here in Winnipeg. But we won't let that discourage us. (2) There was a discussion concerning FGBC that took place--namely Trevor Bechtel indicated an interest in the subject, possibly even membership status. It seems he and Andy have had a conversation or two. The Americans are rallying! Let us not be too complacent. Still, I suggested Trev might want to consider making a pilgrimage to these parts sometime this summer, where among other things we founding (and non-American) members can flex our muscles, so to speak. Perhaps Jeff and Johnny S could lead them on a little night-ride as a sort of hazing process.

Trevor also expressed disappointment in not getting the last jersey, especially since (does this sound familiar?) James swooped in and nabbed it.

If only there was as much interest in the biking side of our operations as in the marketing/promotions wing. But all that will change on Saturday at 1pm.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

new race date - Sat. Nov. 29

Well, it's not for lack of trying that we're going to get the second Fort Garry Bike Club Bubba Cup in. Now it's this saturday, at Whittier Park.

Meet at 1:00pm in the parking lot where the Festival de Voyaguer happens. Since those instructions are nearly meaningless to me, I'm including a link to a map of the close vicinity. I'm assuming our technical director, (and by now, race cheerleader) will put a quick post up here clarifying the point of entry to said parking lot.

The agenda so far is to meet, take a gentle ride to scope a course, and then, well, last one home is a rotten egg. (Check the Team Brown Manifesto for more on the rotten egg motivational bit.)

[ Yahoo! Canada Maps ]

Map of
St Joseph St N At Grandin St
Winnipeg, MB

It was a slightly better turnout at headquarters. Jonny G is back from near death, Chris, Juan Eppstein, myself, James... there was a strong rumour that the president might show, but still nothing.

Oh, and for Chris and anyone else who doesn't know who Strongbad is.... is the site, this link takes you right to Strongbad emails. Scroll right down to the "dragon" email if you want to cut to the quick. I'm hoping we can post the pic of Juan Eppstein dressed up as Strongbad for Halloween sometime...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

a couple thoughts from the headquarters tonight

well, the actual FGBC turnout at the headquarters was a little thin last night. Chris, Juan Eppstein and I were the only attendees that were actually at the inaugural ride. James, Vic P. and Lorne B were there, but Lorne had James so mesmorized by discussions on how poorly the commonly held Westgate pension plan was doing, that he was barely with us til the end, until we got into stories about how fast we had ever driven in a car.

anyway, just to clarify a point from Chris' previous entry, the Feb. 1 Ice Bike race is an event somewhat sponsored by Woodcock Cycle. It's not necessarily a highly competitive event, however. the thinking is, it would be good to see the club out, with jerseys stretched out over bulky outerwear...

hope to see better turnout next week.

here's my haiku:

medium turnout
consider the field lilies
pensions don't love bikes

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Good day for a ride

For a variety of reasons--some good, many bad--there was no second race of the Fort Garry (Bubba) Cup this afternoon, and no dogfest either. Another Tuesday of big talk last week at the F & H goes for naught, despite some late heroic efforts by the secretary to rally the troops. Postponed, not cancelled. Still a major disappointment. But just as the afternoon was shaping up to be a bit of a dud, I get a call from Hal Loewen--easily the most loyal non-FGBC member around: meet at Tim's place at 2pm if you want to ride. We did the trails in Whittier and beyond, including many of the ones Johnny G and Unger introduced me to a while back, but more as well. Five of us, for about a 2 hour ride. Perfect. Whittier looks like a good venue for a future FGBC race. This was the first time I took the single-speed out on the trails. It performed admirably, though the gear ratio made for a couple of hikes up some of the steeper and muddier hills.

Dates for the Ice Bike race are now set: Feb 1. Put it on your calendars now.

Here's my haiku. A bit on the uninspired side, I admit.

a race that wasn't
greasy Whittier Park trails
try again next week

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Fort Garry Bubba Cup #2 on Nov. 11

With the civic holiday coming on Nov. 11, there is no Hummelt Hockey, so it was decided that we should have a go at race #2. (All in good fun of course). Here's the details:
  1. meet at Chris' place at 2:00pm
  2. race at 2:30
    • if it's too slippery to race on the roads, we'll take a leisurely ride to the park, and determine a course there
  3. dogfest at Chris and Rachel's for supper around 5:00pm
    • families welcome
    • bring everything, even a couple of pieces of wood if you have
    • Darryl will look into procurring the Bubba. If you hear news of a vendor selling such (even without the fine Don Cherry jacket), please let him know
Some discussion on how much we love FG Dark took place. You never quite know what you're going to get... the first glass was great, the second, so bad that we sent them back... but they opened a new keg for us, so all was well. That's the beauty of loving the home team.

Oh yes, there was brief follow up to yesterday's Haiku entry. (I do hope someone will prepare one for the start of the race...) Chris meant to craft one, but didn't quite get to it... in lieu, we banged a couple group efforts out relating to the eve's hockey game. Enjoy:

stifled breakaway
slewfooted Les on purpose
white takes victory

masklike red straight man
played with passive dignity
not very funny

At this early stage in our development, the careful reader might note, we are sticking carefully to the 5, 7, 5 rule. Perhaps with time and experience, we may move beyond. Please check the links in the previous post for more encouraging info on the rules and state of being one can enjoy in the Haiku moment.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Haiku tutorials

To keep our minds sharp in the off-season... it would be nice if we could all arrive at the weekly meeting with a freshly minted Haiku.

Here's one I just came up with to get things started:

a haiku in snow
tracks from a snake belly run
we must be complete

Check this link for a primer. HAIKU for PEOPLE

Check this link for more in-depth Haiku instruction. Haiku. The "Haiku Rules that have come and gone" article was helpful.