Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Fort Garry Bubba Cup #2 on Nov. 11

With the civic holiday coming on Nov. 11, there is no Hummelt Hockey, so it was decided that we should have a go at race #2. (All in good fun of course). Here's the details:
  1. meet at Chris' place at 2:00pm
  2. race at 2:30
    • if it's too slippery to race on the roads, we'll take a leisurely ride to the park, and determine a course there
  3. dogfest at Chris and Rachel's for supper around 5:00pm
    • families welcome
    • bring everything, even a couple of pieces of wood if you have
    • Darryl will look into procurring the Bubba. If you hear news of a vendor selling such (even without the fine Don Cherry jacket), please let him know
Some discussion on how much we love FG Dark took place. You never quite know what you're going to get... the first glass was great, the second, so bad that we sent them back... but they opened a new keg for us, so all was well. That's the beauty of loving the home team.

Oh yes, there was brief follow up to yesterday's Haiku entry. (I do hope someone will prepare one for the start of the race...) Chris meant to craft one, but didn't quite get to it... in lieu, we banged a couple group efforts out relating to the eve's hockey game. Enjoy:

stifled breakaway
slewfooted Les on purpose
white takes victory

masklike red straight man
played with passive dignity
not very funny

At this early stage in our development, the careful reader might note, we are sticking carefully to the 5, 7, 5 rule. Perhaps with time and experience, we may move beyond. Please check the links in the previous post for more encouraging info on the rules and state of being one can enjoy in the Haiku moment.

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