Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Race update

Look what showed up in the mailbox of the 24HofA HQ on Monday. Don't know where it came from. Maybe the messenger dudes from across the street. Maybe someone else. Either way, it looks like it may be worth checking out.

The Tour of Altona is just around the corner. Sounds like there's a possibility of a 5th stage being added--namely a social gathering on Saturday night. Maybe at Jonny S's place. Stay tuned. The race roster is taking shape too. Looks like the Altona crew will be out in full force.

Jonny S.
David S.
Haiku Jeff
Paul B.
Paul K.
Curt (dude from last year)
Curt (friend of Curt)

Margarite K (and maybe their two girls)
Dave U. (not the coach of the FGBC)
the Duke

From Wpg, it looks like the following will be participating:

Jonny G
Mrs. Dr.
Jonny N (maybe)
Alberto (maybe)
Juan Eppstein (maybe)

That's it? Can't we do any better than that? Low turnout at the F&H last night, so some have not spoken up. If you are planning to come, please drop a comment. El Presidente needs to know how many rink dogs to have ready.

Mr. Dr. will not be racing. Fixie foot still F'd. I will be throwing snowballs and ringing cowbells instead.

OTT: The Replacements, I'll Be You

Monday, February 26, 2007

FGBC goes to the movies

Good times watching DVDs on the IMAX screen tonight. Just me, Hal, Jonny G, and Dave L.

I'll give the movies two thumbs up. But there were two of them, so it's really only one thumb each. Don't run out and buy them. A few good scenes, but mostly glorified stalking. In any case, 1.5 of those thumbs are reserved for the scene with the honorary captain and his mustache at Paris-Roubaix. The mustache is making a come back is what he said. So true. Jonny B is making a little comeback of his own, sporting some sweet two-week growth. Must have been inspired by all the sexy, mustachioed dudes at 24HofA a few weeks back. Lap 4 goes down tomorrow. One month of 'stache-cross in the books.

No hockey for me tomorrow, maybe for good. A light ride is a possibility. Will wait and see how the leg feels and what the doc says about it all.

OTT: Iggy Pop, I Got Nothing

Sunday, February 25, 2007

double-header baby

Jonny B says they're showing both of them. That clinches it as far as I'm concerned. Hal and I are going and we're riding our bikes. Depart from the 24HofA HQ at 6:45 pm, or thereabouts. Not sure if this qualifies as a "cultural happening," but I suspect it would it pass muster as an FGBC event. Don't forget to bring your mustache.

OTT: The Clash, (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tour of Altona

There used to be stage race called the Tour de 'Toona in and around Altoona, PA. Maybe it's still going on. But if it is, it's claim to be "America's Premier Stage Race" has been seriously challenged recently by the likes of the Tours of CA and GA.

In any case, this is not that. It's way more exciting. The Altona crew always puts on a good event. It would be wise not to miss this one.

Also, note that the first (tentative?) version of the race caledar is up. Of the 5 mtb cup races, I think the only one I can make is # 5 in Sept. Bummer. Looks like the focus will have to be on Wednesdays. There's always throwdowns.

OTT: PJ Harvey, Big Exit

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cobbles Baby!

Woodcock is doing their annual movie thing on Monday: The Tour Baby! I'm sure it will be interesting enough, but I'd almost rather see the more recent one, Cobbles Baby!, a look at Paris-Roubaix. Check out the trailer which, among other things, contains definitive evidence that our honorary captain is a 'stache cross kind of guy.

Had my leg looked at today. The doc says it's tenosynovitus. Caused by "repetitive physical activity." Yeah, there may have been some of that recently. Maybe cyclingdave was right after all. What was that new motto you came up with for the FGBC, Dave? In any case, anti-inflammatories, ice, and some rest, and hopefully it's all systems go for next Sunday in Altona.

OTT: Matthew Ryan, Trouble Doll

Club Affiliation Form . . .

. . . has been submitted. You are now free to run out and get your race licenses for the year and, more importantly, list FGBC as your club. Apparently the president is waffling on this one. I'm sure he will make the right decision in the end.

The T of Cali is going on right now, so our honorary captain has been busy--not racing, but working the media. Lots of new info coming out as of late, not to mention plenty of speculation. Check out the latest theory about the positive test. Strikes me as a tad hyperbolic, but I.m still going to run out and buy the book this June.

OTT: The Great Unknowns, Something to Do

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

presidential update

As some of you may (or may not know) I was recently asked to consider a panel interview for a different position at work.

I would like to share with "the bunch of dorks in cool jerseys" that I was infact succesful.

I am the new CLINICAL RESOURCES NURSE/ASSISTANT HEAD for the St. Boniface General Hospital EMERGENCY Department.

New challenges and greater responsibilties ahead.

This might require an intervention ride or two down the rode


lap 3

The final four. Aren't they sexy?

And, as a bonus, I offer you this rendition of Juan Eppstein's bars drawn by Juanita Eppstein, Jr. Looking good. But it sounds like he's getting ready to bail.

Jonny S was present to talk up the 2nd annual Altona bike festival. Mark it down on your calendars for March 4. Race at 12:30 pm in the park, followed by a cage match knockdown, followed by a gathering at David S's house for prizes, hockey dogs, and watching Duke exact its revenge on Carolina. More info coming soon.

OTT: John Prine, Take a Look at My Heart

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

don't be afraid of the dark

just a bunch of dorks in sweet jerseys
(stolen from cyclingdave)

Lap 3 of 'stache-cross goes down tonight at the F&H. This last lap was a tough one: 4 DNFs. Enthusiastic early energy is spent, and morale is apparently starting to fray. It's not going to get easier any time soon. But like all endurance races, this one's as much about desire and mental toughness as anything. Definitely immoderate.

Word is that we may be joined by a special, mustachioed guest from Altona. Be there.

OTT: Amy Winehouse, I'm No Good

Monday, February 19, 2007

just a memory

Here's a few memories from just hours ago... too bad I didn't get any video of the single track regions, but some people were in a bit of a rush...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

24 Hours of Ass. - Done

24 Hours of Ass. is done. And so am I. 9 laps, 215 km, plus 5 painful and seemingly interminable minutes in front of the microphone in Ian & Donna's basement. Good enough for most individual laps, and first prize for the team of Alberto and myself. Definitely more riding in the first 12 hours than the second. The combination bone chilling cold and wet gear proved to be less than inviting. 7 laps plus Ian's Thriller Chiller bonus lap before midnight, but 1 very cold lap from 1:00 to 2:30 am was it, before the Falafel Place breakfast lap cranked it up again at 8:00 am. Cyclingdave's announcement that the race was immoderate and subsequent abandonment took a little pressure off. Which is good, because my right knee was pretty much cooked by that point. The Big Lebowski eased the pain for a while, but it got pretty quiet between 5:00 and 7:30 am for 2 at race HQ.

Special thanks to Mrs. Dr. and the kids for putting up with a slightly more chaotic day than usual. Thanks to the Fort Garry Brewing Company for prizes. Thanks also to all those who brought food and drink to share. Fuel is good. Lots of assorted stuff left behind at race HQ. If you're missing anything, call or come and look for it.

Overall standings:

Teams (includes Thriller Chiller 2 lap bonus):

1) Alberto/Mr. Dr. - 17 (Mr. Dr. performed Wanna Be Starting Something)
2) Cyclingdave/Juan Eppstein - 13 (Cycling Dave performed Baby be Mine)
3) the secretary/Jonny G - 12 (the Secretary performed Billy Jean, and won the lap)
4) Paddy/Tenacious V - 12 (Tenacious V. performed Beat It)
5) Jonny B/Jonny S - 9 (Jonny S performed Thriller)
6) The President/Naomi - 8 (Naomi performed The Girl is Mine)
7) Shona/Bob - 2.5
8) Unger/Ian/James - 2

Solo (riding laps only, though Thriller Chiller participation breaks ties):

1) Mr. Dr. - 9
2) Cyclingdave - 7
3) Jonny G - 6
4) Alberto - 6
5) Tenacious V - 5
6) Paddy - 5
7) the Secretary - 4
8) Naomi - 4
9) Jonny B - 4
10) Juan Eppstein - 4
11) Lindsay - 4-ish (or perhaps closer to 6?)
12) Jonny S - 3
13) Shona - 2.5
14) the President - 2
15) James - 1
16) Unger - 1

A few pictures:

Pre-race consultation; the mood is high

pit area

the Grand Depart

No, it's not snot

OTT: Steve Earle, Jerusalem

Saturday, February 17, 2007

race update - for gary

hey gary,

i know that the race updates are just not there, but those that write to the blog are too busy racing (dr. h. has a goal of 300km tonight, paddy - 200, not suse of cyclingdave - closer to dr. h.). the course is excellent, fast with a good combination of single track and wider paths, all of this and minimal time on the road; what more could you ask for of an urban 24hr event. i believe 9 teams of 2 started the ride - how it comes out in the end remains to be seen. pictures and words will follow. the reason i am posting now is that i am taking an extended mid-lap break to have dinner and wine with laura who has been away for 10 days in atlantic canada; i will rejoin the race later and hope to make my goal of 200km.


Friday, February 16, 2007

rock and roll

Looks like we're all set to go. Picked up 4 FGD toques, 4 FGD t-shirts (size XL--when they heard "bike club" I guess they were thinking Harley's), and 4x6 FGD from the fine folks at the other FGBC this afternoon. You will have to earn them, however.

Just over 12 hours away. Sleep well.
Donny was a good bowler, and a good man. He was one of us. He was a man who loved the outdoors... and bowling, and as a surfer he explored the beaches of Southern California, from La Jolla to Leo Carrillo and... up to... Pismo. He died, like so many young men of his generation, he died before his time. In your wisdom, Lord, you took him, as you took so many bright flowering young men at Khe Sanh, at Langdok, at Hill 364. These young men gave their lives. And so would Donny. Donny, who loved bowling. And so, Theodore Donald Karabotsos, in accordance with what we think your dying wishes might well have been, we commit your final mortal remains to the bosom of the Pacific Ocean, which you loved so well. Good night, sweet prince.
OTT: Annuals, Carry Around

Thursday, February 15, 2007


The 24 Hours of Ass. hype machine is in full swing. Paddy and I were both contacted by the media on Monday to be interviewed about the race. Seems some people think the idea of a 24 hour race in winter is newsworthy. Others are apparently less impressed. I'm told that in Tenacious V's household, it is being referred to as a glorified sleepover. We are exactly what we are, and 24 Hours of Ass. is exactly what it is. But exactly what it is will no doubt take some time to sort out. Which is okay because we will have some time on our hands.

A few things are, however, known at this point. A couple of final comments:

Be at the race HQ at 11am to determine teams, receive instructions for certain specially presented portions of the race, admire mustaches, etc. The first lap departs at 12 noon. The course will be unmarked.

Sounds like there will be somewhere around 15-20 participants. Good times.

Bring food and beverage for yourself. If you run out, or are too lazy to plan ahead, there are some fast food options just off the course. If you’d like to bring some sort of snack-like something for everyone to share, that wouldn’t be refused. Hal is promising to bring some veloartisan bread for Sunday morning, and has suggested others contribute to a sort of breakfast potluck. And then a few minutes later he suggested a Sunday morning themed lap that would incorporate the Falafel Place for breakfast. I leave it to you to figure out what to do in light of that apparent conflict of culinary options. Kitchen appliances are available. Will try to clear out the fridge as much as possible, but fridge space will no doubt be rather limited.

There will be a dog-fest at some point. Bring dogs and buns.

If you are planning to catch some sleep at any point, bring whatever you need to facilitate that.

Many more movies have been suggested than can be watched in 24 hours: The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, Apocalypse Now, to name but a few, not to mention Tomek’s collection of cyclocross races.

A number of ideas for themed laps have been suggested as well. I leave it up to others to pull that off. Ian has something in the works. But it's top-secret so I can't say any more at this time. Details will be provided at the start of the race.

There was a discussion on Tuesday night about mandatory laps, say every 6 hours. It's less clear whether there will be mandatory periods of rest. This will all get sorted out during the pre-race consultation.

Wayne from the other FGBC is donating prizes. So expect primes to be available at regular intervals.

Current Environment Canada forecast is calling for a high of -12 on Saturday and a low of -14. Perfect. For Sunday they are predicting a high of +4. The last few laps could be rather interesting. At least the Icebike folks will be happy. Then again, there's always the possibility of warmth-related mishaps.

OTT: The Subways, Oh Yeah

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

lap 2 is in the books

'stache-cross update as of Tuesday, 11:45 pm:

Wednesday, 2:33 am: Paddy has cracked. At 9:20 am comes word that Tom got tangled up on the barrier known as Valentine's Day. 2 more DNFs. Talk is cheap. The President needs to consult the rules regarding chin whiskers. Not allowed. We'll let him stay in the race for now, but he has received a warning. How are things looking in Altona?

Last shift of the hockey game last night I somehow wrecked my back. With 24 Hours of Ass. a mere 72 hours away, this is more than a little bit disconcerting.

OTT: Tuscadero, Paper Dolls

Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

librarian humor

got to love those new technologies

lap 2

'stache-cross continues tonight. Riders finishing lap 2 are due to roll in to the F&H sometime after 11pm.

Also on the agenda: fine tuning any remaining details for 24 Hours of Ass. this weekend. And much, much more. Be there.

OTT: Wintersleep, Snowstorm

Monday, February 12, 2007

24 HofA course

Final recon is done. The course is set. Here are the details from a just completed test-run:

Time: - 1.08.32
Dist: - 22.97 km
Avg: - 20.0
Max: - 33.0
Temp: -31 (-24F)
Wind chill: -42 (-44F)
Cold related mishaps: zero

The course kicks ass, which is appropriate, I suppose. 2 river crossings, plenty of snowy single-track, a few barriers and dismounts. Can't wait to get started. Only 5 more sleeps.

OTT: Hard Fi, Cash Machine

Sunday, February 11, 2007

recon ride

Another recon ride is going down Monday morning, 9ish. The plan is to ride through the entire course, now that all the various portions have been determined. Late notice, I know. But if anyone wants to join, let me know and we can try and work something out.

Good news and bad news on the weather. The good news is that it's not supposed to snow before the weekend. The riding conditions are perfect right now. The bad news is that it's not entirely clear that it's going to get any warmer. Then again the -20 days this weekend felt like spring after the string of sub -30 temps we've been having. Note, however, that the race will not be cancelled no matter what the likelihood of cold related mishaps.

Some indication of who plans to participate would be appreciated. Teams will be determined--by a random draw--just prior to race start. 2 person teams. But it's not a relay--i.e., teammates can be out on the course at the same time. Together, separate. It don't matter. Team score is the total number of laps accumulated by both riders over the course of 24 hours plus 1 lap. In effect, this means that everyone is entered in the solo division and as part of a two-person team at the very same time. Happy now, Paddy?

Plan on an 11am arrival at the HQ. Lap 1--a controlled start--begins at high noon.

The rest of the details will get sorted out at Tuesday's meeting. If you have any good ideas or strong opinions (not the same thing), be there to share them.

Guess who went for a ski this afternoon?

OTT: Copark, A Good Year for the Robots

party pics and minutes

the following pictures and minutes are in addition to what the good doctor said...

first, i had no idea this was to be a surprise ride and gathering, because, well, jon (i have to hurl) g let that cat out of the bag two day earlier. i do, however, acknowledge my inability to correctly relay the start time of the ride and thank mr. dr. for making the much needed correction.

the ride started with mr. dr., the secretary, and myself picking up cyclingdave at his place with the idea that we would

proceeded with the ride from his place...or so we thought. members of the group had difficulty that night remembering to bring essential elements needed for the ride, including a flask (it was cold that night) and gifts for birthday boy - so additional trips to hq and then back to dave's were required before the ride could officially begin. it was qucikly decided that we should test portions of the 24hr route and then proceed to olympia to see if paddy and tom would be joining us that evening. the ride started smoothly until we hit the trails at assiniboine park which are a part of the race next weekend. as it was dark, those with lights certainly had an easier time navigating the narrow trails, and those who had not attended the winnipeg chapter of the altona scotch society had an even easier time. several ass over tea kettle dismounts by one member of the group had us split into two with the more challenged member deciding to take the road to olympia and the rest of us continuing along the trail. several minutes later the group was reunited inside the olympia store. tom was not working that night, but paddy was interested in joining us for the ride that evening. before paddy could join us he had to check the home front and the possibility that he would have to honour some previously promised "parenting" duties that evening. with paddy leading the way we rode to his place (paddy ran of course) and this was...well adventurous to say the least. the good doctor misjudged one corner and ran into a church (as dave said) and the sectretary decided that a wheelie attempt in an icy rut filled backlane was a good idea which it was not (these are the reasons why i so enjoy these rides). finally arriving at paddy's we quickly found out that he had to play chauffeur that night so he was out. at this point the rest of us feeling like we had accomplished the mission of honouring the dr. with a ride decided to head back to his place to continue the evening.

the fun continued with a small gathering of friends with the discussion of music and ipods being the main theme of the evening.

plenty of good food was avialable and this plate of brownies was soon halved

finally it was time to leave. now, i know this picture is kind of blurry but it might be actually be fairly representative of the fog some of us were in when the last of us left the party (we had purchased some bottles of half-pints for the party, which just came out with their new line of beers; the father, the son and the holy ghost. that night we sampled the father and the son. the father is brewed in a belgian dubbel style at 7.4% alcohol which would explain the foggy state i awoke in the following morning).


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday night carnage

Sweet little ride last night. Just Alberto, Dave L, the secretary and myself. No Jonny G, however. He was in bed contemplating the F-O route explanation supplied by the President a while back. Second time this year too.

Previewed portions of the 24 Hours of Ass. course. It is all coming together rather nicely. I plan to ride the entire course sometime in the next few days. Next week at this time lap 1 should be just about complete.

Unfortunately, the Secretary had a rather difficult time staying on his bike--or rather Jonny G's bike that he borrowed on account of the Univega's frozen freewheel issues. Even the wheelie prowess we have come to expect from captain catwalk was AWOL, resulting in a shattered fender and a near concussion in Paddy's back lane.

Post-ride gathering at the 24 Hours of Ass HQ, together with an additional cast of questionable characters. Good times.

People are asking what's up with the honorary captain these days. It seems this ongoing saga keeps getting wierder and wierder.

Though officially dq'd from 'stache-cross, there's some evidence to suggest that he's a supporter of the cause.

Also, Jonny B has DNF'd. But at least he gave it a go. A DNF is better than a DNS.

OTT: Townes, Be Here to Love Me

Friday, February 09, 2007

8, not 9

Officially, this is supposed to be a surprise. But I believe it's an 8pm start, not 9pm.

ride tonight

meet at the good doctor's house just before 9:00


i am officially disqualifying the honorary captain for failing to adhere to the rule of no other facial hair other than the mustache. i expect his $2.50 to be sent to hq promptly.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

still racing

lap one

Lap one of 'stache-cross is in the books. Who is in and who is out? Sadly, it's not entirely clear. Hopefully by next week the first eliminations can be safely determined.

Warning: What follows is not entirely flattering for some. Scroll down at your own risk. Snicker if you must. But be warned that the poosher may be lurking around the next corner waiting to capture you on film.

has anted up too. So have Jonny S and Ian. Jonny B has dropped a few hints, but concrete evidence gathered at a future meeting will be required at some point.

OTT: TV On the Radio, Wolf Like Me

strong evidence

historical evidence showing the link between the bike and the 'stache (don't know what's up with jim)


It just keeps getting better and better. This one's being planned by cyclingdave. Jonny S, make sure the haiku-master in Altona gets word of this one.

One question: isn't it 5-7-5?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Geburtstag Cross

Really more of a ride...

The good Mr. Dr. has enriched our lives with his existence for another year. So, in recognition of his birth, and the man himself, there will be a ride on Friday evening. Post ride festivities will take place at the 24 hours of ass. HQ.

I'm thinking we will possibly leave around 7 or 8 and get back around 9, 9:30.

good times

minutes, february 6, 2007

present: juan eppstein, president, Dr. Mr, Mr. Dr, jonnyg, tenacious v, cyclingdave, secretary

The meeting could be summarized by the statement: sweet laughs. Man, the creative energies were flowing. A quick glimpse:
  • Dr. Mr was attempting to bestow doctorates on people in a rather willy-nilly fashion... it takes time Dr, it takes time.
  • many ideas on how the 24hrs will be spent at the 24hr race... most of them did not include riding a bike... the best idea began with a discussion of an FGBC theme song... that very quickly spun out to operetta, opera and rock opera. Questions of plot, tension, love interest were all debated... and then Dr. Mr began a bit of impromtu composing... attempting to render something relating to the tension found at that point in the race, when you realize you are losing it, in his best operatic tenor. Both content and form were a shade off, but the angst was right there. He was in the moment.
  • a non-discussion and documenting of lap one of the 'stache cross.
  • Dr. Mr sharing a dream of a riding jersey, in heavy metal stylings listing all the Nordi-Cross races this season, in wool, with a zipper.
Latest thoughts on the 24hr event:
  • the race is from 12:00 to 12:00 as stated. If you want to go to Icebike, go for it. Icebike will not be listed on the Nordi-Cross wool jersey.
  • teams of two to be chosen from a hat, laps will be added up. So, it's entirely fine for a team to ride together and rest together.
  • hq at Dr. H's. First lap is to be ridden by everyone together so the course is known. Please don't show up at 12:05... First lap starts at high noon from the HQ.
  • bring food, drink, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and most importantly, dogs and sundry for dog fest. A dryer will be available to dry gross stuff. A scotch fest has also been declared.
enough for now

moab cliff

Hey, look what I found on youtube!

game tonight

Speaking of grudes, it's round one of Duke vs Carolina tonight. Tip off is 8pm, I think. Some sort of gathering will take place to watch it somewhere. Round two is on March 4th following the completion of the Altona race. Go Devils!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

we have our first grude

it is only february and we may have our first grudge lining up for this year's grudge cross. seems like fgbc members are not the only ones who read the blog (see the last comment).

time to step up to the line.

and in case you need some levity (if only he had a stache he would have hands down over magnum)

Yes Dr.

rule clarification

It has occured to me over the past few days that we have neglected to articulate what may turn out to be the most important, all-defining rule of 'stache-cross:

The first rule of 'stache-cross is that you do not talk about 'stache-cross.
The second rule of 'stache cross is . . . well, you get the picture.

No self-effacing humour. No hiding behind the manouvre known as ironic distance. When you feel those eyes zeroing in on your upper lip, as if begging for a conversation, you cannot capitulate. Most importantly, you cannot chalk it up to a race or contest or some such nonsense. That is way too easy. In fact, I wonder if self-referential remarks about one's 'stache ought to be banished altogether. You've got to own that 'stache. Or better yet, learn to appreciate the possibility of the 'stache owning you. Choice has nothing to do with it. Voluntarism is a dead-end street. Like it or not, it's yours. It penetrates the very fabric of your being. This is an endurance race. Those incredulous stares that you receive--or think that you are receiving--are a crucial part of what has to be endured. This will be hard to enforce, no doubt. But consider it an opportunity.

Tyler Durden was right: Only after disaster can we be resurrected.

We would talk about this at the meeting tonight, only that would be against the rules.

OTT: Kym Brown, Pygmalion

Monday, February 05, 2007


Or is it the FGBC Scheissbike salute? Our honorary captain would be proud.

The first lap of 'stache-cross is nearly done. The contenders will be making themselves known tomorrow night at the F&H. Remember, this is an endurance race. You don't want to go out too hard and risk blowing up. This one's all about pacing. I will try to remember to bring a camera for official documentation.

Still no word from President Penner. Is another intervention in order?

OTT: Tom Waits, Tom Traubert's Blues

Sunday, February 04, 2007

more pics

dr. mr,no,not,??? and mr. dr. post-race

jonjohn - like his race, john thought only 2/3 of the laps around the cinnamon bun was necessary

bmx tom showing off his tricks

Scheissbike results

Very well done boys and girls. Scheissbike can safely be declared a resounding success. Plenty of potential, it would seem, for excuses, but some of us either didn't try very hard to find them, or are just plain stubborn. Pre-race yerba, post-race cinnamon buns and coffee, not to mention Brannigan's own special FG brew. Plenty of good times in between. 4 laps, the first of which was a controlled start to learn the course. Jonny S and Vic. decided mid-race that they were entered in the 3 lap division. Doubt you could get away with that in Icebike. The Secretary had mechanical issues. Everyone else finished the full four laps. Official race-time temp. was -31; -41 with windchill. The dog-sled race was cancelled just as we finished lap 1. But Scheissbike would not be thwarted.

Official results:

1. Mr. Dr. (fixed)
2. Alberto (ss)
3. Dr. Mr. (ss)
4. Jonny G (ss)
5. Ian
6. Jonny S (winner, 3 lap division) (ss)
7. Tenacious V. (ss)
8. The Secretary (frozen freewheel = official race photographer--pictures coming)

pre-race yerba

If you look real close, you might be able to see that 'stache-cross has begun

Next race on the docket is 24 Hours of Ass. Race headquarters have shifted to my house. Start time might shift too, in order to accomodate those who still want to participate in some race called Icebike. Either way, it begins Feb. 17 and ends Feb. 18. More details to come. Stay tuned. You won't want to miss this.

Jonny S has been dropping a few hints about plans for the Altona race on March 4. Sounds like it's going to be well worth the trip--especially when Duke lays a licking on Carolina.

OTT: Bedouin Soundclash, Shelter



Saturday, February 03, 2007

Scheissbike imminent

Scheissbike recon is done. We are ready to race. Jonnys G & S, Tenacious V, and Hal joined me for a ride this afternoon to plan the course. Unfortunately, the day ended too early for V. His left crankarm fell off about 1.5 km in, and his day was done. Hal bailed early to go curling. Which is too bad, because he missed a nice mid-afternoon pit-stop at the Royal Albert. Classic.

The course isn't as adventurous as, say, last year. But it will do. About a 4 km loop. Meet up at the covered ice rink or, better yet, in the skate changing area inside. You will see the bikes. Race starts at 12 noon.

still bitter

A quote from today's WFP:
Organizers of the sixth annual Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel on the Assiniboine River at The Forks didn't cancel their event, and teams were playing Friday evening despite a windchill of -35 C.
In case anyone is wondering, today's ride is on, as is the (first annual?) Scheissbike Race tomorrow. How humiliating would it be to be shown up by a bunch of curlers? Even more humiliating than the pathetic excuse for a mustache that is making an appearance on my face.

Also of interest is this article from today's NYT:
LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) -- A 62-year-old man is suspected of stringing wires at neck level across a popular bike path, as well as scattering nails, broken glass and rocks across the trail in a series of traps set because he wanted to protect the environment, police said.

''This could kill someone,'' said Dewayne Wallace, an avid cyclist who said his friend was cut across the neck by one of the wires and was thrown from his bike.

A grand jury was scheduled to review the case next week, to see if the man will face two third-degree felony charges of attempted aggravated assault with a weapon. Each count carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Detective Rene Martinez said he questioned the man about the traps set over at least a yearlong period, and the man told him he just wanted to protect wildlife.

''He just loves nature,'' Martinez said.
Shee-ite! Be careful out there.

OTT: Feist, Lonely, Lonely

Friday, February 02, 2007

scheissbike schedule

Ride on Saturday to scout out a race course for Scheissbike.

Meet at my place at 12 noon, or the Forks at 12:30.

cultural happenings 2

wanted to sneak this in...laura and her saxamaphone dude are having a recital at eva clare hall (uofm) on monday, feb. 5 @ 8:00.

bring it on

Interesting that the NYT should run an article today about bike racing on ice. Good coverage of the Minneapolis scene--all 4 of them. But it also includes this note about Winnipeg: "Winnipeg’s Icebike 9, its ninth annual ice biking event, is scheduled for Sunday at the Forks National Historic Site near downtown. Up to 200 competitors pedal a course that travels on river ice and into the woods (" Nice press. But a bit of a wasted opportunity, it seems, since anyone who clicks on the link will be greeted with the words "Icebike 9 Cancelled."

But Scheissbike lives on. No media coverage, no entry fees, no prizes, no commissaires, no course marshalls, no whining. See you on Sunday.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


So Icebike is cancelled because of a forecast for "extreme cold." The website further explains that this is an attempt to prevent "cold related mishaps." Right. And yet they didn't bat an eye at the prospect of sending us hurtling down a cliff last year. Anyone else think all of this has a rather foul smell to it?

For those who don't like bullshit excuses, and those who like to live on the edge by flirting with the possibility of "cold related mishaps," and those who just want to race their bikes:

The Fort Garry Bike Club brings you Scheissbike.

Sunday, Feb. 4 at 12 noon at the Forks.

Stay tuned for further details.

Tom, can you come up with a poster?