Thursday, February 22, 2007

Club Affiliation Form . . .

. . . has been submitted. You are now free to run out and get your race licenses for the year and, more importantly, list FGBC as your club. Apparently the president is waffling on this one. I'm sure he will make the right decision in the end.

The T of Cali is going on right now, so our honorary captain has been busy--not racing, but working the media. Lots of new info coming out as of late, not to mention plenty of speculation. Check out the latest theory about the positive test. Strikes me as a tad hyperbolic, but I.m still going to run out and buy the book this June.

OTT: The Great Unknowns, Something to Do


penner said...

It is true that I am presented with a dilemma, however, I do not consider this any sort of crossroads.
I do have a certain level of KOM commitmant which has muddied the waters.

This would most likely not have been an issue if I had not prompted the good Dr. to get "our" colors in.

"We are exactly what we are"

Anonymous said...

why not just put "Fort Garry KOM" on yer licence?