Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tour of Altona

There used to be stage race called the Tour de 'Toona in and around Altoona, PA. Maybe it's still going on. But if it is, it's claim to be "America's Premier Stage Race" has been seriously challenged recently by the likes of the Tours of CA and GA.

In any case, this is not that. It's way more exciting. The Altona crew always puts on a good event. It would be wise not to miss this one.

Also, note that the first (tentative?) version of the race caledar is up. Of the 5 mtb cup races, I think the only one I can make is # 5 in Sept. Bummer. Looks like the focus will have to be on Wednesdays. There's always throwdowns.

OTT: PJ Harvey, Big Exit


El Presidente said...

Nice work on the poster!

As stated the Altona bike event will be on Sunday aft., followed by the Duke @ Carolina game at our place (the Village of A) Dogs will be provided but we'd like to have an approximation as to how many dogs that will be.


Go Heels! (As mush posturing as I can muster foots in mouths today)

The Dark Lord said...

will try to get a head count at the F&H Tuesday. Of course, anyone is free to RSVP by way of a comment.

Looking forward to it.

PaddyH said...

Naom's and I are in the same boat there H, mostly on account of 85bucks x2 just for race licences alone...Red Ass, R2B and XC8 might be our season appearances...and any throwdowns...have fun in Altona y'all!