Saturday, February 17, 2007

race update - for gary

hey gary,

i know that the race updates are just not there, but those that write to the blog are too busy racing (dr. h. has a goal of 300km tonight, paddy - 200, not suse of cyclingdave - closer to dr. h.). the course is excellent, fast with a good combination of single track and wider paths, all of this and minimal time on the road; what more could you ask for of an urban 24hr event. i believe 9 teams of 2 started the ride - how it comes out in the end remains to be seen. pictures and words will follow. the reason i am posting now is that i am taking an extended mid-lap break to have dinner and wine with laura who has been away for 10 days in atlantic canada; i will rejoin the race later and hope to make my goal of 200km.



gjc said...

Thanks. You know I was kidding about the updates, right?

Sounds like the event is going well; I was just lamenting to my family tonight at dinner that no one around here would be willing to ride all night even if it was a warm night.

enjoy your wine and warmth. give my best to the riders.


dr. gary c from michigan

shOna said...

are u guys still going for breakfast? for i might come by on my ride into work...