Sunday, September 30, 2007

Menno Rides Again

"Soon to be famous," last year's poster boldly announced. Not sure if we're there yet, but the inaugural Menno Cross did seem to spawn a whole series of races. Will see what this year triggers. All are welcome. The more the merrier. It will be done in time for turkey dinner, if you're into that sort of thing. Consider it training for Southern Cross.

OTT: The Go Station, Hold On

Civic Park Cyclocross

Big hill, lots of wind
Cyclocross at Civic Park
I need more cowbell

Paddy is gaining
"I so wanted to lap you"
The dr. is 5th

Hal says gear too big
Me: you only need eighteen
Either way will work

Results here. Photos here (eventually).

OTT: Pinback, 3 x 0

Thursday, September 27, 2007

this one's next

don't forget this is to follow

poosher's party

This would be a good one for the kids. 15+ minutes of fun for a mere $3. That's cheaper than cotton candy, and possibly even messier. Big kids might enjoy it too. Probably worth planning a weekend around. Be there. And then head out to Wildwood Park on Sunday to double your pleasure.

OTT: Super Furry Animals, Show Your Hand

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is kind of interesting. Too bad it's so far south. But it might be worth starting to think about a trip down to Indianapolis next September.

OTT: The Clientele, Somebody Changed

two more for the road

wellington crescent


Haiku ride report

A few poetic renderings of last night's stellar ride.

First ride of the fall
Full moon, full canvass of leaves
Deer come out to play

Secretary's work
Timbres of mind and body
Makes beautiful sounds

Into the forest
Fallen logs and spooky vibes
Where are Tom and Matt?

FGD effect
Experiment successful
Still aboard the train

A question for Ian:

Luis Riel day
February the 18th
Is that a problem?

Dave L is a bard
Me? dr. deconstruction
Haikus come unglued

Next week is tentatively penciled in as Fall Dogfest at Juan Eppstein's.

Still more Woodhaven pics from Paul V. There were almost as many photographers as racers.

OTT: The National, Brainy

Major Nordic Cross Jersey Update

So major in fact that I'm cutting and pasting. Here are the current standings on sizes requested and moneys paid. Let's get the sizing-thing worked out by Friday. If I haven't heard fom you - let me know.

Me x 2: XL & S /Yup
Paddy x 2: XS & S/$200
Gianni x 2: S & XL/$100
gary x 2: M & M/$100
dr. h: L/$100
alberto (aka mr. mrs. dr.): XL/$50
mrs. dr.: S/$50
john l: XL/$50
tenacious v: XXL/$50
the president: L
el presidente: XL
dave: XL/$50
jonny g: XL/$50
jonny h: XXL/$50
neuf: XXL
the poosher/editor: L/$50
the secretary: XL/$50
juan e: L/$50
dallas: S/$100
cam: L/$100
luc: S /$50
scott: L/$50
deanna: S/$50
dave: M/$50
seema: S/$50
adam: XL/$50
jonny s: XL/$100

The sizing chart once again (almost everyone is going one size up from a normal shirt size):

XS / Euro 2 - 36-37 Chest 120-135 lbs
S / Euro 3 - 36-37 Chest 135-150 lbs
M / Euro 4 - 38-39 Chest 150-165 lbs
L / Euro 5 - 40-41 Chest 165-180 lbs
XL / Euro 6 - 42-43 Chest 180-195 lbs
XXL / Euro 7 - 44-46 Chest 195-210 lbs
XXXL / Euro 8 - 47-48 Chest 210-225 lbs

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Woodhaven multimedia extravaganza

Alberto is a movie star. We all knew it was just a matter of time. With a short cameo of FGBC compadre, dr disaster, chasing him just before it all went wrong. Stolen from Scott & Deanna (who should be linked up, mr. secretary).

Lots of pics from Dave D:

OTT: Asobi Seksu, Let them Wait

of stolen bikes

most of you do not know mike harrison, but he is a regular at olympia who rode in the red ass this last summer. mike is a really nice guy who had a real sweet ride until it was stolen a few weeks ago. the bike is a surly karate monkey with a rohloff hub, this is a very unique setup because of the cost of the hub. any ways, mrs. dr. and i are coming home from visiting her oma last evening, around 7:15, when i look at the bike of a cyclist we are passing in our car and holy crap, i think i am seeing mike's bike. i look for a place to pull over where i think the cyclist will also be stopped when he pulls a right turn on me - we raced around the block but lost him as we got stuck at another light.

if you are in the exchange/downtown area be on the look out for a surly karate monkey with a huge rear hub. the cyclist does not look like a guy who would steal the bike (full mec get up with blue cycling jacket, helmet with a blinkey light, mec booties, and a shoulder bag), but a dork any ways for buying a hot bike (you got to know if the price is too good...) he is shorter stocky guy with a goatee beard.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Yes it's almost Tuesday again

Best ride of the week is almost upon us. Be there.

Looks like I just missed out on another wool jersey
. Oh well. It wouldn't be nearly as sweet as Matt's Nordic Cross effort, I'm sure. Don't forget to send in your size and bring some money tomorrow.

OTT: Pink Mountaintops, Single Life


First cross race of the season is out of the way. My race can be summed up like this:

Pain is no surprise
Trying to ride while braking
Does not work so good

Things started out okay, but just as I was trying to decide when it would be best to pass Hal it felt like my legs fell off. I assumed my tank had only 25 minutes worth of gas in it as I watched him ride away. Pretty soon, everyone I'd passed after my usual crappy start was catching and passing me. Turns out my right brake/shifter lever was twisting and tightening my rear brake cable. Bummer.
Dallas loves the sweetest jersey in the world.

B racers kick off the season

Results here. Paddy's take here. Pictures from Dave B.

OTT: Lucinda Williams, Righteously

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jersey sizes

We've now got the 25 minimum we need. I'm updating the post below when I get jersey sizes. If you're in, let me know what size you're after.

Hope the cx race was mudarific.

Southern Cross

Bringing a whole new world of meaning to the phrase Southern Culture on the Skids, FGBC presents the event of the season:

Mark it down on your calendar now, type it in to your Palm Pilot, tie a string around your finger, or whatever will ensure that will remember. This one is not to be missed.

Southernmost cross race of the season
Best course ever
Southern fried rock and roll on the hi-fi
Farmer sausage primes
Pregnant podium girls
Post-race bash at the curling club
And much, much more

The course will go something like this:

It all starts tomorrow morning at Woodhaven Park. Bring it on. Come out and race. Or if nothing else, bring a cowbell and come watch.

OTT: Elk River, Little Brother

Friday, September 21, 2007


Tomorrow. Whittier Park. 8am. Be there.

yeah, baby!

From the department of shameless self-congratulation: Check out the leader board of the Vuelta pool, over at the Podium Cafe. I just hope the team didn't peak too soon. Two stages to go still, not to mention the points awarded for the overall. I'm counting on Sammy Sanchez to ride the time trial of his life tomorrow, beating both Sastre and Evans and leaping into 2nd overall. And then it would be nice of Benatti to win the sprint on the final stage to hold Petacchi off in the race for the points lead. But that might be asking a bit much. Even so, a podium spot looks pretty certain for Team FGBC. Matt is there too. Solid 42nd place.

OTT: The Subdudes, Mississippi Home

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nordic Cross: Downhill Edition

Now that the wool jerseys are on the way, I'm pleased to announce a new event for this coming Nordic Cross season. The snow-covered hills are a little smaller around here, but maybe in the Pembina Valley we could find some that would get us close to 100 kmh. 210 kmh? Not likely.

OTT: Mission Burma, Nancy Reagan's Head

The Honorary Captain's Honour

... has just suffered another blow. The arbitrators have ruled 2-1 against him. Of course, the legal wrangling will continue, as this will almost certainly be appealed and proceed to a further level arbitration. The good news is that the end of the two year ban is closer than the beginning [update: apparently not. The ban runs through January 2009--which may outrun the lifespan of pro cycling itself, the way things have been going lately]. And good news for the lawyers too, as they can remain gainfully employed for at least a little while longer. More from CN.

Which leads us to today's moral of the day: Better to have won and had it stripped than not to have won at all. Or something like that.

OTT: The Go Station, Another Day

Wretched excess!

With the addition of Gary, Scott and Deanna we're done! Then Mrs. Dr. comes along and makes it 26, then Dave and Seema chime in for 27 and 28!

There might be a slight change to the font colour - a black outine on the red - but the actual jersey shouldn't deviate too much from the illustration (sleeve length excepted).

So, the faster we can get this sizing-thing down the faster I can place the order. Again, Rivendell is saying a size or two up (Rivendell, it should be noted, has a fatwa out on fitted cycling clothing), while lanky Dave Kirk from Kirk Frameworks is saying one size up from normal shirts will do it. I'm thinking a little baggier is better for me - who's usually a medium tall or regular large - so I'm going XL. This allows an under-layer and has fitted casual sweater possibilities. If you're looking for a precise - jersey-like - fit, then order spot-on the sizing. Note that Woolistic Merino doesn't bag-out the way old wool jerseys did, so it shouldn't get too floppy.

Get in touch with me with your sizing via this blog or my own (see MattH link on right and go to the E-mail page). Dr. H, could you alert those you know who aren't regular blog readers to check in and size-up?

Me x 2: XL & S
Paddy x 2: XS & S
Gianni x 2: S & XL
dr. h: L
alberto (aka mr. mrs. dr.): XL
mrs. dr.: S
tenacious v: XXL
the president: L
el presidente
dave: XL
jonny g
jonny h
neuf: XXL
the poosher/editor: L
the secretary: XL
juan e: L
dallas: S
cam: L
scott: L/$50
deanna: S/$50

The sizing chart once again:

XS / Euro 2 - 36-37 Chest 120-135 lbs
S / Euro 3 - 36-37 Chest 135-150 lbs
M / Euro 4 - 38-39 Chest 150-165 lbs
L / Euro 5 - 40-41 Chest 165-180 lbs
XL / Euro 6 - 42-43 Chest 180-195 lbs
XXL / Euro 7 - 44-46 Chest 195-210 lbs
XXXL / Euro 8 - 47-48 Chest 210-225 lbs

If you can, bring $50 to next Tuesday's ride. I have to put half down on the tired old credit card.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

4 to go

Juan E and the Poosher/Editor came on board yesterday, so we're at 4 to go; which dr. h and I have decided means we're good to go. I got a mock-up - we're getting long sleeve, not short as pictured - that gives you an idea of what it'll look like.

As for fit, Rivendell is suggesting a size (or two or three) up, but a search on the net for Woolistic sizing gave me framebuilder Dave Kirk's assessment of their fit and I'm going only one up from normal. He's 6'4 and 185lbs and does an XL.

Anyway, herewith the Nordic Cross jersey - long sleeve mock-up to follow on receipt:


TdSJ Report

The Tour de Saint James
Was better than advertised
Dave L, where are you?

EOS in cans
Two City Halls and some planes
Wool: 4 more to go

OTT: Adam Arcuragi, Part of the Sky

Chopper is NSFW

Not sure if I'm the last person ever to see this, but I've finally discovered the gag behind Stuart O'Grady's purchase of "Harden the Fuck Up" bracelets for his team at this year's TdF. With all the talk of 60 plus 1, or 45 plus 2, season being almost upon us, I thought he might be offering some sage advice.

It's chock-a-block with the F-bomb and hilarious - you've been warned.

Gianni's guided tour through the lesser-known regions of St. James was fantastic - and informative. Path racing the fixie! Woo-hoo!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Hightlights, lowlights, and everything in between, featuring the neighborhood in which the clubhouse is located. Hosted by Ian.

Johnny S won't be there. As last man standing in last winter's 'stache cross, he'll be on a field trip to Arizona spreading the good word with these guys:

OTT: The Broken West, Big City

Pioneer Cross and Cross-tona . . .

... are currently the two leading options in the competition to determine the name of the race we're putting on in Altona on Oct. 21. Which one should it be?

Johnny S has been working hard at pulling things together. It's already clear that it will be the highlight of the season. More details coming soon.

OTT: Amandine, Standing in Line

Sunday, September 16, 2007

red shorts

It has beed suggested that red shorts are a bad idea. I suspect, however, that this judgment might be subject to some vigorous debate. And so I submit this photo as evidence. As for what, exactly, it is evidence of, I leave it to you, dear friends of the FGBC, to decide.

OTT: Wax Poetic, Beauty

Wool Update

OK - So, we're at 6 to go and, while I have no mock-up yet, I do have this -

First, a sizing chart:

XS / Euro 2 - 36-37 Chest 120-135 lbs
S / Euro 3 - 36-37 Chest 135-150 lbs
M / Euro 4 - 38-39 Chest 150-165 lbs
L / Euro 5 - 40-41 Chest 165-180 lbs
XL / Euro 6 - 42-43 Chest 180-195 lbs
XXL / Euro 7 - 44-46 Chest 195-210 lbs
XXXL / Euro 8 - 47-48 Chest 210-225 lbs

When in doubt, I'm told, go with your chest size over height/weight. It's a clothing size, not an actual measurement.

Second, the cursive graphic:


I like it lots.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wonderboy, Nastyman, et al

The 2007 FGBC cx Campaign continues:

Preparations for the 2007 FGBC cx Pool march ever forward. Here's a first stab at a list of rider values. The current values are based on the final UCI rankings for the 2007-08 season. That may not be the best way to do it, but it's better than wild guesses. So take a look and respond if you have better suggestions. Salary cap is be $45 for a team of 9 riders.

You can tell the season is just around the corner not only by the chill that is all of a sudden in the air, but also by the amount of trash talk that's starting to get slung around. Wonderboy, for example, served up this little gem the other day:
I wouldn't say that Bart (Wellens) is my biggest rival. The past two years he has only won around 10 races. He shines only from time to time.
Nastyman prefers to speak less with words than with actions:

No doubt he's waiting for just the right moment to open up that can of whupass he keeps in his jersey pocket and spray it all over poor little Wonderboy.

OTT: Annie Hawkins Band, Airport

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday Night Ride Report

No cameras last night. But we can always paint pictures with words.

VJ's for french fries
Checked out the Marconi Line
Then the F&H

Kieth's and Honey Brown
Wavering on FGD
Half Pints on tap, please

Good times, as always
All of a sudden, last call
Cross lab too early

And finally, one for Matt:

Just 6 more to go
Colin and Luc have signed on
Let's get 'er done soon

OTT: Vuelta Espana on

A Lesson In Menno-Cross History

For those who like obscure facts - I am pleased to report that Mennonites have a nice history in Cyclocross racing and his name is Myron Lind. While I was in elementary school, Myron was tearing it up from the years 1977-1981. In 1981 he placed 2nd in the US Cyclocross championships - and then hung up the racing jersey. You can visit the website of his cycle shop here
You can also check out his racing history in the US here, and his 1980 European results here No doubt he's been seen in some vintage cyclocross video. I hang out and cycle with Myron's bro and it has been fun to hear the stories from those racing years. Apparently the bike to convert for 'cross racing in those days was the Peugot PX10 - sounds like a good ride to me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Tuesday Night Ride

School is back in session and so is the Tuesday Night Ride. Be there.

And then wake up bright and early for the first cross lab of the season. 7am @ Omand's Creek. Or just keep riding and they can bleed into one another, so to speak.

OTT: The Broken West, Down in the Valley

Sunday, September 09, 2007

542 Cross

I participated in a nice event yesterday, the 542 Cross, which was organized by CycloCrazed - a group out of Bellingham WA. 542 is the highway number which one takes to travel east from Bellingham up to Mt. Baker. Today was the 542 Hill Climb race which had 675 registered racers, so the cyclocross race yesterday was very low key in comparison. About 50 racers gathered in the shadow of Mt. Baker at Silver Lake Park for the inaugural 542 Cross. The course was maybe a mile around - with some fun twisty single track and barriers right at the start - followed by a long loop around a field, with some hay-bales to climb over. There were no long running sections, so they tried to put some extra barriers in the course. Lots of nice bikes to admire. My race was not dramatic, and had the expected result - being the caboose will be my location until I actually make an effort to get in shape. But it was great fun and a good workout in a beautiful setting. I was hapy to be flagging the sweetest jersey in the land. The next race is "Muerto Cross".

Bike of Doom

What happens if you buy a Supercycle and actually ride it regularly? You get the Bike of Doom--a little ethnographical exercise dedicated to exploring "life on a $99 department store bike." I stumbled on this website the other day over at the bike media clearinghouse known as Pinch Flat News. It's interesting enough in it's own right--just in case there are cheapskates who still need to be convinced that it's better to shop for bikes at an LBS than a big box. But the fact that the BoD is itself a local operation somehow makes it even more interesting. Sweet. Go Steve.

OTT: Amy Winehouse, Love is a Losing Game

Friday, September 07, 2007

Right on!

Every once in a while, there is a happy ending. Chalk one up under the W column for the good guys. Courtesy of this morning's WFP.

Pedal power thwarts thieves
Watch it, low-lifes -- city's cyclists have each other's backs

By Geoff Kirbyson

NEVER underestimate the power of Winnipeg's cycling subculture.

Jacques Marcoux was going about his business recently on one of his last days as a summer intern in Investors Group's marketing department when his phone rang.

"We've got your bike back," were the first words he heard.

"I didn't even know it had been stolen in the first place," he said in an interview.

The University of Manitoba student, former competitive cyclist and two-wheel commuter goes everywhere on his modified race bike, complete with mountain bike handlebars and red wheel rims.

That day, he returned from lunch a few minutes late and instead of securing his bike in the basement as he usually did, he locked it up to a rack on Portage Avenue, close to Investors Group's front door and near a bus stop.

The next time the bike was seen, it was being walked down Main Street near James Avenue by a couple of youths, probably 18 or 19 years old. That's when bike courier John Stillwell cycled by. He didn't know Marcoux, but he recognized the bike because he saw its owner regularly cycling the downtown streets.

"I'm buddies with a few of the bike couriers. Because we used to race competitively, we'll nod or wave at each other, compare bikes and chit chat at red lights," Marcoux said.

Stillwell pulled up beside the pair, who asked him if he wanted to buy the bike for $20. (Marcoux shudders at the offer because he says his bike is worth 100 times that.)

The young men said they found it in the bush down by the river and it was now rightfully theirs.

Stillwell told them he knew the bike's owner and if they returned it to him, he might give them a reward. They refused and it didn't take long for things to escalate.

After Stillwell told them he knew they had stolen the bike, the pair threatened to throw it into the rush hour traffic. He tried to block them from doing so when one youth hopped on the bike and took off, and the other tried to push Stillwell into traffic.

Bike couriers habitually keep their U-locks in their back pocket, so when he was under siege, Stillwell reached back and threatened to knock the guy's block off with it. The kid backed off.

He then jumped back on his bike and chased the other youth. Considering he speeds through traffic for a living, it was only a couple of blocks until he had caught up with the thief at a meridian. "I was screaming at him at this point, 'if you like having teeth, hop off!' He did," Stillwell said.

He then steered Marcoux's bike, while riding his own, to Natural Cycle, the closest cycling shop in the area. He asked the staff there to call around to other bike shops, confident that somebody would know how to contact the owner of the unique 10-speed. When they called Bikes and Beyond, Allan Scott, a friend of Marcoux's picked up the phone, recognized the description and called Marcoux to give him the good news.

Happy to have his bike back -- despite its adventure, it doesn't have a single scratch on it -- Marcoux didn't file a police report.

Stillwell, who has worked for Rene's Courier for the past two years, spends about five hours a day in the saddle pedaling between 40 and 60 kilometres around downtown. (The rest of the time he's riding elevators.)

"I've had bikes stolen and parts of bikes stolen," he said. "It's pretty crazy how hard it is to keep a bike if you lock it up downtown."

OTT: Slow Dazzle, The Extent of My Remarks

Thursday, September 06, 2007

yin and yang

Can't wait until this guy gets his comeuppance for doing something naughty in an airport bathroom stall.

Fortunately, however, everything that's slimy about him and his ilk is made right by the mere existence of this guy. And so balance is temporarily restored. Sure glad he wasn't around for 'stache cross.

Stolen from Bill McCarrick

And this is just plain brilliant. Perhaps evidence that everything is right with the world after all (courtesy of pez):
The excitement of bicycle racing returns to Allentown’s Hamilton Street on Sept. 9 with the “Tour de Brew,” a unique new event sponsored by Rodale Inc.’s Bicycling Magazine and produced by the International Cycling Center, the Lehigh Wheelmen Association and Gotham Cyclists.

This new event will feature veteran racers and rising junior racers competing in a series of road race criteriums that will be highlighted by a special mountain bike event dubbed the “Allentown Brew Works Fat-Tire Challenge,” an hour-long competition of up to 15 laps around the 900 blocks of Hamilton, Linden and Walnut streets – and on up to 10 of those laps the field of 50 “fat-tire” racers will actually pedal through the new Allentown Brew Works. Yes, that’s right – through the first floor and past the bar while spectators line up in designated safety zones to watch the riders paceline through in single file.
Check out the promo:

The lines might be a little tricky going in and out of the F&H, but we could probably make it work. The president will take it up with the boss. Surely there's a nordic-cross event that can work it in somehow.

OTT: Gene Loves Jezebel, Know I Love You

Bart vs. Sven

Or is it Nastyman vs. Wonderboy? Either way, the FGBC Cross Campaign continues with this multimedia gem. Mind bullets? Where can I find some of those?

Johnny S, Ian, and me are convening in Altona tomorrow evening to scout out some options for the race course there. Others welcome, of course. Meet at Johnny's place at 5:30.

OTT: Dirty Three, Lullaby for Christie

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The following show is FGBC approved. We have been known to indulge in a good house concert every now and then. But it has been a while since the last one. The president is busy, it seems. Or preoccupied. Or just plain disorganized. But thankfully, Ian's folks have stepped up to the plate. Me and mrs. h have a couple of tickets reserved. This coming Monday. Be there.
Also, I heard on the Twang Trust just this evening that one of the best bands around at the moment--The Hold Steady--is playing in town sometime soon. Didn't catch the date, though, and can't find it on the interweb either. But maybe this Friday at the Pyramid the Royal Albert, since they're touring with Art Brut (worth seeing in their own right) who are playing there then. But the details are a little hazy. Will have to keep an eye on that one.

OTT: Vedera, Trade this Fear

Tuesday Night

staging zone


New ink at the F&H

As you can see, not everyone who started out made it to the finish. Not sure what happened, but I trust everyone made it home safely. No warm nuts at the clubhouse last night. But the secretary brought a bag full of peanuts consumed at room-temperature.

OTT: Arcade Fire, Windowsill

8! to go

Confirmed so far (I think):

Me x 2
Paddy x 2
Gianni x 2
dr. h
tenacious v
the president
el presidente
jonnies g &
th (is that right?)
the poosher/editor
the secretary

Makes a great gift folks!

I hope to have a visual for y'all in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, think this - not being worn by such a poser - with Nordic Cross on it.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tuesday night Ride...nothing like this...

We will meet at the Belgium Club parking lot at 9:30. The ride will proceed from there in a possible ??northern direction??. As usual we will agree on the route en-route.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

monday morning cross ride

ride out to birds hill, laps and pain, ride back.

meet at the concert hall parking lot at 8:00