Saturday, December 31, 2005

christmas comes late

got home late last night and had a message on the machine...

gene-o at one on one bike snowy minneapolis, minnesota.
your bike is here - its ready.
anytime, we'll be ready for you - all right.
have a good one.


other minneapolis news: looks like cars-r-coffins is getting a retail more reason to go to the twin cities.

Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Eve Ride

Location: Altona.
Time of departure to be determined.

All are invited, including El Presidente, and the President too, for that matter.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

minutes, dec 27, 2005

present: dr. hubie, hal, unger, secretary

a relaxing, post family-gathering type meeting.

an initial survey on the christmas bike crap (please feel free to add your items in the comments):
secretary: mec samurai riding shorts, VDO bike computer, assorted lights. no new bike.
dr. hubie: a fancy headset and hubs to build some new wheels.
hal: I can't remember
unger: maybe next year.

there was more discussion on future shirts... and the funding options that could facilitate something higher end. we were hoping someone would be able to provide a report on the status of the fundraising bonspiel... maybe next time.

the Texas hold'em fundraiser took a bit more shape... this may be more a way of levying dues in a fun way. we all put in $10 to play. the winner gets his $10 back, the rest of the cash goes into the common jersey pot. then we repeat on a few more nights.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Race Results

Another fine race took place this evening. A bit more cyclocross style this time around. This perhaps explains why Hal schooled us all. Another record turnout, with a total of 9 racers showing up. And a better showing from the FGBC, with 7 folks present. The course consisted of 4 laps of climbing and descending at Omand's Creek. The loosening of snow on the toboggan runs led to a series of endos and other forms of spontaneous dismount. There has been some discussion concerning the need to clarify starting procedures, but all in all it seems like another successful FGBC event.


Hal (ss)
Johnny G (ss)
Chris (fixed)
Vic (-.5 laps)
Elizabeth (-1 lap)
Penner (-2.5 laps)

The President's excuse for this poor showing is that the potential for footage was too good to pass up. So he played the role of videographer and photographer. Videos and pictures to be posted not later than 2007.

The next event was originally scheduled for Jan 1 at the school across from Hal's place. But in light of some potential scheduling conflict, there is a possibility that this may be rescheduled. The particulars will firmed up at the clubhouse Tuesday evening. In addition, the president promises to be present to request the official Christmas accounting of the numbers contained in The Book.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Race #2

Race #2 is this Sunday, Dec. 18 at Omand's Creek. Meet at Omand's Creek (on the Wolseley side) at 8pm. Post-race festivities at my place. I tested a potential race course on my way back from work this evening. 5 cm of wet snow is not conducive to fast riding. Let's hope it doesn't snow too much more and that it gets colder. But either way, the race will go on. Hope FGBC participation is better this time around.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

and now for something completely different...

we have a long long way to go regarding bike derbys; as received from ian hall....

"In my heaven, this would be every Sunday afternoon (and I wouldn’t have to work Mondays).

Oh. My. God."

lost and found

apparently, someone at this evening's meeting left this behind. anybody guess who's it is? i know i don't really want it...

possible future FGBC events as discussed at the meeting:
- bike and street hockey derby
- biathalon: ride your bike, throw a frisbee to hit a target

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Night Riding

First night ride of the winter last night. Just me and Johnny G. Went out to Whittier Park, etc. Not enough dog walkers there, evidently. Or at least it was too dark to see the trail, if there was one. Everything else was fine though. The red Raleigh made her maiden off-road voyage. Only went down once--a block and a half from home. Only other incident was when I crashed into Johnny. Shoulder hurts a bit from where it impacted his saddle. Better than last year when, for a time, I thought a tree broke my femur. Did some scouting for the next race. Will look to throw in a decent amount of trail. Hope to confirm when that takes place at the meeting this evening.

Plan to get out for night rides on a semi-regular basis (e.g., twice a week), at least for the next little while. Co-conspirators are always welcome.