Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grass Track Supplement

Sweet article in the NYT a few days back on track racing in NYC. It's part of their "spokes" series, which is worth keeping an eye on in general.

Thanks to Bike Blog NYC for the heads up, and also for this video of a recent Miss and Out race in LA.

I think we should head back to the WK High track next Tuesday for one of these. A little practice on the asphalt before we hit the grass won't hurt. Forget Swine Flu, I've got Grass Track Fever.

Thursday Anticipation

1) Spring Ride

Less than one month, now.

2) Vicarious Racing

The Giro starts a week from Saturday. So the 2009 FGBC Giro Pool will kick off next week sometime. I will spend some time pulling everything together over the weekend.

3) Real Racing

ITT in BHP this Sunday. Licenses not required. It's billed as an "all-comers race." This is your opportunity to race and, more importantly, participate in the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge.

The Wednesday Night Race Series at Bur Oak kicks off next Wednesday.

4) Grass Track Fridays

Gianni hasn't been heard from in a while. He's busy saving the city from itself. But the Grass Track series he birthed hasn't gone anywhere. It kicks off just two weeks from tomorrow with the special FGBC prevue night. Come help us test things out. Non FGBC'ers are welcome too. Tell your friends. It is going to be awesome.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TNR Report

The Tuesday Night Ride is awesome. It is good to be back.

Good turnout last night: Jonny G, Bill, Craig, Kevin, Hal, Brad, Mike, and me, with Victor joining at the clubhouse. After some pre-ride espresso and chit chat, we hit the cobbles to warm up the legs before heading north for some track racing at West K. High. Four laps for a quick one km race. They let me win as a welcome home present of sorts. Craig and Kevin were second and third. Everyone agreed that track racing is awesome and that Grass Track Fridays might well be the highlight of the summer. Then it was back to the clubhouse, with KoM points at the Arlington St. bridge and Garbage Hill.

Mike regaled us with stories from this past weekend's road races. And after pressing him for clarification on the ambiguities regarding his team affiliation, it was ruled that he should be cleared of any wrongdoing. It turns out that it was a bureaucratic error, which confirms once again that you can never really trust a bureaucrat. It also means that we have our first taste of battle in the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. After the first weekend of racing, RRR has 28 points while the FGBC has zero. We may actually have to show up at a race if we want to play this game, boys and girls. That should not, however, distract us from the importance of talking the talk. For the record, we will use the same points system as the road race series. Points are awarded to the top 20 finishers, no matter how many racers show up, using the following scale: 1st – 25, 2nd – 22, 3rd – 20, 4th – 19, 5th – 18, 6th – 16, 7th – 15, 8th – 14, 9th – 13, 10th – 12, 11th – 11, 12th – 10, 13th – 9 ,14th – 8, 15th – 7, 16th – 6, 17th – 5, 18th – 4, 19th – 3, 20th – 2.

There was some talk about the upcoming race season and how awesome it is going to be. It was agreed that shortening races while they are going on is absolutely to be avoided. Just like the post-vasectomy infections the president is so eager to warn against. It was also agreed that cancelling and rescheduling races is generally frowned upon, no matter how good the excuse. Finally, there was some talk about RRR and FGBC cooperating to put on a Spring Classic race worthy of the name. It would be horrible, which is to say it would be awesome.

Amidst all this talk about racing, Vic insisted that he should not acquire a race license because, as he put it, he is "not a racer." Shortly thereafter, however, he was overheard bragging about finishing second in his first ever race. We will get to the bottom of this. And I suspect Vic will end up with a license to thrill us all with his bike racing prowess.

The tunes were as sweet as ever. Among other things, they gave occasion to the splendid opportunity, when Smoking in the Boys Room came on the hi fi, to listen in as Brad and Vic reminisced about their misspent youth. Us younger folk are fortunate to have such fine role models.

Sadly, the secretary and his remarkable ability to record conversational minutiae were absent last night. There was no doubt much more that he would have been able to capture for the sake of bolstering the archive. But that's all I can remember from my end of the table.

Photographic evidence:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The dr. is in. We will meet at my house. Just like the good old days.


This weekend's race results are in. Get 'em while they're hot: April 25 and 26.

Standings for the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge coming soon. But why is Mike racing under the B&B banner? Shouldn't that say RRR? You guys wouldn't want to lose this on a technicality, would you?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dit is een drama

Not this kind of drama--although one of the Schlecks was at the centre of it all. Rather, we finally got the drama in the 2009 FGBC Spring Classics Pool that Mike has been denying us since Milan - San Remo. Over 1200 points back of the leader just over a week ago, Rachel made a furious charge to the line to give us all the sense of excitement we so rightly deserve. After Amstel, she cut that gap to just over 600 points. But with her Ardennes guy, Gesink, having hurt his knee and skipping Fleche Walone, her deficit was the same heading into yesterday's season finale. Mike's team had been limping along since the start of the Ardennes classics. Rachel and King Andy, on the other hand, were flexing their slow twitch muscles over the race-ending climbs and coming on strong. Unfortunately, Andy didn't rise to the occasion yesterday. But Rachel was right there. Gilbert and Ivanov finished 4th and 5th to take home 775 points between them. At one point, when only the top 10 had been announced, Rachel was the virtual leader of the race. But then Mike fought back to stave her off. Oscar Freire, back from his early season injury, finished 14th for 180 points to take the lead back for Mike. Gesink was racing, but didn't crack the top 30. So in the end, Mike was able to hold on to a narrow 85 point overall victory.

Congratulations Mike! Nicely done. Too bad it doesn't count toward the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge.

Not to be overlooked, Naomi won her second consecutive race. Her team was clearly built for the hillier races of the final week. Too bad she dug herself such a big hole early on. Her 1305 points were impressive, but still left her just shy of emerging from the cellar. She holds onto the lanterne rouge by just 120 points over Craig, who clearly sensed what was about to transpire and responded with an impressive showing of his own--995 points and second on the day. Rachel rounded out the podium with 780 points.

As for the race itself, surf on over to CN or Pez to read all about it. And then watch the final kilometres here:

Thanks for playing, everyone. It was fun. We get to do it all again soon with the 2009 Giro d'Italia pool. Stay tuned for more information.

The top 30:

A. Schleck 500
Rodriguez 450
Rebellin 425
Gilbert 400
Ivanov 375
Gerrans 350
Cunego 325
Vaugrenard 300
Kolobnev 280
Sanchez 260
Hesjedal 240
Carrara 220
Pineau 200
Freire 180
Nocentini 160
Evans 150
Dekker 140
Di Gregorio 130
Valverde 120
Efimkin 110
Le Lay 100
Iglinsky 90
F. Schleck 80
Moreau 70
Vanendert 60
Sorensen 50
Moncoutie 40
Sastre 30
Wegmann 20
Mazzanti 10

Liege Results

Naomi 1305
Craig 995
Rachel 780
Matt 720
Brad 720
Chris A 705
Vic 685
Chris O 660
Jonny G 645
Hal 640
Adam 575
Darryl 545
Rick 520
Jonny M 505
Ian 420
Andy 350
Chris H 335
David 300
Bill 280
Donna 245
Mike 205
Paddy 150
Luke 120
Kevin 100
Dallas 85

Final Standings:

Mike 7275
Rachel 7190
Andy 6885
Adam 6535
Rick 6365
Chris O 6115
Ian 5840
Bill 5785
Matt 5755
David 5715
Hal 5235
Brad 5220
Paddy 5120
Chris A 5020
Donna 4680
Kevin 4575
Vic 4515
Jonny M 4440
Dallas 4240
Darryl 3970
Chris H 3815
Jonny G 3720
Luke 3520
Craig 3250
Naomi 3130

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good TImes

Jonny G gives his new wheels one thumb up:

It would have been two thumbs up, but that would have involved taking both hands off the bars.

A note to our rivals otherwise known as the RRR: check out the two words on the top tube. Conquest. And Pro. You guys are so dead.

Road Ride

Jonny G needs to try out his new wheels. Join us if you can. 3pm at his place.

Notice the FGBC colour scheme. Super sweet.

Liege Live


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Liege-Bastogne-Liege: Poached Priview

They call it La Doyenne, which translates as "the oldest" or "the dean." In other words, it's a classic amongst the classics. Surf on over to Pez for a nice preview of tomorrow's race.

Why not watch the highlights from last year's race as well?

Remember that this is the last race for the 2009 FGBC Spring Classics Pool. It is also a monument, which means big numbers are up for grabs again. If things go just right for Andy or Rachel, it is possible the Mike will get bumped off the top podium step with a final lunge to the finish line. That would be fun.

Of course, the end of the Spring Classics Pool means that the 2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool is just around the corner. We'll try something a little different this year. Stay tuned for details.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

news from our VP: Accommodations

Group Use Area 1 at Falcon Lakeshore has been reserved for the nights of May 29 -30.

I believe this is the spot we were at in 2006(?). If I recall, this was the year Altona showed up, Vic decided that from now on steak tasted better than whatever the rest of us were eating, and the Fox and Hounds came through with the FGD. Good riding, too.

Juan Eppstein, P.Eng.

tnr report

excellent attendance. the impaler, the president, cousin adam, tenacious v, kk, g, the secretary, craig. (note: fully half the crew were from NK) evening started reasonably warmly at the junkshon, but cooled rapidly. we rode out past the west end of the airport. there's a very smooth long road out there. whytewold ave. check it on google maps here. we made it to the end at saskatchewan. a brief pause confirmed that, as a collective, we were fairly hungry. with a bit of a throw down sprint on the way, we arrived back at Portage Ave to discover the golden arches. purchases were made for back at the klubhaus. yes.

minutes from the meeting:
Cousin Adam brought a few items of formal agenda:
1. he tentatively engaged the question of our road participation... he has been invited to represent FGBC at some MCA road discussions. while we responded by making fun of roadies, we eventually dubbed him Vice President: Road. He should go with our blessing.
2. thus empowered, he brought a second item: Short sleeve wool jersey. Essentially, hoping for the same product as the Nordic Cross, but with short sleeves. There would obviously need to be some discussion on how it would be labelled, but it was thought an excellent idea. Debate revolved around the basic black... the practical ones were rightfully concerned about heat, but some of us were much more interested in sucking that up and maintaining our statement and brand awesomeness. Anyway, consider the conversation "on the table" for discussion.

Biggest laughs: Revisiting Vic's encouraging compliments from last week... there has been discussion that the next rides should be in circles around Norwood, in the hopes that there might be a repeat.

New gear: KK on his sweet Specialized TriCross, Craig on his wife's bike with the nice heart on the headtube, and the secretary with a new rear wheel for the fixie.

Most Promise: The Proprietess of the St. James Cafe (the restaraunt at the klubhaus which is usually closed) was around. She seemed a bit put out that we were bringing food in until was pointed out that we weren't aware of other options. She has stated that she will cook for us. The menu is quite extensive. We can call her a half hour before we arrive, and she'll have the food ready for us. Crazy. This is a very slippery slope.

Spring ride is awesome and anyone who's anyone is coming. Since the meeting I've received word from the VP: Accommodations. I'll post his report once I get back to the email at home, but it's looking like Bay 5 at Falcon is ours this year.

Thursday Anticipation

1) Spring Ride

It is going to be awesome.

2) Thursday Night Ride

It is going to be awesome too.

3) Grand Beach?

Not so awesome. There better be a shitload of snow out there. Maybe we'll have to do a road race.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FGBC Spring Classics Pool Update

Finally. Sorry for the delay. Internet connection on the road has been a bit spotty. We're in St. Cloud, MN tonight. Back in Altona tomorrow for the Thursday Night Ride.

Check out CN for the lowdown on the actual races. And watch the video below for the exciting final chases up to the finish line.

As for the vicarious racing, Naomi is alive! If she's not careful, she might even dig her way out of the cellar she's been calling home since Milan - San Remo. And Andy is making his move. Can he pull off a shocking come from behind victory? Tune in on Sunday to find out. His Ardennes guy, Cunego, looks to be going well. And he's helped by the banishment of Di Luca's LPR team, which hurts Mike. The lead is just over 500 points. But Liege is a monument, so the serving points will be super sized.

Amstel Gold Finale:

Amstel Gold Results:

Rachel 885
Chris A 760
Naomi 590
Andy 565
Chris H 540
Paddy 490
Mike 345
Dallas 300
Matt 290
Ian 290
Vic 265
Adam 265
Jonny G 260
Brad 255
Chris O 255
Darryl 255
Hal 255
Jonny M 125
Rick 120
David 90
Luke 50
Craig 20
Bill 10
Kevin 5
Donna 5

Overall Standings:

Mike 6995
Rachel 6315
Andy 6190
Adam 5595
Rick 5480
Chris O 5445
Bill 5435
Ian 5350
David 5235
Matt 5000
Paddy 4960
Hal 4560
Brad 4465
Kevin 4410
Donna 4405
Dallas 4150
Chris A 3950
Jonny M 3655
Vic 3525
Darryl 3415
Luke 3225
Chris H 3140
Jonny G 2980
Craig 1645
Naomi 1100

Fleche Wallone Finale:

Fleche Wallone Results

Naomi 725
Craig 610
Chris A 365
Adam 365
Rick 365
Andy 345
Chris H 340
Vic 305
Jonny M 280
David 180
Luke 175
Jonny G 95
Rachel 95
Mike 75
Ian 70
Bill 70
Kevin 65
Matt 35
Brad 35
Hal 35
Donna 30
Paddy 10
Chris O 10
Darryl 10
Dallas 5

Overall Standings

Mike 7070
Andy 6535
Rachel 6410
Adam 5960
Rick 5845
Bill 5505
Chris O 5455
Ian 5420
David 5415
Matt 5035
Paddy 4970
Hal 4595
Brad 4500
Kevin 4475
Donna 4435
Chris A 4315
Dallas 4155
Jonny M 3935
Vic 3830
Chris H 3480
Darryl 3425
Luke 3400
Jonny G 3075
Craig 2255
Naomi 1825

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


With the dr. travelling these days, maybe we get to call the shots today... why don't we, for something different, meet at the Espresso Junction around 9:00 or a bit after.

Kids of Mud starts today, so it may be tricky getting there by 9:00 on the nose.

EDIT: I think we have quorum, it shall be 9:30.

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Race Scheduling Issues

The April 26th Grand Beach Race is being re-scheduled for May 10th. More info here...

Gravel Race Cancelled Due to Flooding Issues

If you want to still get your road ride in (not on gravel, but a real road) Campy Only Chris is throwing down a ride

"I am hosting Monster Jam at Birds Hill Park at noon Saturday and Sunday for the roadies out there…"

ThNR Report

Altona correspondent, David S, reports:
Thursday saw the second Thursday Night ride of the Altona biking year. Solid numbers totalling seven including Jonny S., Dan K, Mark L, Giles R, Tom D, Lorne H and myself. After some town riding, sprints, knockdown, slow race, perusing of bikes dumped at the MCC, riding of twin-bike at the MCC, and general merriment we adjourned to the local tavern for refreshments. Nice night.
Right on. I will be in Altona next Thursday. We will ride.

Thor Smash?

It seems to be the unofficial slogan of RRR. Perhaps this is why.

It's too bad. A two-up sprint between Thor and Tommeke in the velodrome would have been sweet.

We are in West Virginia for a couple of days. There are mountains. I will ride. We are sleeping in a room with 10 guns. No joke.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

Let's face it. There's really only one event worth mentioning.

Get yer hookah ready, boys and girls. That big nug of . . . apple flavoured tobacco is always so good after a day of riding.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tnr report

Sandbagger's Cross a soggy success!

Great times at Sandbagger's Cross. As per rumour, FGD was chilling on the deck, so what could one do while waiting for the Impaler's late arrival? A similar course to last year, but a bit shorter, and only three laps so we could get done and ride west. I was tired, even with my unscheduled rest stop to get my chain unstuck from between the ring and chainstay. Ouch.

Results (fix in the comments if necessary. Dr H. wasn't there to carefully note things... but that is soon to change.)

A Race:
Bill A
Juan Eppstein
the Impaler
Tenacious V
Gracious C (referring to our gracious host, Colin)

Self proclaimed two lap A+ Race:

Ego Boosting Race:
Tenacious V (for being told he was "really, really cute" by some teenaged girls in a car)

Then the trip to the klubhaus with a nice stop under the route 90 bridge to watch the ice move. It was nice to meet Paul B there and chat.

What with the sweet weather, I finally rode all the way home... and after the shower to wash the mud off my legs, made it to bed just after 2:00. Good times.


It's moving day today. Not much time for chit chat. We leave Durham tomorrow morning. It was fun. Back in Peg City next Friday, just in time for the Grand Beach race.

Ale Jet won the race, ahead of Van Hummel and Canuck Dominique Rollin. A crash took out a bunch of the favourites. See CN for more.

The crash resulted in a rather slow day in the FGBC Spring Classics Pool. Bill, Craig, Donna, and Rick all tied for the win with 125 points. They all had Berhard Eisel. Luke, Chris A, and Darryl were next in line with 5 points each. The rest of us laid a big fat goose egg. As far as the overall standings go, the big winner is Bill. He moves up to fourth place, and now sits just 5 points from the podium.

They're back at it on Saturday with the first of the Ardennes classics, the Amstel Gold. Should be a good one. If you want to, consult the morning of the race.

The Top 30:

Petacchi 350
Van Hummel 300
Rollin 275
Cruz 250
Wrolich 225
Starzengruber 200
Schroder 175
Carrasco Ramirez 150
Eisel 125
Vanlandschoot 110
Goss 100
Maserati 95
Kostyuk 90
Peeters 85
Zberg 80
Renshaw 75
Summers 70
Veelers 65
Bencik 60
Beppu 55
Prado 50
Totschnig 45
Bertrand 40
Francois 35
Brandle 30
De Wilde 25
Trampusch 20
Cretskens 15
Ramirez Abeja 10
Cappelle 5

Today's Results:

Bill 125
Craig 125
Donna 125
Rick 125
Luke 5
Chris A 5
Darryl 5
Chris H 0
Matt 0
Brad 0
Dallas 0
Paddy 0
Ian 0
Vic 0
Chris O 0
David 0
Kevin 0
Adam 0
Andy 0
Jonny G 0
Jonny M 0
Naomi 0
Rachel 0
Mike 0
Hal 0

Overall Standings:

Mike 6650
Andy 5625
Rachel 5430
Bill 5425
Rick 5360
Adam 5330
Chris O 5190
David 5145
Ian 5060
Matt 4710
Paddy 4470
Kevin 4405
Donna 4400
Hal 4305
Brad 4210
Dallas 3850
Jonny M 3530
Vic 3260
Chris A 3190
Luke 3175
Darryl 3160
Jonny G 2720
Chris H 2600
Craig 1625
Naomi 510

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Night Race

Nordic Cross returns for one last kick at the can. I suppose this marks the official end of winter. Have fun.

For any further details, see comments below. I assume the meeting place is at Colin's house. Correct?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shorts anyone?

If we order soon, we should get them in time for cx season. Maybe even in time for some of the mtb season.

Altona Alleycat Series

One down. Six more to go. Well done, Johnny.

All of these dates have been added to the FGBC Calendar which, by the way, is filling up nicely. Be sure to consult it regularly.

How the Race Was Won

Highlights and analysis. In English, no less. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

El Presidente Rules Paris-Roubaix

Tom Boonen is pretty good. He won Paris-Roubaix today for the second year in a row, and 3rd time in 5 years. Not bad at all. Others who've won PR three times? Some guys named Merckx, Moser and Museeuw. It almost looked too easy, in the end. Boonen simply kept on riding while others flatted, crashed, or just fell off the pace. He rode the last 10 km alone, after a couple of crashes took down the other five in the final group of 6. I'm sure it was harder than it looked. CN has all the details. If you missed it this morning, you can watch the decisive moments below.

Arenberg Forest:

From six to one:

Victory Lap:

El Presidente, who is not to be confused with the President, won the vicarious version of the race. The President fancies himself too good for vicarious racing, it would seem. Or maybe he's just too busy saving lives. But El Presidente seems to like it a lot. I don't believe he's ever missed a pool. And he's usualy the first guy to get a team in. With Pozzato (2nd), Hushovd (3rd), Flecha (6th), and Chavanel (8th) on his team, he took home 1525 points and the victory on the day. KK finished in 2nd place, 200 points back. And Ian beat out Rick for the chance to stand on the final podium step. Mike had another good day. He was 5th. But his competition couldn't keep pace, so his led is back over 1000 points. King Andy has moved into second overall. And Rachel still sits in third place. In case you haven't noticed, Naomi isn't doing so well in the 2009 FGBC Spring Classics Pool. Craig and I aren't doing much better. But Naomi looks to have the lanterne rouge pretty much sewn up. Not to worry. The 2009 FGBC Giro Pool, and a chance for redemption, is just around the corner.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. They're back at it on Wednesday for the Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen. And then it's Ardennes time, where the climbers will come out to play. Good times.

The Top 30:

Boonen 500
Pozzato 450
Hushovd 425
Hoste 400
Van Summeren 375
Flecha 350
Haussler 325
Chavanel 300
Quinziato 280
Breschel 260
Weylandt 240
Klier 220
Guesdon 200
Van Impe 180
Hammond 160
Arvesen 150
Terpstra 140
B. Schierlinckx 130
Hunt 120
Sieberg 110
Hayman 100
Hutarovich 90
Furlan 80
Gaudin 70
Wiggins 60
Haddou 50
Wynants 40
Schierlinckx 30
Minard 20
Ljungqvist 10

Stage Results:

David 1525
Kevin 1325
Ian 1260
Rick 1255
Mike 1185
Luke 1170
Andy 1170
Chris O 1100
Donna 935
Hal 935
Dallas 880
Bill 880
Jonny M 875
Paddy 820
Matt 800
Darryl 760
Rachel 740
Brad 520
Adam 510
Vic 500
Chris A 460
Jonny G 445
Craig 380
Chris H 30
Naomi 10

Overall Standings:

Mike 6650
Andy 5625
Rachel 5430
Adam 5330
Bill 5300
Rick 5235
Chris O 5190
David 5145
Ian 5060
Matt 4710
Paddy 4470
Kevin 4405
Hal 4305
Donna 4275
Brad 4210
Dallas 3850
Jonny M 3530
Vic 3260
Chris A 3185
Luke 3170
Darryl 3155
Jonny G 2720
Chris H 2600
Craig 1500
Naomi 510

Grand Beach

Paris-Roubaix was fun, wasn't it? Check back for the FGBC Classics Pool updates later. I'm heading off to watch the Bulls play a ball game. In the mean time, condsider this:

I will be back in town by then and am hoping to be there. Let the FGBC-RRR FGD Challenge begin. Stay tuned to the Oly Club for further details--like whether or not there's actually going to be a race.

Game On

I'm watching here.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paris-Roubaix: Poached Preview

CN has a passable preview, as well as some prognostications of the chances of the main contenders. Pez also takes a look at the contenders, but with better pictures. They also have a sweet trip down memory lane with Canada's favourite cycling son, Steve Bauer. The Podium Cafe has more PR chatter than the average person can digest. And Stevil has gathered a collection of the best PR photos. Startlists can be found here. Head on over to on Sunday morning for the live coverage options.

Of all the Classics, this one is probably my favourite. The peloton gets shredded so much more gradually. Not by hills, where it all seems to blow up in an instant, but by nasty sections of cobbles. Riders simply drop one-by-one off the back, unable to hold the momentum. Aesthetically, it's just so much more interesting to watch. And it just seems to capture images of the pain better than any other race. Of all the sectors, the most famous is the Arenberg Forest, aka Arenberg Trench. Check it out:

As for the FGBC Spring Classics Pool, there are once again plenty of points up for grabs. If you think your team still has a shot, now would be a good time to make a move. Good luck.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hope Over Fear Report

Courtesy of Johnny S, race promoter extraordinaire:

Nice turnout for the Hope Over Fear alleycat race in Rocktona last night. 11 riders ripped up the town to see who was the fastest cat. Most riders chose to ride in teams. Times ranged from 30 to 43 minutes, but it was the 4 minute penalties that made the difference. Coming to the clubhouse 4th, Giles and Mark had the only error free manifest to take the first place spoils. David won second place with his speed, sweet nordic cross jersey and only 2 penalties. Gavin and Steven took third with the fastest time but three penalties knocked them out of the spoils of victory. Plenty of disagreement on the manifest semantics and "right" answers. Race director/dictator had the final word on the subject. Gavin won the draw prize and took home half the pot. Loud (and bad) music at Grumpy's bar did not disuade us from extensive rehydration. Lorne joined us for drinks and promised to get his act together for the next race

Good times.

Final results:

1st - Giles and Mark
2nd - David
3rd - Gavin/Steven
4th - Curt/Curt
5th - Myron/Sean
6th - Bruce/Charles

The Duker is planning the May race.

For Mike G

Happy Birthday old man. Have fun tomorrow. Are you planning to join us for the Spring Ride? We've reserved a campsite for you with the rest of the RRR crew--downwind of the latrines.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring Ride Roster

Less than 50 days to go now. Let's get this party started.

Last year we were pleased to welcome several Spring Ride rookies: Brad, Matt, Bill. But we also mourned the absence of some Spring Ride veterans: David S, the Duker, Jeff R, among others. The Altona contingent, in particular, was notably thin. But I get the sense that this year might turn out to be bigger and better than ever.

Who is going to be there? For which days? Are you interested in racing on Sunday?

Any questions?

Use comment button below.

In so far:

Dr. Divisive – Fri/Sat/Sun
Impaler – Fri/Sat/Sun
Matt – Fri/Sat/Sun
Jonny G – Fri/Sat/Sun
KK – Fri/Sat
Penner – Fri/Sat/Sun
Tenacious – Fri(?)/Sat/Sun
Gianni – Sat/Sun
Secretary – Fri/Sat/Sun
Johnny S - Fri/Sat/Sun
Craig - Fri/Sat/Sun

That is a good start. Two rookies and a gaggle of regulars, most in for the full meal deal. But so far only Johnny S from Altona. Who else will be there?

More BB & J

This story, it seems, has got some legs. Skinny ones. And slightly wobbly ones too. If you haven't listened to it yet--or even if you have--now you can watch it.

To watch it is interesting on a number of fronts: from the Roy Orbison lookalike triplets, to seeing their reactions change from early snickering about BB's dyspepsia to a more horrified realization, by the end, that this was perhaps not going as well as it might have. They say no publicity is bad publicity. Following the success of the Boxmasters in the next little while might be a good lithmus test by which to judge the truth of that saying.

Thursday Anticipation

1) Spring Ride

T minus 50 days. That means we've been counting down for 315 days now. 50 days feels like nothing. We'll need to start finalizing the roster one of these days. I hope Matt will be there again, in case someone busts someone else's derailleur.

2) You're Always Welcome in Altona

Or so the slogan goes. Tonight, in particular, would be a good time to head south. Is Hwy 75 still closed? Might have to take the back road route.

3) Nordic Cross

Just when it looked like bike racing had been replaced by whining about winter, the momentum is suddenly back. Nordic Cross lingers on for one last event.

There is still some debate about the start time for this one. Stay tuned for further details.

4) Grass Track Fridays

No word from Gianni this week. So no new terms to add to your vocabulary. But they say pictures speak louder than words anyway. So check out these photos of the grass track and some racing in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Full atricle here. Grace track racing is bik in the UK. It might lead one to wonder about holding our races in St. B. Perhaps Old Colin has some wisdom to share on that score.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Edvald Boasson Hagen, i.e., Boss Hogg, Jr.

Mark Cavendish didn't win Gent-Wevelgem today, despite the fact that everyone thought he would. His teammate Edvald Boassen Hagen won instead. Who is Edvald Boassen Hoagen? He's the 21 year old Columbia rider that some pundits have been talking up as the next big classics stud. His win today suggests those pundits might be on to something.

He is also the illegitimate son of Boss Hogg, of the sweetest television show in the world, or at least the seventies. It seems there was a dalliance with a Norwegian super model. To keep the folks in Hazzard County in the dark, young Edvald's surname was disguised. It was basically Norskified to reflect his mother's nationality. But the resemblence demonstrated in these photos makes the connection clear. He's a younger, skinnier, and more hirsute version of the old man. He is also, no doubt, quite a bit faster on the bike.

To see him in the old man's hat is to really see the genetic resemblance.

Come to think of it, seeing the old man in those fake abs clinches it as well.

As for the bike race, the weather was crappy and made it possible for a big break to form. Boonen, Cancellara, and Haussler were all in it. But Boonen and Cancellara both punctured and dropped back into the chase group, while Haussler crashed. Kuschynski launched an attack from the breakaway group, which Boassen Hagen joined. Young Boss Hogg easily won the sprint. Beyond that, CN can tell you how it unfolded.

In the FGBC Spring Classics Pool, Rachel won her second consecutive race. In doing so, she has bumped Andy off the final podium step. With most of the big stars missing the breakaway, the numbers weren't so much on the huge side today. Rachel could only muster 255 points. Luke was second with 230 points, while Bill and I tied for third with 180 apiece. Mike managed a paltry 5 points and Adam picked up 15. So the gap narrows, but not by terribly much.

Back at it on Suday with another biggie: Paris-Roubaix. It is going to be awesome.

The top 30:

Baosson Hagen 350
Kuschynski 300
Goss 275
Hayman 250
Klier 225
Fernandez 200
Burghardt 175
Leezer 150
Quinziato 125
Hunt 110
Sutton 100
Lemoine 95
Hutarovich 90
McEwen 85
Breschel 80
Hincapie 75
Fischer 70
Bazayev 65
Rollin 60
Lodewyk 55
Tankink 50
Perez 45
Wiggins 40
Knaven 35
Napolitano 30
Elijzen 25
Lancaster 20
Lloyd 15
Rasch 10
Van Hummel 5

Today's Results:

Rachel 255
Luke 230
Chris H 180
Bill 180
Kevin 165
Jonny G 165
Chris O 130
Matt 95
Vic 90
Jonny M 90
Hal 90
Ian 80
Rick 80
Dallas 75
Naomi 55
Craig 15
Adam 15
Brad 10
David 10
Chris A 5
Darryl 5
Mike 5
Donna 5
Paddy 0
Andy 0

Overall Standings:

Mike 5465
Adam 4820
Rachel 4690
Andy 4455
Bill 4420
Chris O 4090
Rick 3980
Matt 3910
Ian 3800
Brad 3690
Paddy 3650
David 3620
Hal 3370
Donna 3340
Kevin 3080
Dallas 2970
Vic 2760
Chris A 2725
Jonny M 2655
Chris H 2570
Darryl 2395
Jonny G 2275
Luke 2000
Craig 1120
Naomi 500

tnr minutes

deluxe ride. seven showed at the EJ... craig, tenacious v, secretary, g, luc, kk and larry (a member of the rrr gang). Very deluxe. After the requisite caffeine, we headed north. Two climbs of our fav parkade, then north to KP. One lap of the park, and back down... by Portage & Main, Luc had been seen in a struggle with his phone, and he departed claiming domestic (read girlfriend) issues... By the time we reached the klubhaus, we had been yelled or honked at at least six or seven times. One was positive... 1 for 6 isn't bad...

arrived to find tom and colin warming the seats. bill rode up after a bit, and the president and the impaler arrived in support vehicles. a big enough group that there was rarely a single conversation... he may be the president, but he's not about to chair a meeting of a self-governing collective. there was some good discussion of gianni's season finale... which, I think, sparked a blurt of sorts. the elder of the norwood collective, stated that there should be a race in norwood next tuesday, then looked over at the other for support... receiving little, there may have been an internal conflict, but it was out, so now it's official: Sandbaggers Cross next tuesday, at the home of the norwood collective elder, colin, 9:00pm. If we're lucky, we could splash in the river a bit, as we're hoping to use a similar course to last year. Wear your rubber boots.

Jian & Billy Bob

Anybody else listening to Jian Ghomeshi's interview with Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters on CBC1 right now? It is hilarious. BB has just spent 5 minutes berating J because J made reference to BB's acting career, which he'd apparently been instructed explicitly not to mention. Turn it on now.

If you missed it, you can probably catch it streaming in a later time zone. [Update: listen to the full interview here]

Yes, I listen to CBC in my carrel. The radio down here mostly sucks.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Thursdays in Altona

Tuesdays are for the Tuesday Night Ride, of course. Wednesdays are for mtb racing at Bur Oak and Fridays are for Grass Track racing. Mondays are for ultimate and recovering from the longer races and rides that weekends are for.

But what about Thursdays?

How about a series of alleycat races in Altona presented by Johnny S? Some were already beginning to suspect that Altona is the current cycling capital of the province. This only serves to confirm that feeling. More dates to come. But it kicks off this Thursday.

Gianni? Johnny? What would we do without these guys?


What is the meeting place? Espresso Junction or Jonny G's? In three more weeks, it will return to its rightful location at my house.

One item on the post-ride agenda should be the question of camping arrangements for the WhitesHELL Enduro. Bill and I have reserved sites at West Hawk Lake for July 17 & 18. The race is on July 19, beginning in the morning. There are still some sites available in the traditional Spring Ride area--i.e., sites 4-11 in section F on this map. A large gathering in that area would be super sweet. Families are encouraged. If you are interested in camping, best to get on it ASAP. This will be the highlight of Operacion MUERTO and, most likely, the entire summer. You won't want to miss it.

March Sadness

So David wins the tiebreaker for 3rd place. Good thing Ramon won it outright ahead of Cheryl. The tiebreaker between them wouldn't have settled anything. More here.

Thanks for playing, everyone. It was fun.

Ironically, I am house sitting in Chapel Hill right now.

photo evidence

espresso lap

the max watt testing machine of death

safety first

kk kranking it up

the only reason jon g did so well was the helmet advantage he had

gianni explaining the rules to the impaler. some chose to interpret the letter of the law to their own liking - as is permitted by viking rules of conduct or some such crap that they choose to follow, any ways, there were those who walked up the hill and there were those who rode up the hill and displayed bike handling and other skills