Friday, April 10, 2009

Hope Over Fear Report

Courtesy of Johnny S, race promoter extraordinaire:

Nice turnout for the Hope Over Fear alleycat race in Rocktona last night. 11 riders ripped up the town to see who was the fastest cat. Most riders chose to ride in teams. Times ranged from 30 to 43 minutes, but it was the 4 minute penalties that made the difference. Coming to the clubhouse 4th, Giles and Mark had the only error free manifest to take the first place spoils. David won second place with his speed, sweet nordic cross jersey and only 2 penalties. Gavin and Steven took third with the fastest time but three penalties knocked them out of the spoils of victory. Plenty of disagreement on the manifest semantics and "right" answers. Race director/dictator had the final word on the subject. Gavin won the draw prize and took home half the pot. Loud (and bad) music at Grumpy's bar did not disuade us from extensive rehydration. Lorne joined us for drinks and promised to get his act together for the next race

Good times.

Final results:

1st - Giles and Mark
2nd - David
3rd - Gavin/Steven
4th - Curt/Curt
5th - Myron/Sean
6th - Bruce/Charles

The Duker is planning the May race.

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