Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tnr report

Sandbagger's Cross a soggy success!

Great times at Sandbagger's Cross. As per rumour, FGD was chilling on the deck, so what could one do while waiting for the Impaler's late arrival? A similar course to last year, but a bit shorter, and only three laps so we could get done and ride west. I was tired, even with my unscheduled rest stop to get my chain unstuck from between the ring and chainstay. Ouch.

Results (fix in the comments if necessary. Dr H. wasn't there to carefully note things... but that is soon to change.)

A Race:
Bill A
Juan Eppstein
the Impaler
Tenacious V
Gracious C (referring to our gracious host, Colin)

Self proclaimed two lap A+ Race:

Ego Boosting Race:
Tenacious V (for being told he was "really, really cute" by some teenaged girls in a car)

Then the trip to the klubhaus with a nice stop under the route 90 bridge to watch the ice move. It was nice to meet Paul B there and chat.

What with the sweet weather, I finally rode all the way home... and after the shower to wash the mud off my legs, made it to bed just after 2:00. Good times.


Adam said...

Way to go, Vic!

Brad the Impaler said...

Thanks Colin for hosting, and Luc for course layout.
Good times as usual.

tenacious v said...

What a fun event and evening. Of course it never hurts to have some young females pay you a compliment (even if it probably was on a dare).